Greetings to you from the foot of the Mankelekele Mountain in the magnificent province of Mpumalanga. How exciting to be at the start of the Festive Season!
Mabalingwe - The Oasis Update
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There is a certain magic to this place. If Mpumalanga is known as “the place of the sun”, then Sudwala Lodge is where the magic is formed. Picture couples arriving to spend some time hand-in-hand, strolling through the gardens beneath the shade of the mountain. Families packing picnics to enjoy poolside, while children race across the green grass and splash about in the swimming pool. Friendships made while traversing the landscape on a guided hike up


Mankelekele or birding. Adventures of disappearing into the mountainside for a tour of prehistoric caves, discovering the beauty of butterflies flitting about, and exploring the unique Panorama Route, complete with breath-taking natural landscapes and incredible towns. These are all magical holiday moments that can only be experienced from your home-away-from-home: Sudwala Lodge. Journey with us now through the magic left in the wake of 2022 to-date.


Flap Neck Chameleon
This chameleon species is on the larger side of the scale, comparative to other chameleons. The Flap Neck species has a small, white crest on the throat and belly and varies in shades of green. Like many other chameleons, the Flap Neck has chromatophores which allow for colour change and, when stressed, the Flap Neck changes tone to yellow through to darkest brown. This chameleon species is named for the flap found at the base of the jaw that extends in a bright orange hue to intimidate predators.

Water Monitor

Cape Clawless Otter
Did you know? The Cape Clawless Otter can be found along the Houtbosloop River. This creature is very elusive so your best chance of spotting them is at dusk and dawn, in less habited areas. The Otter family is made up of four species that all live in marine and fresh-water bodies. The Cape Clawless Otter is so named due to its front paws not having claws or being webbed. The species adapted this way to be able to dig. Their rear paws are webbed and have three claws each.  


The Oribi is a small, elusive species that can be found throughout Mpumalanga, though is especially present at its namesake, Oribi Gorge. It is the only member of its genus, though eight subspecies exist. Both male and female Oribis reach reproductive maturity before one year of age. Males have six scent glands that mark their territory with the prime purpose of attracting females for mating season. Oribis grow to reach heights of less than a metre tall and they weigh as little as 12kgs!

Meet Sudwala's

We would love to draw your attention to the addition of two new souls at Sudwala Lodge: Johan and Madelein Jacobs!

Combined, this dynamic duo bring over 80 years of hospitality experience to the table, ranging from management, catering and operations to front of house and administration. They’ve truly lived and breathed every role across the industry and RHS is delighted to welcome them aboard at Sudwala Lodge.

Mothers Day

Johan Jacobs will be taking on the role of Resort Manager, while Madelein Jacobs takes the lead as Administrator.

Johan and Madelein’s experience in the hospitality industry will be highly valued and we believe that they will take Sudwala Chalets to new heights under their leadership. We wish them both a hearty welcome and an exciting and fulfilling career with RHS with plenty of success in their new positions.

Day in, day out and year after year Sudwala Lodge welcomes and greets hundreds of guests, so it’s no surprise that a little tender, love and care is required from time-to-time to keep your Resort in tip-top shape. Here are all the projects the Sudwala Team have been working on lately:

Interior Upgrades

Viburnum hedges at Block C have grown to allow for privacy.

Interior Upgrades

Laundromat received a new washing machine.


Water pipes between the pump house and borehole are being replaced.
In progress


Insulation plans in progress for select units.
In progress


New 6 .5 kva diesel generator installed to power the shop and take-away.


Monkey-proofing bins project.
In progress


The magic of the hospitality sector lies in forging holiday memories; when guests arrive and visibly relax and reveal a smile, when children laugh giddily as they race across the lawns to the Games Room and the cherished moments when families embrace or gather around the table to share a meal. These moments that are forged into memory add the magic to a Resort getaway. The Sudwala Team is always chasing this magic and finding ways to ensure that our guests have the best possible stay.

Mothers Day

Festive Season

Guests arrived on Christmas Eve to a flurry of Festive Season cheer and song. On Christmas morning, each chalet was woken to a surprise gift of traditional Christmas cake, and the children were invited to enjoy some arts and crafts at the Games Room with our Entertainment Team. The Suddies Team also made New Year’s special for all our guests with a bring and braai the eve of. Guests were welcomed to the pool area where we had fires to provide warmth and a spot to braai their meal, while Grotto’s provided pap & sauce, as well as salads as accompaniments. Everyone had a wonderful time and counted down to the start of 2022 together!

Mothers Day

Valentine’s Day

Each year we welcome families and couples on the most loved getaway weekend that is Valentine’s. It is always such a special occasion and this year the air was filled with cupid hearts. Reception created a colourful display where guests could check-in with refreshing beverages. We also gifted hand-decorated sugar cookie hearts to all the guests. The weekend was a testament to love as some families opted to spend quality time together exploring the Sudwala Caves, while others relaxed with a private braai at their chalets.

Mothers Day

Human Right’s Day

In celebration of all our rights a large bonfire was lit and cast a warm glow for guests, as they gathered to enjoy a bring and braai event. Guests joined in on the festivities, a slip and slide, art and crafts, and more. The scene was complete with table settings placed all around the crackling fire, as the Sudwala Team assisted everyone with braaing their meat selection. The dinner bell sounded, and we all tucked in to a delicious meal, complete with salads by Grotto’s, while chatting merrily. It was a pleasant evening and certainly wonderful to see so many enjoying one another’s company and tales.

Mothers Day


The Easter long weekend is always looked forward to as it offers families and friends the perfect opportunity to escape on a well-deserved break. The air was electric this Easter long weekend as guests arrived at check-in and enjoyed scrumptious boerewors rolls and refreshments. As the weekend unfolded, guests received complimentary biscuits, joined us for a rainy Easter egg hunt and took part in some Piñata fun! While the clouds burst with warm summer rain, the fun was certainly not ruined and we’re almost certain to have heard some raincoat clad guests humming, “singing in the rain”; we certainly were!

The Sudwala Team certainly is mad about caves, and it is such a privilege for us to be just a stone’s throw away from such an incredible cave system! If you haven’t already, we highly recommend checking out the Sudwala Caves and joining their knowledgeable team on a guided tour. Guests can also opt for the full tour which ends in the crystal cave to see natural aragonite structures!

Did you know?

Interior Upgrades

The oldest known cave system in the world is that of the Jenolan Caves, found in Australia; they are approximately 340 million years old! By comparison, the Sudwala Cave system is 240 million years old.

Interior Upgrades

The Mammoth Cave system, found in America, is the longest known cave system, expanding the length of 644km of explored territory. The Sudwala Caves span only 30kms!

Interior Upgrades

Depending on the region, cave structures can be made up of any combination of stone. Sudwala was formed by natural acids that cut through the dolomite and sandstone that is naturally present in this biome.

Interior Upgrades

Approximately 10 000 B.C., known as the Paleolithic period, is when humans are first believed to have lived in caves. Often they would live in the mouth’s of caves and conduct ceremonies in the interiors, or take shelter from the weather.

Interior Upgrades

It warms our hearts to know that guests appreciate the efforts the Sudwala Team puts into creating the environment for everlasting holiday memories. We thank every guest for their feedback, compliments, and comments to guide us in ensuring that Sudwala Lodge remains a favourite holiday destination. Here’s the latest in thoughtful notes:


“The Housekeeping ladies attending to 201 were one of the biggest highlights of my stay. They were so super that my daughter, of five years, just kept interacting and helping (not that she did anything, but was trying to help). THE BEST STAY I HAVE EVER HAD. Thank you Sudwala for hands down the best stay and experience we have ever had on any of our holiday adventures.”



“Truly: were exceptionally kind, friendly and professional. I must compliment all staff. I have visited many Resorts and lodges and I must say with absolute confidence that Sudwala Lodge tops them all. Thank you for a great time with you guys. May you all be blessed.”


“The team working at Sudwala gave us the week to cherish and hold all future vacations to. The staff in all sectors were helpful, warm, friendly, resourceful, active, and just the best. The team truly makes you feel that the world revolves around you and your family. Thank you Sudwala. We WILL be back soon.”



“Amazing stay, beautiful location, and incredibly friendly staff. I enjoyed my stay at the Resort. It was peaceful, quiet, and relaxing and the scenery is breath-taking. I will definitely return and bring friends and family along.”


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Interior Upgrades
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Interior Upgrades
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Important Notices

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We would like to remind our valued Shareholders to kindly check and sign off on inventories upon arrival at your home-away-from-home unit. An inventory list is available in your unit; any discrepancies must please be reported at Reception.
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In Closing...

In every moment shared between family members, friends or new acquaintances, there is magic. It settles, like dust, all around us and stirs in fondness when we remember a time that made us feel happy and safe. We hope that you cherish the magic Sudwala Lodge adds to your lives and that you will always return to this very


special place. Gather more of this magic dust and fill the chapters of your life with the wondrous adventures that can only be experienced in Mpumalanga. Fill the pages that your family shares with holiday moments to last a lifetime. We look forward to your return to “the place of the sun”. Until next time!

Warm Regards