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Imagine, with us, a magnificent sunrise over the horizon. The sky turns from dark and gloomy hues to vibrant pastels. The sun first hits your toes and slowly encompasses your whole body in its warm embrace. Suddenly the earth is alive with the beautiful sights and sounds of birds singing from high up in the trees.


This is where we are in life – right this moment! We are experiencing a new dawn, a new beginning, now that the recent clouds of doom and gloom


have been pierced with rays of hope and optimism. Together, we can look forward to another year and the opportunities it will bring. But, before we do, we would like to take a moment to thank you for your support in maintaining your financial commitment throughout the lockdown and 2020 as a whole. Without your consistent and reliable commitment, your seaside home-away-from-home would simply not be possible – and for that we say a heartfelt THANK YOU!

Guest Reviews

Uvongo River Resort was awarded the Traveller Review Award earlier this year for maintaining an average score of 8.6/10.

Here’s what a few of our guests had to say:


“We enjoyed the facility as it was very peaceful during our stay. The location was great and we enjoyed our time at your Resort. I will definitely book a stay here again and will recommend this Resort to our friends and family.”- Ebrahima


“The Resort rooms were amazing and so were the staff - especially the night security guard.”- Sumaya


“This Resort is beautiful, comfortable and provided value for money. We had a wonderful stay!”- Michelle


“The apartments are spacious; it’s quiet and peaceful. The facilities cater for all ages. The pool was very clean. The staff were welcoming and friendly. Perfect location!”- Mashie



We value the feedback, comments and experiences shared with us.

Please remember to share yours with us after every Uvongo River Resort vacation.

Refurb - benches
Refurb - benches
Refurb - benches
Refurb - benches

Our team are incredible! From housekeeping to maintenance and even reception, every person on our team has gone through all of the necessary training to ensure your safety. From the way that your linen is cleaned to the way the units are sanitised – everything we do is to put your mind at ease. score

We believe that it is our responsibility to provide our guests and staff members with a safe enviroment, always putting their health and well-being first.

Our dedicated team has been working diligently during this time to ensure that the goverment enforced regulations, as well as our own COVID-19 safety protocols, are adhered to and that stringent health and safety protocols remain in effect to ensure a safe holiday enviroment for all.


VRS HygienicHospitality protocols


More Resort News

Have you been wondering what has been happening at your home-away-from-home?

Read below and wonder no more!

Meet Christina Prinsloo

Christina is the new Uvongo River Resort Housekeeping HOD. Christina was set to start her role at Uvongo on the 1st of April this year, however, due to the nationwide lockdown, was only able to officially start on the 31st of August. We are elated to finally welcome Christina as part of your home-away-from-home team and look forward to witnessing how the housekeeping team flourish under her care.

Updates and Refurbishments

During the lockdown, our devoted team were not sitting idly by – they were hands-on and worked hard to get the Resort in tip-top shape for you, our valued Shareholders, and our esteemed guests. Below are a few of the tasks they have completed over and above the procedures and protocols implemented for the safety of those who stay at Uvongo River Resort.

Refurb - benches

New Carport Shades installed |
47 Carport Shades replaced

Refurb - Airbricks

Damaged Cupboards replaced

Refurb - Airbricks

Started replacing TV’S in Units

Refurb - benches

Balustrades repainted |
Jungle Gym repaired and

repainted | Garden Ornaments
and Features repainted

Refurb - Airbricks

Replaced Microwaves in most Units

Refurb - Airbricks

Maintenance Workshop
repacked and Work
Station added

Refurb - benches

Replaced Fridges in most Units

Refurb - Airbricks

Electric Fence installed along
entire Perimeter

Refurb - Airbricks

Replaced Stoves in most Units

Refurb - Airbricks

Updates and Upgrades Loading

All Couches will be replaced | Tub Chairs are going to be refurbished | Scatter Cushions will be added in the Lounge | Blinds to be installed in Kitchen and Bathrooms |

Lounge Curtains will be replaced


Uvongo River Resort will never step down from a challenge, period.

See how we have used our voices and presence to make a positive change.

Refurb - benches

In support of the safeguarding and reopening of #Tourism and the #Timeshare Industries, the campaign #IamTimeshare was launched on 23 July 2020. Uvongo River Resort joined in on the action and sent in their very own black and white photos. We believe that our actions played a part in the opening of the Tourism Sector, not only for intra-provincial travel, but also for inter-provincial leisure travel.


By now we are sure that you have seen the viral Jerusalema Dance Challenge. President Cyril Ramaphosa urged South Africans to take part in the dance challenge “to reflect on the difficult journey we have all travelled, to remember those who have lost their lives, and to quietly rejoice in the remarkable and diverse heritage of our nation” – and we have done exactly that! Watch our take on the #JerusalemeDanceChallenge.

Refurb - Airbricks

UniVate Properties

Expand your holiday horizons through a range of available ownership weeks. Simply visit the Uni-Vate Properties website and browse to find your perfect match. Secure an additional home-away-from-home week at one of South Africa’s finest Resorts.

Refurb - benches

Live La Dolce Vita in Little Italy

Refurb - benches

Scoops of memories to be made in your bucket (list)!

Refurb - benches



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African Blessings

As our Jochebed Children’s Village continues to grow, so do our laundry loads! We are raising funds to purchase an industrial washing machine that will go a long way in helping us manage the big task of keeping the Village’s linen and little king’s clothes clean and fresh, while reducing the cost and the time spent on managing the loads of laundry. Read our blog to find out how you can contribute to our cause.


Read our blog...
VRS Options
Let’s get comfy with holiday ‘Options’! As the custodian of your preferred holiday destination, Vacation Recreational Services is consistently looking out for your best interests, as they relate to important and quality holidays. Consequently, VRS recently teamed up with Options. Options (previously VRS Options) is an independent exchange organisation that provides you, as a valued Shareholder, the opportunity of exchanging your week for an alternative holiday in any given year, should you like to. For more information and for exchange enquiries, please contact Options directly on
Happy holidaying!
Go to the Options website

We are so happy that travel regulations have been eased and that our valued Shareholders are able to travel once again. We would like to ensure that your next holiday goes without a hitch and that the planning of your trip is as effortless as possible.

It is for this reason that we would like to remind you about ACT Travel
– our preferred travel service provider –

ACT Travel can assist you with… The best possible rates for domestic flights, car hire and airport transfers, as well as all documentation before your flight.
ACT Travel
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In Closing...

2020 has given us many reasons to be thankful - even though we may not have realized them at the time. As we end this year, let us focus on these reasons and walk (1.5m apart) together into the new dawn that is 2021.



We have come to realize that with you by our side, we can face anything along life’s path. We hope you have a fantastic festive season with your loved ones and a happy New Year!

Warm Regards,

Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director 
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