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After a whirlwind of a year, Mount Amanzi has kept her luscious green veneer and is ready to welcome you back into the heart of the Magaliesberg Mountains. We want to take this opportunity to share with you all the highlights of 2020 (yes, there were highlights – not all doom and gloom!)


The perfumed winds permeate through the air… can you smell that? It’s holiday happiness; go on take a whiff! It’s about that time to head out on an overdue getaway; now’s not the time to mask your desires to head out on an adventure. We cannot wait to see you, in all your holiday glory, relishing in our vacation heaven!

Tea(m) Time!

Smells like team spirit (and hand sanitiser) at Mount Amanzi! As we all know, the past few months have been rather difficult for everyone. Isolation, especially during winter, can be ferociously frosty. We are so pleased to say that during this challenging time, we created our own silver lining, by treating the sanitisation process at the Resort as a team-building initiative.

During the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown, we had to come together as a team and ensure that we know how to effectively and efficiently address the issue at hand. This period was a challenging one, of course. Being faced with this unknown threat, we knew we had to pull together all the man-power in our arson and protect the Resort for you, our valued Shareholders. One of our most important values is the strong emphasis we place on family, which is what the staff are, at Mount Amanzi. Therefore we knew that if we put faith and trust in one another to keep this foundation from cracking, we would persevere. And so that’s exactly what we did.

We spent time and energy preparing and perfecting the ‘new’ wave of holidaying by ensuring all health and safety protocols were put in place and by having regular training sessions for all our staff members, instilling in them, important knowledge for the future of Mount Amanzi and her guests. The result of our effort has been rather magnificent, in that, we don’t need a bigger boat! The water or "amanzi", if you wish, reflects a bright beginning for whatever is over the horizon!

Cabin-Fever-Blue bygones!

While the Mount Amanzi Team may not have had many opportunities to provide our valued Shareholders with exciting onsite games and activities, the Shareholder communications kept the Resort spirit alive with fun-filled competitions. We enjoyed all the puzzles and photo recreations you submitted,

but in the end there can only be one




Congratulations to
Berlinda Maltez

for snatching up this prize in our lucky draw!

Thank you for staying up-to-date with all things Mount Amanzi, throughout this tough season, as well as partaking in this awesome adventure!


So What's New?

The Old Kitchen
The Old Kitchen Restaurant recently received a spoonful of love and attention. We have updated the ablution facilities, upgraded the décor and implemented new blackboard menus. The welcoming aroma of our hearty homemade bread wafts through the air to greet our guests as they step into this updated space.
Spring Clean
We also spent much of the lockdown prepping the Resort for your much-anticipated arrival. We made sure to scrub and sanitise all our facilities and surrounding areas to a sparkling and hygienic finish: a well-deserved spring cleaning session just in time for your return!
Lounging Around
At Mount Amanzi we value extreme comfort and relaxation. From the outdoor furniture found poolside to the seating in your chalet, we aim for the maximum level of what it means to ‘chill.’ Therefore we took the opportunity during the quiet time of this year to re-upholster the cushions on the couches in the units. Now you can sit back, relax and sink into complete bliss.
Resort Maintenance
Our Resort Maintenance Team have been very creative in creating recycled, wall-mounted flower pots. These stunning pots now adorn the walls of Mbali Spa, the outdoor garden walls, and the Old Kitchen Restaurant. We’ve also gone ahead and planted an old wooden doorframe in one of our lush, green gardens, situated close to the Tennis Courts. This has definitely created a fun, new feature and we’ve seen many a guest take advantage of this picture-perfect spot, with flashing cameras and smiling faces.
The new kids on the Harties block

We are elated to announce the arrival of a few new staff members at Mount Amanzi. We are so blessed to have these wonderful guys and gals working hard to ensure Mount ‘Amazing’, remains as, well, simply that.

Juan Viviers – our new Resort manager: It is with great pleasure that we introduce Juan as the new Resort Manager of Mount Amanzi. Juan joined the group in 2002 at Monateng Safari Lodge as a receptionist and has grown and developed into the position he holds today. With 20 years of experience in the Hospitality industry, there is no doubt that he is extremely passionate about this industry and continues to aim for excellence as the Resort Manager at Mount Amanzi.

Welcome Juan, we are so pleased to have you steer the ship.

Some words of wisdom from Mount Amanzi’s new captain: “Go out and make a difference, but remember to always make time for yourself!
Zelda Griessel – Stock Controller: Zelda started in reception and worked her way up to stock controller. She is always willing to learn from others and always reiterates the importance of being open minded and aware of the world around you in order to continue to grow and develop, in both a personal and professional capacity.

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to you, Zelda. May your time at Mount Amanzi be a memorable one!

Some wise words from Zelda: “A positive mindset can take you a far way.
Liranje Botha – PA/Administration:Always have it, and not need it, than needing it and not having it.” Liranje’s tenor at VRS began 7 years ago, working in the call centre. She has climbed the ranks to be awarded with the title of Personal Assistant for more than one Director and this year we welcomed her to Mount Amanzi, where she has displayed vast amounts of knowledge, skills and expertise.

Welcome, Liranje! We are so pleased you’ve joined us!

Liranje’s words of wisdom: “You will never know the answer to something, if you do not ask the question.
Amy Laity – Front Office Manager: Amy embodies the true meaning of hospitality. She is a fantastic hostess to all our guests and makes sure they all feel welcome at their home-away-from-home. It is a blessing to have someone like Amy on the VRS team as she is always willing to put in 100% and more, if need be!

Welcome to the Mount Amanzi family, Amy!

Amy’s mantra is: "Great Leaders do not set out to be a leader…they set out to make a difference. It is never about the role – always about the goal."
Martin Griessel – Housekeeping Manager: Martin has been in the hospitality industry for 13 years. He started as a receptionist at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve in 2007 and has really pushed himself to grow in this ever-changing field. Martin has always pushed himself out of his comfort zone and has never been intimidated by working in different Departments and learning the processes of each component which makes this company run smoothly and efficiently. This holistic attitude and approach is exactly what we value at VRS and we are confident Martin will continue to be a valuable member of the Mount Amanzi family.

We look forward to your knowledgeable contributions, Martin. Welcome!

Martin's words of wisdom: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.” – Henry Ford
Mariana Ras – Operational Manager: Mariana joined the VRS team in 2014 and her contributions thus far have been monumental. Hard work, focus and dedication – these are the traits that sum up this lovely lady. Mariana has already played such an important role at the Resort and embodies the role of the Operational Manager. Her passion and drive are simply admirable – we are so pleased to have Mariana on the team!

Welcome to the Team, Mariana. We are ecstatic to have you aboard the Mount Amanzi train.

Mariana’s motivation: Like our MD always says: “Just get it done.
Witness Nkomo – Maintenance Supervisor: As our Maintenance Supervisor, Witness has been amazing in his efforts to uphold the mammoth task that is keeping Mount Amanzi looking like the tropical gem that she is. Witness is a seriously hardworking member of the VRS team and we are so proud to have someone of his stature in this role.

We want to take this opportunity to welcome Witness, with open arms to Mount Amanzi. We’re sure his time at the Resort will be nothing short of magical!

Witness's words to live by: “Vision, ambition, courage, relentless, hard work and a will to succeed – that’s me!
Elsie Nkwana – Executive Housekeeper: Elsie started out as a Housekeeper and had worked her way up to the position of Executive Housekeeper in the VRS team. We are so pleased to have someone, like Elsie, who is passionate and loves her job. Elsie is a valuable team member who always thrives to make sure that our housekeeping is of the highest quality.

Welcome to Mount Amanzi Elsie, we are absolutely thrilled to have you on board!
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Your Safety is Our Priority

We believe that it is our responsibility to provide our guests and staff members with a safe environment, always putting their health and well-being first. Our dedicated team has been working diligently during this time to ensure that the government-enforced regulations, as well as our own COVID-19 safety protocols, are adhered to and that stringent health and safety protocols remain in effect to ensure a safe holiday environment for all.

VRS HygienicHospitality protocols
Holiday Memories

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of helping to
create everlasting holiday memories
for you and your fantastic families.

Heritage Day
We celebrated Heritage Day - at The Old Kitchen, on the lawn and pool side - with live music, featuring Leon Stoltz. The day was non-stop fun and games for all our guests and staff, as the guests kept to the beat with the Jerusalema Dance Challenge! This just amplified the friendly and harmonious atmosphere of the day. Guests were dancing and singing along to the live music and everyone loved celebrating this day, dedicated to commemorating South Africa’s diversity and rich cultural heritage. A biltong hamper was awarded to our ‘Jeruselema Dancer of the Day’.
The ever-so-popular South African favourite, Boerie rolls, were on the menu and we had a great deal of fun playing music trivia with our guests, as well. The festivities extended to the Games Room and surrounds too, as guests made themselves comfortable next to the river and the soccer field; braai’ing and listening to music, enjoying spending time with family and friends. Our awesome Entertainment Team also played Volleyball with guests and hosted a small pool competition.
Heritage Day was a great success by any standard and really highlights everything that we love most – our valued Shareholders and guests enjoying the best possible holiday experience!

It’s the Climb!

They say “The best view comes after the hardest climb.”
Our Entertainment Team have been keeping it real and getting active with our guests as they head out in groups of 12 to 15 people, exploring the nooks and crannies of Chosspile Mountain. Chosspile is in fact a sport climbing area for those of us who like a bit of a gritty challenge, comprising of 3 climbing sectors ranging between 11 and 32. This is a great activity for everyone of all ages as the kiddies and beginners have the option to WAND(ER) through the Harry Potter Sector, while strong climbers will take to the precious Lord of the Rings Sector.

Harties has it all!

Oh Hartbeespoort, you’re the one that I want!

Did you know? Hartbeespoort has two phenomenal former film sets, which are now a popular venue which attracts tourists year after year! They are, it seems, something of a hidden gem, bedazzled with the charm of Tinseltown.

Pretville was created to serve as the set of a movie by the same name and screams 50’s retro rumble, with an over-the-top diner where you can enjoy a juicy burger and a thick milkshake. With all this authentic 50’s colour and charm, we’ll be surprised if you’re not doing the twist on the way out of there!
French Toast
The French Toast set, now a well-known Harties coffee shop, was created for the movie French Toast, which tells the charming story of a French pastry chef and was filmed in Paris and Hartbeespoort. True to the Parisian Walkway, the set has all the things that make you fall deeper in love with the ‘City of Love’: a replica of the Eiffel Tower and the popular Pont des Arts – the bridge of love locks, where lovers, both young and old, can secure their love.

These are must-sees if you’re trotting about in Harties!

Mount Amanzi Blog

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a whirlwind, however we, at Mount Amanzi have been dedicated to providing you with the special Resort stories which make us unique and keep you coming back to your home-away-from-home.

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Flexi Weeks

Please don’t “snooze and lose”, book now and avoid the flexi week ‘blues’!

Flexi weeks are booked for Shareholders on a first-come-first-served basis. We kindly urge and appeal to all of our valued Shareholders to review your 2021 plans and apply for your preferred flexi week dates without delay, to avoid disappointment.

The number of flexi weeks, in any given year, exactly matches the number of Shareholders. The first available flexi week is in January and any weeks that pass unoccupied early in the year mean less weeks available to be booked as the year progresses.

Please be reminded that levies must be paid before a booking can be made.

More Information

UniVate Properties

Expand your holiday horizons through a range of available ownership weeks. Simply visit the Uni-Vate Properties website, browse to find your perfectly matched holiday destination and get in touch to secure an additional home-away-from-home week at one of South Africa’s finest Resorts.

Family fun for all ages!

Only a ‘hartbeat’ away!
Family focused fun.
A harmonious hum of nature.
Drift away into peaceful escape.

UniVate Properties


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African Blessings

As our Jochebed Children’s Village continues to grow, so do our laundry loads! We are raising funds to purchase an industrial washing machine that will go a long way in helping us manage the big task of keeping the Village’s linen and little King’s clothes clean and fresh, while reducing the cost and the time spent on managing the loads of laundry. Read our blog to find out how you can contribute to our cause.


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VRS Options

As the custodian of your preferred holiday destination, Vacation Recreational Services is consistently looking out for your best interests, as they relate to important and quality holidays. Consequently, VRS recently teamed up with Options. Options (previously VRS Options) is an independent exchange organisation that provides you, as a valued Shareholder, the opportunity of exchanging your week for an alternative holiday in any given year, should you like to. For more information and for exchange enquiries, please contact Options directly on info@holidayoptions.co.za, or visit their website below.
Happy holidaying!

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In Closing...

2020 has been a year of monumental growth and development for Mount Amanzi. We always aim to create an environment that is comfortable, relaxing and cathartic. We will continue to mould the Resort to be as perfect as can be, so that you and those closest to you, have the time to just sit back, relax and catch up on some much-needed “me time”.


We are so excited to see what 2021 has in store for us and we are delighted to be on this journey with you, our valued Shareholders.

May the Festive Season bring you loads of love and happiness and may you enjoy this special time with your family.

Season's Greetings!

Warm Regards,

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