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Little Eden - Little Tales
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The scent of the first summer rains began as a whisper, floating on the breeze. The sky above Little Eden slowly shifted from a postcard-perfect scene of blue, as billowing clouds gathered and intensified, blocking out the sun and darkening the sky.

All at once, a wall of rain carpeted the ‘Eden’, as large raindrops broke against the surface of the pool. As suddenly as the storm arrived, it ceased to exist; the only remnant of its presence the earthy perfume of ‘Petrichor’. There is just something about this scent that makes you


reminisce about cinnamon pancakes and cosy moments, watching the rain drum against the window panes. As these first summer rains make us nostalgic for these memories, so too does the year 2020, and all its tribulations, make us cherish quality family time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Little Eden is here to remind you of the importance of going on a family holiday; to make memories that your kids or grandkids will carry for the rest of their lives at your Little ‘gem’!

Little Eden holds RCI Silver Crown Resort Status
RCI Silver Crown

This excellent result speaks to the amazing calibre and dedication of the Little Eden Team and their commitment to ensuring your little ‘gem’ continues to shine. Continuing on their mission to
Creating the Environment for Everlasting Holiday Memories”.

Your Safety is Our Priority

We believe that it is our responsibility to provide our guests and staff members with a safe environment, always putting their health and well-being first. Our dedicated Team has been working diligently during this time to ensure that the government-enforced regulations, as well as our own COVID-19 safety protocols, are adhered to and that stringent health and safety protocols remain in effect to ensure a safe holiday environment for all.

VRS HygienicHospitality protocols
Cabin-Fever-Blue bygones!

While the Little Eden Team may not have had many opportunities to provide our valued Shareholders with exciting onsite games and activities, the Shareholder communications kept the Resort spirit alive with fun-filled competitions.

We enjoyed all the puzzles and photo recreations you submitted, but
in the end the grand prize could not be allocated, due to a lack of entries.

Thank you for staying up-to-date with all things Little Eden, throughout this tough season, as well as for those who took part in the fun and games to cast a positive light on the unfortunate 2020 situation. We hope to see more of our Shareholders getting involved in future competitions!

Top Animal Sightings
by Little Eden visitors this season:


These adorable snouty little critters are always swiftly and quietly sneaking around the property, on the lookout for something to nibble. These shrewd little fellows are renowned for being very secretive and are seldom seen, so much so that one of the species of Elephant Shrew has been lost to science for 50 years - but recently rediscovered in Djibouti. Read more here.


Did you know?
The Elephant Shrew is one of the fastest, small mammals, having been recorded to reach speeds of 28.8 kilometres per hour.


With the arrival of Spring and the property’s flowers abloom and little leaflets pushing out their heads, we welcomed an old friend near Reception – a Chameleon. This peculiar little guy was on his journey to the Peach Tree when spotted. We assisted him on his way and he’s now happily camouflaging in the tree and catching a few bugs.


Did you know?
Chameleons have a full 360-degree view and can focus their eyes quickly and enlarge what they are looking at, much like that of a little camera lens.

New Improvements and Upgrades at Little Eden

We take delight in the beauty that is Little Eden, this includes the inside of the Units, the gardens and various other projects on the property. The Little Eden Team has been hard at work to make the Resort stunning before your next stay. Take a look at the upgrades we managed to complete in this time.

The main bridge leading to the recreational area, that was rebuilt earlier this year, is still standing tall and strong and now boasts two beautiful blue vases and small succulent gardens on either side. A short pathway leading up to the bridge was also cemented and fixed up with solid brick edging.
The Wooden Bridge, next to the famous Little Eden Waterfall, recently received a fresh makeover. The wooden strips were replaced with planed wooden planks and the wooden balustrade was replaced with new sturdy wooden poles and a wooden hand railing. The last touch was to varnish the wood and seal it in a protective coat for outdoor conditions.
We rebuilt the bridge that crosses the river at Little Eden with new planks of wood that were fixed to two robust wooden poles. The Maintenance Team used wood varnish to give the bridge a golden touch. Why not take a ‘selfie’ on the bridge the next time you visit Little Eden?!
The beautiful gardens near Reception are such important features at Little Eden, as it’s the first sight guests see when arriving at the Resort. The Maintenance Team started off raking in the autumn leaves and clearing the space of winter debris. The grass was mowed to showcase the fresh summer green grass. The flower beds were cleared of weeds before the Team planted beautiful rainbow coloured flowers.
Our cooler-than-cool Swimming Pool is continuously being cleaned to ensure that our valued Shareholders and guests can cool down in a sparkling aqua blue Pool, especially during the warm summer months.
Our Maintenance Team in currently hard at work building new ‘L-shape’ indoor sofas for the stone-made Units which will be completed early in 2021. We cannot hold back our excitement to carefully position these soft grey sofas. These comfy couches will be great for those lazy-lounging-late-afternoons.
Resort News

Heritage Day, Braai Day and the Jerusalema Dance Off Challenge

Heritage Day and Braai Day
Heritage Day is a South African favourite, particularly at Little Eden, where guests can enjoy the Spring sun, a braai and an overall fun-filled day with all the amenities available on the property.

On Saturday, the 26th of September, our guests joined in for a ‘lekker bring-en-braai.’ Guests were asked to bring their preferred choice of meat or plant-based alternative and a cooler box! The Resort provided some scrumptious pap and sous as a side dish for the braai.
Valentine's Day
Jerusalema the Song
The song by Kgaogelo Moagi, better known as DJ Master KG, featuring vocalist Nocembo Zikode, was released in October 2019 and became an instant hit due to the accompanying music video and infectious dance moves in it.

Jerusalema Dance Challenge
The dance challenge took off in February 2020, as a spirit lifter during the COVID-19 pandemic. The dance challenge was started by a group of six friends – four men and two women – in Angola who made a video of themselves dancing to the foot-tapping number. This was soon dubbed the #Jerusalemachallenge or #Jerusalemadancechallenge after similar videos surfaced from parts of Europe, North America and South America.
Little Eden’s Jerusalema Dance Challenge
The Little Eden Team encouraged guests, on Heritage Day, to take part in the Jerusalema Dance Challenge. During the dance challenge Lyndall, aka Monkey Chum, also made an appearance, causing much excitement amongst the kiddos when he joined in on the fun.

It was wonderful to see how we can still celebrate life and all its beauty, even during a pandemic.
Places to Visit Around Little Eden Resort

Thinking of venturing out? Here are a few places you should visit whilst holidaying at Little Eden:

Extreme Ziplining
Cullinan’s gorge zip line facility, more commonly known as Gorgeglide Cullinan, brings you zip-lining as you always imagined it should be - really long, breathtakingly high, extremely fast and an adrenaline-rushed slide that will leave you wanting more and more!

Duration: 2 hours
Price: R650 per person
Email: adventures@azcullinan.co.za
Cullinan Diamond Mine Underground Tour
Visit the mining town of Cullinan and conquer the famous four-hour underground mine tour. This diamond mine is the home of the world’s largest diamond ever discovered, known as the Cullinan, 3106 ct, as well as a few of the world’s largest high-quality gems. Remember to bring your camera for some Insta-worthy snaps!

Duration: 4 hours
Price: R600 per person
Email: info@cullinan-tours.co.za
Jan Harmsgat Se Agterplaas
A popular stop-over in Cullinan, Jan Harmsgat Se Agterplaas is an art gallery, live music venue, gift shop and function venue. The Agterplaas was started by Jan Harms Vorster, a creative local who built up this wonderful display of art and entertainment.

Email: janharmsgat@mweb.co.za

Team Focus

Meet the new Little Eden Resort Management Couple.

Little Eden blog

The newly appointed Resort Manager, Hancke Hechter, and Administrator, Anneke Hechter, started at Little Eden on 15 September 2020.
They’ve been part of the VRS family of Resorts for some time now and have proven themselves through hard work and dedication and are a valuable addition to any team!

It already feels like they are part of the Little Eden family and we are super excited about this new chapter in Little Eden’s tale!

Meet Little Eden’s new Receptionist.

Little Eden blog

Reneilwe Nyatlu, better known as Rene, started at Little Eden in July 2020.

Her warm infectious smile is always a welcoming sight when arriving at the Resort and checking-in at Reception.

Next time you visit your ‘Little’ gem – why not pop in to say ‘hi’ to Rene?!

More Information

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African Blessings

As our Jochebed Children’s Village continues to grow, so do our laundry loads! We are raising funds to purchase an industrial washing machine that will go a long way in helping us manage the big task of keeping the Village’s linen and little King’s clothes clean and fresh, while reducing the cost and the time spent on managing the loads of laundry. Read our blog to find out how you can contribute to our cause.


Read our blog
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As the custodian of your preferred holiday destination, Vacation Recreational Services is consistently looking out for your best interests, as they relate to important and quality holidays. Consequently, VRS recently teamed up with Options. Options (previously VRS Options) is an independent exchange organisation that provides you, as a valued Shareholder, the opportunity of exchanging your week for an alternative holiday in any given year, should you like to. For more information and for exchange enquiries, please contact Options directly on info@holidayoptions.co.za, or visit their website below.
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In Closing
We are grateful to have had you, our valued Shareholders, along on the challenging journey which 2020 turned out to be; with all its ups and downs, changes, as well as heartfelt tales of unity. It is with great
pleasure that we welcome the New Year with new escapades and magical moments with family and friends. We wish you all a fabulous Festive Season filled with joy, smiles, family gatherings and everlasting holiday memories!
Festive season greetings!

Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director 
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