Before we get wrapped up in our plans for the next half of 2022, we would like to share the latest news from Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve with you.
Mabalingwe - The Oasis Update
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Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve offers a world where time takes a backseat and nature's wonders come alive. From the very first light of day, when the golden sun peeks over ancient rock formations, to the enchanting twilight that bathes the landscape in a soft glow, the Reserve unveils its secrets and captivates the senses. It is a place where rugged beauty and untouched wilderness intertwine, offering a haven for adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking solace amidst the chaos of the world. We have witnessed the dance of wildlife across vast savannahs, heard the whispers of the wind as it caresses the towering cliffs, and felt the earth's pulse beneath our feet. Our trails have led us to breath-taking viewpoints, where panoramic vistas stretch as far as the eye can see, and where the majesty of nature leaves us humbled and awestruck.


But it's not just the captivating landscapes that have defined the Kagga Kamma experience. It's the moments shared with loved ones, the laughter that echoed through the air, and the connections forged in the heart of the wilderness. Whether gathering around a crackling fire, exchanging stories under a star-studded sky, or embarking on exhilarating adventures, the bonds we've formed with our guests are woven into the fabric of our shared memories. We ask you, our valued Shareholders, to spare a moment and join us as we revisit these cherished moments and delve into the experiences that have shaped the past six months.

Scrub Hare
{Least Concern}

Found in southern Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa, Eswatini, and Lesotho, the scrub hare (Lepus saxatilis) is one of the two hare species in these regions. What distinguishes the scrub hare is its unique colour. Its fur is grey with small black markings on its back, and its belly fur is white. The little tail of the scrub hare is black on top and white underneath. It also has a reddish-brown patch of fur behind its ears that sets it apart from other types of hares.



Kagga Kamma’s Rock Formations

These incredible formations form part of the Cape Supergroup, which includes Table Mountain, as well as the Bokkeveld and Witteberg regions, and is believed (Barnard & Greeff, 1993) to have been present before the supercontinent, Gondwanaland, broke apart 130 million years ago.


Red Adder
{Least Concern}

The Red Adder is a small snake that can reach a length of up to 44cm but usually averages around 30cm. It is exclusively found in the Western Cape, neighbouring Northern Cape, and the western Eastern Cape, where it lives in the rocky slopes and gravelly flats of the Klein Karoo and Fynbos. Like other small adders, it likes to hide behind bushes or rocks and is most active in the mornings and late afternoons.

– the Head Guide at Kagga Kamma
Paul is an avid hiking enthusiast who is actively involved in the maintenance of our hiking routes. He possesses a deep fondness for the Cederberg region, particularly its extraordinary Fynbos, diverse bird species, and fascinating plant life. Paul's passion extends beyond nature, as he thoroughly enjoys sharing stories about our rich cultural heritage with our guests. Exploring the vast terrain and delving into research on plants and birds further fuels his curiosity. His latest passion involves the thrilling pursuit of tracking and studying the elusive Cape Leopard here on the Reserve. Following an incredible leopard sighting at Kagga Kamma in April this year, Paul recently found tracks again and, with the aid of a strategically placed camera trap, we anticipate another fabulous spot soon! Read more about the April leopard sighting here.


“Creating the environment for everlasting memories” is our motto; it’s what drives us to provide nothing but the best. From basic maintenance and repairs to small, special touches – each addition or improvement made to the Resort is all in service to you, our valued Shareholders and guests.

Interior Upgrades

The exterior of six Chalets has been painted

Interior Upgrades

Seven Chalets received new kitchen cupboard doors

Interior Upgrades

Two additional boreholes have been drilled

Interior Upgrades

Two new Kawasaki Mules have been purchased

Upcoming and Ongoing Projects

Interior Upgrades

The Chalet gardens are getting a facelift

Interior Upgrades

A 245 000L reservoir tank will be built on the Resort

Interior Upgrades

Regular maintenance is conducted to keep the Lodge in tip-top condition

Mothers Day

December Rainfall

The Reserve experienced exponential rainfall during the month of December, which was something quite unusual for our semi-arid region. While the rain was much-needed in our area, it resulted in widespread floods, and Kagga Kamma was not exempt from the effects. However, our dedicated onsite Team swiftly sprang into action, conducting urgent road repairs and diligently cleaning up the Resort, ensuring that our guests experienced minimal disruption during their stay.

After the storm had passed, a magnificent rainbow appeared, stretching across the sky and casting a colourful glow over the landscape. As you explore the Resort, you'll notice the several mini dams scattered throughout, providing visible evidence of the abundant rainfall we experienced.

From families with small children to couples, both young and old, so many people relish a holiday at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. It warms our hearts to be able to welcome them all to this special place in the Cederberg, far away from big city lights, where relaxation and restoration await. The Kagga Kamma Team only amplifies the quality experience guests can enjoy here with the many special touches added to special days and holiday seasons.

Mothers Day

Christmas Day

The Resort transformed into a Christmas wonderland during the holiday season. All the guests checking in were greeted by a 4-meter Christmas tree. The entire Resort was donned with festive decorations, creating a happy and joyful atmosphere, and our Team welcomed our wonderful guests with some delicious holiday-themed cupcakes and cocktails. We then invited them to join in on the many festivities, including: guided walks and some fun activities like the thrilling minute-to-win-it games, sack race and cupcake decorating. To make the holidays even more exciting, Santa Claus made a surprise appearance, bringing gifts to each Chalet.

Because we pay attention to every detail, even the small things, our creative housekeeping staff made special Christmas hat caps for the toilet rolls in the Chalets and the maintenance team crafted small wooden Christmas trees for each chalet, adding a personal touch to the holiday decorations.

Mothers Day

New Year’s Eve

With Christmas behind us, the anticipation for New Year's Eve grew at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. As guests arrived for the New Year's weekend, they were greeted by a dazzling Reception embellished with black, gold, and silver decorations. We planned two wonderful events to ring in the New Year. Firstly, guests could enjoy a more formal and intimate à la carte dinner at the Boma, where they could savour a delightful meal in a sophisticated setting. The second event was a "bring and braai" held at the Chalet swimming pool; music and laughter filled the air as guests danced and celebrated the promise of a new beginning. The Dumba entertainment added to the festivities and kept everyone entertained.

Mothers Day

Valentine’s Day

Love is a 365-day affair, but on February 14th, it gets a special spotlight, and this year, the Kagga Kamma Team went above and beyond to make it an extra romantic day! As our guests checked in, we welcomed them with scrumptious cupcakes and refreshing drinks. When they got to their Chalets, each of them was surprised with a golden box of cookies beautifully wrapped with a big red bow. As the day drew to a close, everyone gathered at the Boma to enjoy some food and drinks against the backdrop of a stunning sunset. It was a picture-perfect day and we set up a lovely photo booth for our lovely couples to capture their love and fairy-tale moments.

Mothers Day

Easter Weekend

The staff pulled out all the stops for this pastel-coloured and chocolate-filled holiday. Each Team member embraced the spirit of Easter by donning bunny ears and transforming the Resort into a colourful Easter paradise. Upon check-in, our guests were welcomed with a delicious cupcake and refreshing juice. Of course, an Easter egg hunt was a must, and it was enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. The Easter bunny joined in on the fun, adding an extra element of excitement as everyone eagerly searched for the hidden eggs. Kids also had the opportunity to get creative by painting rocks and learning about rock art and reptiles. The Restaurant Team prepared a mouth-watering traditional Easter dinner, featuring tasty dishes like Pickled Curry Fish, Braised Lamb Shank, and yummy desserts. The dining tables were adorned with charming Easter decorations and to make the occasion even more memorable, we gifted our guests with boxes filled with sweet Easter treats.

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day was a treat for the families who spent their weekend at Kagga Kamma. Moms, and families, were welcomed to the Lodge with gift boxes of perfectly iced, flower-shaped sugar cookies, while a "Happy Mother's Day" sign at the refreshment station invited everyone to indulge in scrumptious buttercream cupcakes and refreshing drinks. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the candlelit feast at the Restaurant. The tables were adorned with an assortment of dinner favourites, carefully selected to satisfy every palate. But what truly made this Mother's Day weekend special was witnessing families come together, showering their deserving moms with love and appreciation.

Kagga Kamma has won this year's TripAdvisor Traveller Review Awards. This achievement is a reflection of our staff’s hospitality, hard work and dedication to providing our guests with the best possible holiday environment. We wish to extend heartfelt thanks to every guest and valued Shareholder for their appreciation of these efforts.

I will definitely visit again. We had a lovely stay; beautiful place, peaceful and excellent service. My family really enjoyed it. The hiking trail was amazing and the sunset drive. If it wasn't for the weather we would have done all the activities.

- Sibusiso M

We Eloped at Kagga Kamma from 24 March to 26 March. It was a wonderful experience, from the food and stay to our actual Wedding day. Thank you Kagga Kamma and your events team for spoiling us and making it extra special.

- neylene2023


An absolutely gorgeous place. The peace and serenity around the area contribute to a relaxing breakaway from the city buzz. The spa treatment was outstanding and the entire staff was friendly, helpful and went out of their way. It is a definite return-to venue.

- PetraFordelmann

African Blessings

Restaurant and Bar
A new menu has been introduced for both adults and kids! Indulge in deliciously good South African cuisine as you gear up for an adventurous day or wind down with the setting of the sun. For those looking to add a romantic touch to their foodie affair, we offer delectable picnic baskets, starlit private dinners and an exclusive menu for guests staying in an Open Air Suite.

African Blessings

Kagga Kamma Spa
There’s something magical about soothing tired muscles while in the heart of nature; the choreography of a professional therapist’s methodology is harmonious with that of a summer’s breeze, of rustling fynbos and of powdery sand. Experience bliss at Kagga Kamma Spa.


Find out more about your favourite escape in the Cederberg on the Kagga Kamma Blog!

African Blessings

Evolution: A Solar Event
Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve unveiled a new Solar Power Farm on the property in November of 2022. The new solar farm provides sustainably sourced electricity to the entire Lodge, meaning that the property is no longer reliant on resources that negatively impact climate change. Here’s a recount of Kagga Kamma’s journey to officially going off-grid.

African Blessings

Leopard Love on the Rocks
There have been leopards at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve (and in the greater Cederberg and Western Cape) for as long as we – modern day humans – have been visiting and exploring the area and, of course, they were here long before that.


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In Closing...
The moments we shared and the memories we have forged in the past six months are evidence that Kagga Kamma holds a special place in the hearts of all who have experienced its magic. As our valued Shareholders, you have been an integral part of this extraordinary journey. Your unwavering support and passion for preserving this sanctuary have allowed us to create a haven where nature thrives and souls find solace. With heartfelt gratitude, we celebrate your commitment towards safeguarding the Kagga Kamma legacy.
As we look to the future, we are filled with excitement and anticipation for the remaining months of 2023. We envision a tapestry of new adventures, deeper connections, and limitless possibilities. May the shared experiences we have had continue to inspire us, igniting a relentless desire to seek out the extraordinary in every fleeting moment of our lives.
Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman 
Kagga Kamma