We cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by and even though it wasn’t all smooth sailing due to torrential rains we picked ourselves back up and continued to create an environment where you, our valued Shareholders, and guests could let your souls and spirits fly with the calming sea breeze and make environment lasting memories at your happy place.
Kridzil - A New Chapter
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Time truly flies by like seagulls on the shore when you're soaking up the sun and embracing the joyful moments of our beachside paradise: Kridzil Woonstelle. These past six months have been a whirlwind of adventure, filled with sunny days and laughter. With each passing day, our cherished Resort has remained a haven of tranquility and joy.


We are thrilled to share a heartfelt catch-up with you, our valued Shareholders, and share all the amazing updates and unforgettable moments we have experienced in the first half of the year. So we kindly ask you to take a moment, sit back, and relax as we take you on a virtual tour of the wonders that have unfolded at our beloved Resort.

Meet Your New Host, Resort Manager:


We are truly elated to welcome Martin Griessel back to the VRS family as our new Resort Manager. We couldn't be more excited to have him on board, bringing with him a wealth of expertise, boundless enthusiasm, and a fresh perspective. We recently asked him to spare a moment to delve into his incredible journey in the Hospitality Industry, explore his passions, and gain insights into his time at Kridzil thus far so that you, our valued guests and Shareholders, could get a chance to get better acquainted with the incredible individual who will be leading the way at our Resort.



We're committed to providing our Shareholders and guests with the ultimate holiday experience, and that includes regular maintenance and updates to your treasured home-away-from-home. We take great care in ensuring that every aspect of your holiday unit receives the utmost care and attention. Here's a sneak peek into some of the amazing refurbishments we've been busy with:

room upgrades
Entrance Gates

The gates were repainted with a turquoise blue to match the Resort logo and branding.

room upgrades

Solar Energy

An inverter and batteries were installed in the office to ensure that work can continue during loadshedding. Delayed check-in processes are now a thing of the past!

room upgrades

Block A Cupboards

The cupboards in Block A have been replaced with ones that are more modern and include dressing tables.


Portable Gas Stoves

Portable gas stoves have been purchased to allow our guests to make coffee or cook some food during loadshedding. The portable gas stoves can be booked at Reception for a nominal fee of R55 per day. The first gas canister is free of charge, thereafter canisters can be purchased at Reception for R55 each.

Swimming Pool Garden

(in progress)

The swimming pool garden was cluttered with shrubs and old plants. The Team are giving it a facelift by cleaning it up. The Team will be rearranging the plants and then introducing some fresh herbs.


Patio Furniture

All the units have received new and modern patio furniture.


Looking ahead to possible future renovations and improvements, we would like to request your input, so that we can factor your preferences into our planning. We would like to know whether our shareholders would want to keep the bath-shower combo, as is currently provided for in our unit bathrooms, or would you prefer that this be changed to a normal shower, without the bath.


Please note, the outcome of this survey will be put forward for consideration for future renovations. If approved, and funds permit, any such work will be a long term project.


Please participate by sharing your preference in the survey provide here.



Making Everlasting

Our hearts are filled with joy whenever we have the opportunity to curate extraordinary experiences that leave a lasting imprint on the heart of everyone who walks through our gates. Here are the latest sweet moments we shared with our guests:

Wonan's Day

Christmas Day

The Kridzil Team made sure our guests felt the holiday spirit from the moment they arrived. As they checked in, they were greeted with a delightful surprise - a real mini Christmas tree and mouth-watering snacks, guaranteed to satisfy even the sweetest of cravings. The Reception area was decked out with whimsical Christmas decorations, adding to the festive atmosphere. And to add an extra touch of charm, our dedicated staff crafted adorable origami sea creatures from towels and placed them on the guests’ bed.

Father's Day

New Year’s Day

We believe that taking time to rest and recharge is essential, which is why we wanted to give our guests a special gift on New Year’s Day that would set the tone for the rest of the year and serve as a reminder to slow down and unwind. We gifted our lovely guests with wall clocks with the fun and playful phrase "Whatever, I'm on beach time..." on them. We hoped this would inspire our guests to carry the carefree beach vibes with them long after their stay with us had ended, reminding them of the importance of taking time off to relax and rejuvenate.

Wonan's Day

Valentine’s Day

Our main goal on Valentine’s Day is to make our guests feel the abundance of love and appreciation we have for them and this year was no different. The Reception was decorated with lovely Valentine’s artwork and our guests arrived to a very sweet surprise: an array of confectionary treats for them to enjoy as they were checking in. But the sweetness didn't stop there! In the units, our staff carefully arranged heart-shaped origami towels and placed them on the beds along with some delicious homemade jam.

Heritage Day

Easter Weekend

Easter is a time of renewal, celebration, and happiness, and we made it our mission to create a truly special experience for our guests. Our creative and talented Resort Administrator, Cathy, poured her heart into designing adorable Easter baskets, complete with charming handcrafted bunnies that she made herself. Upon arrival, each guest received a basket containing coffee bombs as a complimentary treat.


Our Housekeeping Team also got in on the Easter fun, learning a new skill that would add a fun and playful touch to our guests' stay. They learned how to fold origami towel crabs, which were then happily displayed with marshmallows in the units, ready to welcome our guests.
Heritage Day

Mother’s Day

Our staff decorated the Resort with stunning origami flowers and hung up signs that said, "We love moms." As guests checked in, we gifted each visiting mother with a beautifully crafted wooden heart featuring "10 Reasons why I love you Mummy" inscribed on it. And since we couldn't forget our own amazing mothers, we extend this thoughtful gesture to the mothers on our Team.


We also added a special touch to the beds in the units with origami flowers made with towels and colourful tissue paper. These lovely creations were accompanied by a card that warmly wished, "Happy Mother's Day."

The Seashell Chronicles

We love plugging into nature’s headphones and hearing your seaside stories echo in our ears. Here is what we have heard about Kridzil recently:

“Everything was super good, I enjoy every moment with my family. Thanks a lot for making our vacation memorable!”

- Veronica Dirane

“Great holiday with family and kids!”

- Andre Russon

“Perfect! I'd definitely come back and recommend you to others.”

- Patience Sibiya

“Die personeel uit die boonste rakke!”

- Maria Elizabeth Rall

As load shedding continues to be a long-term challenge with a great impact on the hospitality and tourism industries, our top priority is to ensure that your holiday experience remains enjoyable despite these circumstances. We have proactively reached out to all our Resort Shareholders, providing communication about our ongoing efforts to explore alternative energy sources and outlined the progress we have made thus far. In case you missed our previous communication, click here to read about our load shedding solutions.


Tremendous effort yields triumphant results for Tidy Towns! This inspiring initiative, dedicated to cleaning up the beaches, tidying walkways, repaving, and planting greenery, has brought a wave of inspiration and new life into its picturesque beaches, walkways, and vibrant landscapes of the sunny South Coast. The incredible community banded together, united by a shared vision, turning this initiative into a resounding success. And their hard work has not gone unnoticed! Margate's exceptional transformation has earned them a well-deserved spot in the semi-finals of the Kwela - Dorp van die Jaar competition.

We are hosting joint meet and greet braais with Uvongo River Resort at their Resort which is only a short drive from Kridzil. Both Resorts will prepare and provide our guests with some delicious pap, Sheba, and salads, while our guests bring their own “Chop and Dop”. The air will be filled with the enticing smells of braais, captivating music, and lots of laughter so be sure to join us on your next visit!

Contact the VRS Property Admin team for more information propertyadmin@vrs.co.za


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We would like to remind our valued Shareholders to kindly check and sign off on inventories upon arrival at your home-away-from-home unit. An inventory list is available in your unit; any discrepancies must please be reported at Reception.

Keep In Touch With Us

As we anticipate the upcoming wonders that the second half of 2023 hold for your home-away-from-home, we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, our valued Shareholders, for your continuous support and unwavering dedication to our Resort; your home-away-from-home. As much as we are committed to bringing joy to all our guests,

every holidaymaker’s visit has equally kept our spirits high and our hearts warm with appreciation. We can't wait to welcome you back to our sandy shores, where warm smiles, breathtaking sunsets, and endless possibilities await. Until then, remember that, “our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone."

Warm Regards

Marjorie Forssman

VRS – Managing Director