The sun rises slowly from behind the hills, casting the shadows away and illuminating the dewy countryside.
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Mabalingwe - The Oasis Update
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The memories we create, the places we visit, and the moments we share have the power to shape our lives, especially when they are shared with our loved ones. Our lives can get very busy and it is important that we take time outside of our daily routines to unwind and have fun. While we may not always have control over the amount of time we spend with our families, we do have control over the quality of that time. That's why we eagerly anticipate and celebrate your return to


Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve each year, as it offers you and your loved ones a chance to have truly meaningful moments together. We strive to ensure that every member of your family and friends can enjoy a multitude of wonderful experiences during your stay. Until we have the pleasure of welcoming you back through our gates, let us bring you up to speed on the latest happenings here at your cherished home-away-from-home.

Secretary Bird | Sekretarisvoël
Blue Wildbeest

Wildebeest have earned the amusing nickname "fools of the veld" due to their playful nature and strange behaviour. The male wildebeest are referred to as the "clowns of the savannah" because they perform many weird antics to impress the females. They attract their mates by rubbing their scent into the ground or urinating and defecating to mark their breeding territory. This also keeps other male wildebeest away.

Cape Vulture | Kransaasvoël

Impalas have a variety of ways to communicate with each other. They can use their eyes, sounds, scents, and even physical gestures like kicking or flashing their tongues. What's also fascinating is that impalas are the only antelopes capable of producing a powerful roar, which can reach impressive volumes. This unique ability sets them apart from other antelope species.

Malachite Sunbird | Jangroentjie

Just like how no two snowflakes or sets of fingerprints are identical, the same goes for giraffes. Each giraffe has its own unique spot pattern that sets it apart from others. These distinctive patterns make every giraffe truly one of a kind.

Fork-Tailed Drongo | Miksterbyevanger

Regarded as a revered symbol of wisdom among the Tswana people of Botswana and South Africa, the kudu holds great significance as a tribal totem. Its majestic horns, with their impressive size, are seen as a representation of the profound wisdom attributed to the ethereal spirits that inhabit the skies above.

Doornkop is a prized home-away-from-home holiday destination for a number of families. In our effort to maintain a high-quality Resort for ultimate happy holidaying enjoyment, the dedicated Team works consistently to address areas that require some tender love and care.


Unit 17's Kitchen and Garage roofs were repaired and painted.


The windowsills for select Units were repainted with an oil-base brown enamel paint.


Unit 15 roof repairs
(in progress)


A new retaining wall and steps were built in front of the parking at Unit 23.


The carports of select Units were replaced.


The dining room chairs received new canvas upholstery.


The patio furniture at select Units was repainted.


CCTV cameras were installed in the lounge area, reception and storeroom for control purposes.


The roof in the laundry room was replaced.


A full maintenance plan is run to keep track of all the maintenance required per chalet.
(Budget permitting)


A solar inverter and battery system has been implemented at the main building to ensure the reception and offices can run uninterrupted during load shedding.


2023 ASM

A successful Annual Shareholders Meeting was held on the 20th of May 2023 at 09:00 via a Zoom Webinar, and we wish to thank the Shareholders in attendance for their time and input.


Eskom Load Shedding

Eskom's power supply remains a cause for concern for all of us. The Board was investigating alternative energy sources to ensure lighting and heating in units. Once again, costs were high and financial constraints remained. In the interim we continue to make the units more loadshedding-friendly by adding rechargeable lights, candles, enamel kettles for heating water, and monitoring more sustainable solutions to make your stay more comfortable. Facilities at the Central Complex have been improved to provide connectivity during loadshedding and we continue to look for solutions while escalating.


Land Owners Association Projects

- Staff accommodation rebuild (in progress)
- Reserve fire breaks (completed)
- Swimming pool upgrade (coming soon)
- Rebuilding the weir on the Swartspruit that feeds the canal system (completed)
- Conservation activities to tackle invasive species (ongoing)
- Game management including the introduction of Sable to the Reserve (ongoing)

We are all about creating the environment for moments of special connection between friends and family. Here are all the ways we have celebrated special holidays with our guests:

Mothers Day

Festive Season

The holiday spirit thrived at Doornkop this festive season! As our guests checked in, they were greeted with a cheerful glass of sherry and handed a holiday programme, preparing them for the exciting games and activities that awaited. On Christmas Day, our Management and Staff Teams treated everyone to a scrumptious serving of morning coffee and scones, while the kids received Christmas stockings filled with delicious treats. To mark the countdown and celebrate new beginnings, we hosted a dance party at the swimming pool area on New Year's Eve.

Mothers Day

Valentine's Day

Love and relationships took centre stage as we decorated the Reception area with a burst of red and pink balloon streamers and hearts. Dorette, our Operations Manager and Administrator, lovingly baked batches of heart-shaped biscuits, carefully packaged and offered them as a special treat to our arriving guests.

Mothers Day

Easter Weekend

The Easter weekend left everyone with incredible memories. As our guests arrived, they were greeted with the enticing aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, paired perfectly with their choice of either a steaming cup of coffee, or a glass of sherry. Saturday was a day of pure family fun, as we hosted a braai at the swimming pool area. The Team put together an entertainment programme ensuring that guests of all ages, could partake in some fun games and activities, including an Easter egg hunt.

Mothers Day

Mother's Day

Mother's Day holds a special place in our hearts, and this year, we had an amazing weekend as families came together to celebrate their moms. The Reception was beautifully decorated for their arrival and each guest was welcomed with a complimentary cupcake and a glass of sherry. Our carefully arranged display of gifts and goodies at the Reception and shop provided our guests with the opportunity to shower their incredible moms with tokens of their love and appreciation.

Our Resort holds a special place in many families’ hearts, and we love hearing all about the wonderful experiences and their favourite memories of their time spent in the unspoilt countryside of Mpumalanga.
A few of our guests had this to say:


“Stunning place! Lots of wildlife, nice fishing, a birders’ paradise, tough but beautiful 4x4 route. (It rained a few days before our arrival.) Lots of things to do for the family such as horses and mountain biking. The place will see us again.”

“Doornkop is a winner - Sun, long walks, fresh air, and relaxation - interrupted by some very good fly fishing and cycling and ending the day at the fireside with a sky full of millions of stars and the odd shooting star too.”

“Spent a wonderful weekend with family and friends in a stunning 5-bedroom self-catering house. Beautiful scenery, great fly fishing, 4x4ing, horse riding, walking, and birding. Every member of staff made us feel extremely welcome. Our only regret it was too short. Next time we will book for a full week.”

“An unparalleled experience featuring tranquillity, peace, and nature! Try the hiking trails for some adventure, wildlife, and spectacular views! Doornkop is a great place to relax and recoup! The houses are comfortable with a warm fireplace, comfy couches, and spectacular views all around!”

Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve is currently rated the number 1 Resort in the area on TripAdvisor, outperforming resorts like Verlorenkloof and Gooderson Kloppenheim Country Estate.

We would like extend our heartfelt thanks to every guest who shared their Doornkop experiences. Whether you took the time to write a review on Google, TripAdvisor, GuestRevu, or shared your feedback directly with our staff, we truly appreciate all your feedback and encourage you to continue sharing your experiences with us!

Secretary Bird | Sekretarisvoël
Horse Riding

For a unique perspective and to get up close to wildlife on the Reserve, book an exhilarating horseback ride for the whole family. Or, if you're just out-and-about on a ramble, visit the stables and meet the friendly horses. Our highly skilled horsemen will take you on an adventure of a lifetime.

Cape Vulture | Kransaasvoël
Waterfall Hike

Visit the waterfall by hike or horseback. Spend some time listening to the water as it plummets down. You may even catch sight of the Short-tailed Pipit, a scarce and rare bird that has made this waterfall one of the few places where it still lives and breeds. Bird watchers come here to study and learn more about the little bird.

Cape Vulture | Kransaasvoël

The Reserve provides ample space and a beautiful setting to avid fishing enthusiasts, as well as beginners. We have a total of ten well-stocked trout dams on the property, which are kept to high standards year-round and offer a quality fishing experience. Learn more
We are currently renovating the kiddies' dams, and before you know it, they will be all set and brimming with fish. Soon, the little ones will have their very own Doornkop fishing experience to enjoy!

If you would like to have more opportunities for everlasting holiday memories at your
home-away-from-home, such as these,
get in touch with our Team and add to your
Doornkop holiday portfolio.


One Pan Trout

As part of our ongoing mission to share this incredible space with travellers, the Doornkop Team offers curated specials and packages fit for every budget and type of traveller. South African seniors are invited to escape to this ‘gem of Mpumalanga’ on our senior’s midweek offer! Browse through available holidays, select your preferred stay, and bring your family or friends along for some well-deserved rest.

6-Sleeper Chalets - R2 911 / midweek
8-Sleeper Chalets - R3 638 / midweek
10-Sleeper Chalets - R4 123 / midweek


Contact the VRS Property Admin team for more information


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Giving you access to a multitude of availability! Holiday Options offers Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve Shareholders access to the Holiday Options platform to exchange their timeshare for another holiday, place it up for rental, and have access to exclusive cash deals!


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In Closing...
As the sun sets on the rolling hills at Doornkop and the day comes to a serene close, we find ourselves grateful for the privilege of sharing these precious holiday memories with you, our valued Shareholders. The sight of the Chalets glowing warmly as families return to their cosy abodes, ready to gather around for a shared meal, fills our hearts with joy.
The gentle hum of laughter and friendly conversations breathe life into the Resort, painting a picture of togetherness and bliss. We hold these moments dear to our hearts and eagerly anticipate your return for your next holiday at the gem of Mpumalanga.
Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director 
VRS      Doornkop