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Reflecting on the difficult year we all, on a global scale, have faced, we note the lessons learnt in the presence of difficulty. Appreciation: for every memory shared with you, our valued Shareholders, as well as for the cherished moments of Kagga Kamma’s wildlife, grazing peacefully on the fynbos plains. Gratefulness: for the opportunities bestowed in Kagga Kamma’s past which have guided us
to where the Nature Reserve is today, and also, for the incredibly dedicated Team in maintaining this holidaying paradise. Excitement: for growing from strength-to-strength in the coming years and for knowing we can overcome any obstacle with faith and determination. With this being said, we would like to wrap up the year 2020!
Reaching New Heights of Excellence
Kagga Kamma has had yet another successful year of awards and accolades, further proof of the dedication and hard work put in to ensure that the Nature Reserve maintains the highest levels of service within the hospitality and tourism sector. It is with pleasure that we raise a toast to the following Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve awards and recognition:

32nd Annual RCI OSCAS Awards

  • Kagga Kamma Assistant Resort Manager, Stephan Bouwer, received the RCI RADA Award for Employee of the Year
  • Top Silver Crown Resort (Small Resort), First Place
  • Superior Service in Hospitality, First Place
  • Top Housekeeping (Small/Medium), First Runner Up
  • Top Check-In/Check-Out (Small/Medium Resort), First Runner Up
  • Top Unit Maintenance (Small/Medium Resort), Second Runner Up
  • Silver Crown Resort Grading

    SA-Venues.com Award

    Kagga Kamma won the Guests' Choice Awards for 2019/2020 in Ceres. SA-Venues.com awards establishments based on reviews, survey feedback and repeat bookings.

    Booking.com Award

    Kagga Kamma was awarded the Traveller Review Award for 2020. This award is based on feedback and reviews, as submitted by our valued guests.


    HotelsCombined Recognition of Excellence

    Kagga Kamma is recognised amongst the best hotels and lodges in South Africa, based on achieving the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

    Congratulations to Tania and the amazing Kagga Kamma Team!
    Ranger Diaries

    { Least Concern }

    Courtesy of a Guest

    This antelope is perfectly suited to the arid conditions in the Cederberg due to ‘carotid rete’. This network of blood vessels is located in the nasal cavity of the species; the rapid circulation of air through the nostrils cools the blood stream in the muzzle before it is pumped to the brain, which keeps the antelope from overheating. During the drier seasons Gemsbok do not sweat, thus preserving their bodily water sources.


    { Not Threatened }

    Courtesy of Ranger Shaun

    While the humble Honey Bee is not threatened, as is widely believed, they are an integral part of the eco-system; without which, many species of plant and animal life would become extinct, or be affected. Bees in this region are even more precious as they assist in pollenating the fynbos, on which our wildlife depends. Pictured is a Honey Bee carrying pollen after visiting a Hongerblom.


    { Least Concern }

    Courtesy of Ranger Shaun

    Also referred to as ‘Dwarf Antelope’, the Steenbok is a common species in South Africa, which is rather petite. Steenkok weigh between 7 and 16 kilograms and have a wide diet, consisting mainly of leaves, as well as roots and bulbs during the drier months. Steenbok do not have a specific breeding season and will reproduce throughout the year; pairs remain monogamous for their lifespan.

    Brought Back from the Edge of Extinction


    While the year 2020 may not have been kind to the human population of the world, the wildlife at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve has thrived. This year has seen a drastic increase in rainfall, nearly double, in fact, of that which blessed the plains in 2019. As a result, the spectacular wild flowers have blanketed the fynbos in an array of brilliant hues this spring and the Eland and Springbok herds on the property have welcomed new-borns amongst their ranks.

    The most exciting news of the spring season, however, is the announcement of the birth of a Bontebok calf; its debut with the herd, during September, excited the Rangers and staff at Kagga Kamma. Bontebok are endemic to the region and a small population remains, due to overhunting by European settlers during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Bontebok species’ numbers dwindled dangerously low, to less than 30 known individuals, before the Bontebok National Park was established to protect them. Today it is believed that approximately 3000 Bontebok individuals exist worldwide.

    This species is dependent on rainfall to ensure a viable habitat for population growth. While the previous years did not yield enough of this precious sustenance, 2020 provided ample rain for the foliage to flourish and the first Bontebok calf to be born in recent years. The Kagga Kamma Team is excited to follow this little one’s journey. Hopefully, with sufficient and steady rainfall in the years to come, we may see further population growth of this beautiful animal in the Nature Reserve.

    Upgrades and Updates

    The Kagga Kamma Team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible holiday environment. During the nationwide lockdown, and continuously throughout the year, the Kagga Kamma Team has worked on the below projects:

    Additional health and safety measures implemented, ongoing, to mitigate the spread of COVID-19


    Reception partition erected for guests’, and staffs’, safety


    New Open Air Private Dining Boma erected for Restaurant guests

    Pathways at Rock Art Sites updated and clearly marked


    All Chalets have received select crockery: serving spoons, knives and frying pans


    8-sleeper Chalets have been identified for updated 3-seater couches and armchairs


    Klipspringer Boma, a new camping offer, is currently under construction


    Lodge Gardens received a makeover

    Cabin-Fever-Blue bygones!

    While the Kagga Kamma Team may not have had many opportunities to provide our valued Shareholders with exciting onsite games and activities, the Shareholder communications kept the Lodge spirit alive with fun-filled competitions.

    We enjoyed all the puzzles and photo recreations you submitted, but
    in the end the grand prize could not be allocated, due to a lack of entries.

    Thank you for staying up-to-date with all things Kagga Kamma, throughout this tough season, as well as for those who took part in the fun and games to cast a positive light on the unfortunate 2020 situation. We hope to see more of our Shareholders getting involved in future competitions!

    More Resort News

    Our Team is dedicated to offering guests the best possible experience when staying on the Reserve.

    Take a look at the few ways we made everyone’s stay special…


    Celebrating our South African Heritage

    Kagga Kamma has a rich cultural heritage; this heritage was celebrated on Heritage Day with a range of special treats for guests. Guests were greeted, upon arrival, by the Team adorning traditional garb, with gifts of handmade, freshly-baked bread made with wild rosemary found on the Reserve. The evening was celebrated with a ‘local is lekker’ dinner theme at the Boma. The next morning guests joined the Rangers on a Guided Hike which explored the fascinating culture surrounding the rock art paintings, and thereafter, painted their own stones, using traditional methods; these items were kept as a souvenir to cherish this special holiday.

    Spa Launches a new Product Range

    The Kagga Kamma Salon invites Shareholders to experience a new range of carefully crafted products, inspired by South Africa’s rich landscapes. The Salon is dedicated to restoring natural beauty through personalised spa journeys for couple’s, as well as individuals. Kalahari Lifestyle Products is a brand which combines the healing properties of fynbos and naturally harvested botanicals to formulate a range of treatment products for the ultimate indulgence. Experience rejuvenation when next visiting Kagga Kamma: lodge@kaggakamma.co.za

    A New Experience - Open Air Private Dining

    During the nationwide lockdown, the Kagga Kamma Team exercised their creativity and crafted a stunning, private dining area, near the Lodge swimming pool. This space consists of a platform for a ‘cloud 9’ dining experience, as well as a mini boma for two, where couples or family can relish in the warm glow of a fire with after-dinner treats and a night sky ablaze with the Milky Way. Please enquire with the Lodge for a reservation to celebrate your special occasion; lodge@kaggakamma.co.za

    Breakfast 'fly-in'

    Breakfast fly-ins are a fast-growing trend, as flight schools and private plane owners take to the skies to explore the beauty of the Western Cape. Most recently, Kagga Kamma welcomed a group who chose to fly-in on their private crafts to spend the morning enjoying a scrumptious brunch. Their kind words and compliments, "A warm thank you from all of us to Kagga Kamma for making it a truly unforgettable experience. We will definitely be returning!", warmed our hearts and created excitement amongst the Team. We look forward to expanding the Lodge's flight horizon!

    Your Health and Safety is Our Priority

    Kagga Kamma is dedicated to providing a safe holiday environment, while both adhering to COVID-19 protocols and providing a non-intrusive experience to guests. These measures include social-distancing parameters, mask-wearing, temperature screening, sanitisation and a range of other protocols designed to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. The response received by guests has been overwhelmingly positive with many indicating that Kagga Kamma’s handling of these new changes surpasses that of other establishments.
    From our Guests

    Not once did we feel unsafe or insecure because of COVID, where the Lodge applied strict control measures without constraining freedom of movement.


    Leilanie d
    From the gate, right through to the office, all protocols regarding COVID-19 were followed by the number, but with great care.


    Luc U
    Comfortable and 100% clean. COVID-protocols were in place; we felt very safe and healthy!

    Your Safety is Our Priority

    We believe that it is our responsibility to provide our guests and staff members with a safe environment, always putting their health and well-being first. Our dedicated team has been working diligently during this time to ensure that the government-enforced regulations, as well as our own COVID-19 safety protocols, are adhered to and that stringent health and safety protocols remain in effect to ensure a safe holiday environment for all.

    VRS HygienicHospitality protocols
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    African Blessings

    As our Jochebed Children’s Village continues to grow, so do our laundry loads! We are raising funds to purchase an industrial washing machine that will go a long way in helping us manage the big task of keeping the Village’s linen and little King’s clothes clean and fresh, while reducing the cost and the time spent on managing the loads of laundry. Read our blog to find out how you can contribute to our cause.


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    In Closing...
    With the year 2020 in our rear-view, we would like to thank you, our valued Shareholders, for remaining on this journey with us. This year has taught us patience, diligence and perseverance, but most importantly to have faith and believe in a brighter tomorrow. We do believe that 2020 has made us stronger, together, and we look forward to the new year ahead, as we work diligently to
    create everlasting holiday memories and provide you with well-deserved rest and relaxation at your 'oasis on the edge of time'. May the Festive Season ahead shower you all in joy, laughter and incredible moments surrounded by family and loved ones. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

    Festive season greetings!

    Warm Regards

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