A place where exceptional is the norm

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A place where exceptional is the norm

VRS pursues a level of excellence that stretches us and amazes others.

We believe that it is less about applause or reward and more about doing the best work we have ever done and having a greater impact than we could have ever imagined. In our mind, respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained and loyalty is returned.

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The Member Services Team believes that every successful branch in the Company has two core philosophies. The first – the future can be better than the present; and second – we have the power to make it so. Armed with this, they reflect what they desire, become what they respect, mirror what they admire and provide the customers with best service possible.

The Member Services department includes Property Administration, Walk-ins, the Call Centre, Correspondence and Quality Assurance.

These departments make sure that customers and stakeholders are the main focus. Their core objective is then not just about completing tasks and administrative functions but making sure that all stakeholders are satisfied; this is the best business strategy of all – championing the customer.


Legal Services

The Legal Services Department renders comprehensive key legal services to VRS and all the entities it manages. It strives towards providing excellent in-house legal service that remains abreast of the latest statutory developments in the Industry.

Corporate Governance

VRS' Corporate Governance Team has established that excellence and success comes down to conscious choice, good attitude and discipline. With the conscious decision to achieve greatness, a positive attitude and discipline, we attend to the corporate integrity through the application and monitoring of statutory matters, processes, policies, laws and directives. This consequently ensures the smooth administration and control of the various entities within the VRS management portfolio.

Consumer Compliance

The Consumer Compliance Department (CCD) attends to all matters that are Debt Review, Estate Late, CC Forum, NCC, Consumer Goods and Services Ombud related.
CCD strives to attend to all matters in an efficient manner and provide solutions in the best interest of all parties, within the framework of their mandate.

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Vacation Recreational Services




Jayvac Interiors

Jayvac Interiors supplies a top-end high quality service within the hospitality, residential and commercial industry. Jayvac's mission is to achieve well-designed and thought through interior spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical and consist of durable, long lasting items – all within a budget. Jayvac Interiors CC was started in 2000 as an 'in-house' decor and supply standardisation business. It has since grown into a business that can provide – amongst others, consulting, interior designing, decorating services and supply top-end high quality items within the hospitality as well as residential and commercial industry.



The NORMS Department forms part of the off-site Resort Management Team and is the main contact between VRS Head Office and the various entities the Company manages.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Housekeeping and Maintenance are vital aspects of hospitality management. The quality of these services can make or break guests' experience and, as such, our ideal is housekeeping and maintenance services done so well, that guests hardly notice them happening. We understand that no amount of glamour or courteousness, or any standard of service, can rival the satisfaction a customer experiences upon finding a spotless, sanitary, well-maintained accommodation, or amenity. These core resort and hotel operations can mean the difference between a much-loved destination, and one that guests are unlikely to visit again. The vision for our Housekeeping and Maintenance Teams is set around creating a home away from home environment for our guests.

On-site Resort Management Teams

VRS' On-site Resort Management ensures that the local authenticity of each Resort it manages is championed. We celebrate the individuality of each property and like to keep things fresh and exciting, but more importantly warm and inviting. The On-site Resort Management facilitates and manages the link between VRS Head Office and the On-site Resort Teams.
The On-site Team champions the VRS philosophy of going beyond just doing and completing tasks but actually making a difference in guests' lives. In their mind, the best things in life are the people you meet, the places you see, the memories you make along the way. The Team aims to improve the experience of guests because it is less about what the Team says and more about how guests feel. We recognise that every interaction is an opportunity to make a positive impact on others and seek every opportunity to do this. With this mind set, we ensure optimum Resort management and on-site service excellence to members and guests.



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