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Driving towards Kagga Kamma's Entrance the different shades of sand, the fynbos "speckles" that stretch over the plains, the critters and creatures moving or making their way through the bushes …and the rough, naturally-hewn rocks that mark the landscape, can be observed.

Time spent at Kagga Kamma with loved ones is an investment; it is essential family time; it is the opportunity to create a treasure chest full of moments that become a lifetime of family memories.

Western Cape South Africa

Characterised by stunning rock formations and breath-taking scenery, Kagga Kamma is the perfect place for anyone interested in natural and cultural history or a digital detox. This distinctive Nature Reserve is situated in an untouched wilderness area near Ceres, south of the magnificent Cederberg Mountain Range. With hundreds of San rock paintings, spectacular sunsets and an exceptional range of flora and fauna – including magnificent fynbos plains, Kagga Kamma is a one of a kind destination. There are many wonderful on-site activities, such as Rock Art Tours, stargazing, spa treatments, game drives, hiking, mountain biking and much more. With unique accommodation options – Cave Suites, Hut Suites and Open Air Rooms, Kagga Kamma offers a fascinating and truly matchless holiday experience.

Kagga Kamma RCI Hospitality

During 2017, Kagga Kamma won the Superior Service in Hospitality and Top Check In and Check Out awards, and achieved RCI Hospitality status. In 2018, Kagga Kamma went on to win the Top Hospitality Resort category, and was upgraded from a Hospitality Resort to a RCI Silver Crown Resort. Kagga Kamma staying front and centre, is also the winner of the category Top Housekeeping, placed 2nd in the Top Check In And Out category, and lastly but my no means least, the winner in the category Superior Service in Hospitality. These great achievements represent the hard work and dedication of both our on-site and off-site management teams.

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"Heaven on earth." - Chelsea Togo


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