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Manzi Monaté – it's the place that holds many treasured moments, the place where the family can laugh a little louder, smile a little more and appreciate the things that really matter – each other.

Manzi's facilities and entertainment programmes are super for both young and 'seasoned' guests. It's all about fun, family and kicking-back to enjoy that much needed relaxation time.

Gauteng South Africa

Manzi Monaté is situated a stone's throw away from Pretoria and an hour-or-so drive from Johannesburg. This beautiful Resort offers guests the spectacular opportunity of basking in the tranquillity of its natural surroundings. Manzi's park-like grounds with green lawns, magnificent trees and famous gardens are the perfect setting for a family picnic, or place to unwind and kick up your feet. Manzi's well-equipped chalets offer snug, home-away-from-home comfort and ease. From the animal farm that is a complete hit with the whole family, to the recreational activities, pool-time, and so much more, Manzi Monaté is a perfect destination for wonderful happy holidays.

Manzi Monaté RCI Gold Crown

Manzi Monate holds RCI Gold Crown Resort status. This great achievement represents the hard work and dedication of both our on-site and off-site management teams.

Manzi Monaté



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