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Kilifi - Kenya


When arriving at Mnarani, it's obvious that there's something special about the place. It's in the air; it's in soothing sounds of the creek, and the unstoppable smiles on guests' faces as they are greeted with a friendly "Jambo". It's overwhelming and sometimes difficult to pinpoint where exactly this feeling comes from.


Mnarani is situated on the cliffs of Kilifi, near Mombasa, Kenya. The Resort is perfectly positioned at the point where the creek meets and merges with the Indian Ocean, providing the best of both the creek- and the ocean-life. This unique paradise lives and breathes relaxation and good times. The rooms are simply and tastefully furnished with a hint of Arabic flair and offer air-conditioned comfortability. Renowned for its amazing food, excellent service and remarkable hospitality, the Resort caters equally well for family holidays or the ultimate romantic getaway and is an ideal honeymoon destination. With breath-taking surroundings, plenty of recreational activities for every taste and blissful views, Mnarani truly is an amazing Resort.

That certain "je ne sais quoi" that is felt the moment guests walk through the doors, the unmistakable rhythm in their hips and the beat they find their feet following … this is the very heart of Mnarani, welcoming guests to paradise.

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"We made a stopover to refresh before heading to our destination. The Reception was excellent and good service. Amazing ambiance, we loved the scenery and cool breeze from the ocean. You will love it. (TripAdvisor)" - Sereya L




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