Social Responsibility

In the end what matters is not what you've gained, not the awards, targets or achievements; but the eternal legacy you are creating.

VRS is committed to uplifting communities and seeing South Africa and Africa grow… one community at a time.

VRS and Corporate Responsibility

We are very mindful that our success is supported by the health and growth of the communities in which we operate and with whom we partner and interact.

The success and well-being of our business means that we are able to make a significant contribution to the African economy, not only through the employment of local people, but by getting involved in sustainable community-based projects. We acknowledge that our social responsibility is greater than a mere handing over of a cheque to a charitable organisation, which is why we are dedicated to investing our resources into projects that we can actively participate in and nurture over time.

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VRS is a member of Uni-Vision, an organisation that sees giving back as a duty as well as a necessity.

African Blessings, Uni-Vision's Non-Profit, Public Benefit, Charity Organisation, was established in 2003 with a mission to uplift, educate and empower communities in South Africa.

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