Getting to Know Your Host, Resort Manager Tanya Viviers

What is your history in the Hospitality Industry?

I’ve been in the Industry for 20 years – hospitality is where I found my career passion! I’ve been fortunate to work in many sectors of the business, including Recreation, Housekeeping, Front Office and Resort Management.

What is your favourite thing about Sandy Place?

I think our location in St. Lucia and within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park makes Sandy Place a really unique and special holiday destination, but if I had to pick just one thing about the Resort itself, I’d have to say that my favourite spot is the swimming pool area. I just love the beautiful sea life murals and the feeling of peace created by the sound of the water feature.

What has been your funniest moment at Sandy Place?

The St. Lucia Estuary is home to South Africa’s largest hippo population, and it is not uncommon to see them roaming the St. Lucia town streets at night. At the Resort, we always advise guests to liaise with the night guards should they wish to be alerted about hippos passing by, so they can come and have a look. One little girl, in particular, was very excited to see her first hippo in the street; so at the first opportunity the security staff went to the unit the family were staying in and let them know that hippos had been spotted in the vicinity. The little girl waited eagerly at the gate, peering into the darkness for her first glimpse of the beast, but when the first hippo face loomed out of the gloom below the John Dory’s sign down the road, she turned tail and ran like a top trained athlete back towards their unit! As the security called after her, asking where she was going, they could just make out what she was yelling over her shoulder as she disappeared in the other direction: “Ek het al hippos gesien!”

What tips do you have for Shareholders and guests that are visiting Sandy Place?

Up for a little family adventure? Take the gang on a hike to Bat Cave. Just a short, easy hike north along the beach from Mission Rocks, a special find awaits the adventurous nature lover. Carved out of the sandstone rocky cliffs at the end of the wide bay is a little-known, ‘secret’, salty cave that is home to a colony of Egyptian fruit bats. Don’t forget to take along a torch so you can view these fascinating nocturnal creatures, as they rest in the cave during the day. Also, be sure to check the tide table as this hike/walk can only be done at low tide.

Which holiday activity should not be missed while holidaying at Sandy Place?

A Lake St. Lucia (St. Lucia Estuary) Hippo & Croc Boat Cruise is a must! While hippos and crocs are the main attraction on these boat safaris, the wide variety of abundant birdlife is an absolute treat for avid bird watchers, too.

What is your favourite kiosk snack?

Salty biscuits!

What essential items would you suggest should always be on one’s list of things to pack when visiting Sandy Place?

Breathable T-shirts

Comfortable Shorts

Waterproof Sandals


Bug Repellent

Water Bottles

Sunscreen Lotion

Beach Umbrella / Shade Canopy


A Good Book