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It’s in the sight of the sun setting on the horizon across the Crocodile River, as the herd of elephant slowly amble back into the embrace of the foliage. It’s in the sound of a nearby pod of hippos grunting as darkness swallows the Kruger and the first jackals howl into the cool night air. It’s in the feeling of relaxation, as the weight of city life is lifted from your shoulders. It’s in the scent of fragrant wood, crackling in the hearth on the patio, in preparation for the


evening’s meal. Each sense synchronising to set your soul into holiday mode, for a week of well-deserved rest and rejuvenation. Something only the South African bushveld can achieve. These moments, and so many others, are why the Ngwenya Team continues to strive for greatness in the hospitality sector. To share this incredible place with so many guests and valued Shareholders is an absolute blessing. Here’s us, sharing more moments with you:


While Tropical Cyclone Batsirai made landfall and heavily impacted Madagascar in February, Ngwenya felt the ripple effects of the storm as the Crocodile River swelled, leading the wildlife to head deeper into the Kruger. For some weeks, the Ngwenya Team watched the full river ebb and flow, with no sight of creatures on the far embankments. Though, once the water levels dropped to normal, we were elated to spot the elephants return for a frolic in the river. Elephants can smell water from 19km’s away, and can drink up to 200 litres of water in one day. Their love of water is obvious as they spray with their trunks and dunk themselves in the Crocodile River.

Water Monitor

The story of “how the waterbuck earned its white, circled rump” comes in many shapes and sizes. One African tale tells of how a young man had whitewashed his hut and left the paint cans outside over-night. A waterbuck later came to investigate and was chased away by the man, and he hurled a paint can at the antelope, which earned the buck its marking. Another version is that a man had painted his bathroom, including the toilet seat, which a waterbuck later sat on. Regardless of where this waterbuck marking originated, we now know that the brilliant, white circle is used as a guide for young or other waterbuck to follow when the herd is startled.


Water monitors are to Ngwenya, what jam is to peanut butter; they go hand-in-hand. These larger-than-life lizards are always up to antics on the Resort and we adore their presence. Did you know that their full designation is the Nile Monitor? This creature is wide-spread through central-, Eastern, and Southern Africa; from as far as Egypt, along the river for which they are named. Nile monitors are, however, not present in the Western Cape of South Africa. This species of monitor is known for consuming crocodile eggs, hence why they are often found in the same region. Nile monitors can grow to lengths of 2 metres, making them the longest lizard found in Africa. 

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As the years pass us by, maintenance is required to ensure that your home-away-from-home is spick and span and continues to stand the test of time. Our Maintenance Team has been hard at work over the past six months with a few projects we would like to share with you:


Annual reservoir service completed.


Onsite speed bumps were painted.

ranch fencing

Ranch fencing repainted with carbolineum paint.

door handles

Chalets currently receiving new door handles.
70% completed


Ovens, hobs and cooker hoods installations in progress.
56% completed


Fridges being replaced in chalets as an ongoing project.
42% completed

steel balustrades

Steel balustrade installed at the 500’s bridge.


Carport installations in progress.
71% completed


New indemnity signage has been installed onsite.


Unit 84 gardens had a makeover.


General gardens have been treated across the Resort.

patio chairs

New patio chairs and pillows.
33% complete

From exciting projects to special deals not-to-be-missed, our aim is to fill the pages of your special newsletter with all the information you, as valued Shareholders, could possibly need to ensure you enjoy the best holiday experience when visiting your “Jewel at the Kruger”: Ngwenya Lodge.

Mothers Day

Fibre Installation

By now we're sure you're all aware that Ngwenya Lodge is getting wi-fi! The Ngwenya Team is elated to have this project well underway and we look forward to making these facilities accessible across the entire Resort. To-date the majority of the "ducting" phase has been completed and our Team will soon be commencing on these leads to the Chalets, too. Fibre ducting relates to the insulation that is being prepared underground so that the fibre cables will remain protected against the elements. The fibre installation project is on-track and the project is progressing timeously.

Mothers Day

Le Fera Restaurant

Le Fera Restaurant is bringing the heat (and heaps of flavour) in the form of a range of delectable Daily Specials! Pop in on Friday nights to sample juicy burgers on our “buy one get one free” promotion or visit Le Fera for their famous buffets! Keep an eye on Ngwenya’s Facebook page or Website to plan your dining experiences. Or, simply view their daily specials here.

Mothers Day

Mbali Day Spa

The spa of our dreams… Mbali Day Spa offers a wide range of massages and treatments to help you relax and unwind, so you can fully immerse yourself in the holiday spirit. Each month, Mbali offers a special to Ngwenya visitors, so everyone can have the opportunity for total relaxation. Keep tabs on the Ngwenya’s Facebook page or visit the Ngwenya Website for current offers.

“During these special times of the year, take advantage of the opportunity you have to spend time with loved ones, have real conversations and enjoy authentic moments.” At Ngwenya, we are all about creating the environment for these moments of special connection between friends and family. Here are all the ways we have celebrated special holidays with our guests:


Christmas Day

Each year our guests are completely in awe of the efforts our Team put in to creating a wonderland space for Christmas. 2022 was no exception with Reception boasting a white lighting display, suspended from the roof. Guests were also offered chocolate soft-serve cups on arrival and received small, handmade gifts that were fashioned to resemble Santa Claus and his reindeer. These gifts contained sugary candy canes. Lunch was served, buffet-style, at Le Fera Restaurant, featuring familiar favourites of smoked gammon, crispy potatoes, lamb pies, traditional fruit cake and the king of Christmas: black forest trifle. It was lovely to see family and friends gathered around their tables, chatting and enjoying the meal.


Valentine’s Day

With a sprinkling of hearts and a giant Valentine’s banner, Reception was transformed to welcome guests with an outpouring of love. Naturally, the well-loved soft serve had to make an appearance and strawberry and vanilla twirls were handed to everyone on arrival. In celebration of love, each guest also received a tumbler wine glass that was filled with chocolate bonbons. Date night with Cupid was hosted by Le Fera Restaurant and guests fell head-over-heels for the set menu, while admiring the spectacular view over the Kruger. Italian bruschetta, glazed pork chops, spinach-stuffed chicken Kiev and desserts of strawberry tiramisu and lemony trifle made their way from the Le Fera Kitchen Team’s hearts to guest’s plates; the perfect meal to end off a sublime day at Ngwenya.


Easter Weekend

Guests were delighted with pastels in celebration of the Easter long weekend. Reception was adorned in all manner of Easter bunnies and eggs, treats of cool soft-serve and speckled-egg cupcakes were gobbled up joyously, while laughter could be heard across the Resort due to our Entertainment Team’s family-friendly activities. After a morning filled with Easter egg hunts and other activities, families spilled through the doors at Le Fera for Sunday lunch. A delectable plated meal of mini quiches, soup, lamb potjie and Easter treats made for a delectable meal. Easter is such a special time and we are always delighted to see so many families spending quality time together.


Mother’s Day

Reception was a welcoming scene on Mother's Day, featuring colourful bunting, floral arrangements and Chinese lanterns overhead. Every mom was gifted with a handmade wooden coaster, engraved with thoughtful messages. Mbali Day Spa put together a lovely display of gift ideas for every special mother, while Le Fera Restaurant ushered families through their doors for a delectable lunch. From tartlets and quiches to chicken Gordon Bleu and Mousaka; the savoury dishes were divine, but the red velvet trifle and cheesecake certainly stole the show! Lunch was a smashing hit and it was great to see everyone spoil their moms, as they so deserve.

We would love to take a moment to welcome, and show some appreciation to, a few Team Members. We wish you all the best in your roles and know you’ll make a wonderful addition to the Ngwenya family!

Le Fera Restaurant awnings

Phumzile Zuma
Games Room Attendant

Phumzile joined the Ngwenya Team in January and has been delighting guests with her warm demeanour ever since. Phumzile loves spending time with her family and her hobbies include reading, cooking and playing tennis. You can find her in Reception on check-in days, offering guests soft-serve cups!

Hippo Bend Chalet

Gugulethu Nkambule

Gugulethu loves interacting with guests and colleagues, alike. Gugulethu loves playing hockey, reading and cooking. She is also fluent in three languages: English, Syswati and Afrikaans. Gugulethu originally joined the family in January as the radio operator but has since moved to the Front Desk Team.

Hippo Bend Chalet

Zandile Khoza

Zandile is a familiar face to many and has been part of the family since 2009, when she initially joined the Housekeeping Team. In October of last year, Zandile decided to make a change and began improving her computer skills, all while being a mom to three! We’re delighted that she has joined the Front Desk Team and wish her well on her new journey.

Through everything we do, our main priority is “creating an environment for everlasting holiday memories” for our guests. There are so many ways our dedicated Team commits to this shared vision, from celebrating special holidays to refurbishments we know you will cherish. We simply wish to thank every guest and valued Shareholder for their appreciation of these efforts.

“I am losing count of the number of times that we have stayed at Ngwenya. To sit on a deck overlooking the Kruger National Park and watch the elephants playing in the river, along with the rest of the game, is always a pleasure. The nearness of the Park for day trips is also fantastic.”

A Tribute to Elephants

“REALLY nice week away at Ngwenya. Great accommodation, great views and lots of amenities to keep the whole family busy. Good service, friendly staff and clean facilities. A definite place to go if you want the experience of a holiday Resort, wrapped in a beautiful bushveld setting close to nature. Would love to return!”

A Tribute to Elephants

“Spent a week there in mid-Jan, 2022. Excellent choice; it was very relaxing and only 8km from the Crocodile Bridge entrance to the Kruger National Park. The facilities are well-maintained, clean and comfortable. There are viewing places overlooking the Crocodile River into the Park, too. The staff are friendly and helpful. I truly enjoyed the security staff at the entrance; they were so entertaining. I will recommend to anyone that wants a relaxing stay to try Ngwenya Lodge.”


“Lovely Resort with friendly and professional staff. Great place to just relax, with the Kruger National Park close by for regular game drives - highly recommended. The River offers great views with a large variety of birds. All-in-all, a great holiday venue.”

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In Closing

A new day is dawning on you now… chasing away the shadows; issuing warning for nocturnal creatures to return to their burrows. The cool morning air carrying the clean scent of the bush through your doors. A morning cup of coffee placed into your hands as the patio invites you to take in the splendour of your surrounds; whether that is the quiet along a dam, the greenery of the bush, or the beauty of the River. Across the River, wilderness stirs to life.


Antelope make their way onto the floodplains, accompanied by gliding herons. Blue African skies overhead signal the start of a glorious day at your “Jewel at the Kruger”. The choice is yours: lazing poolside, a game drive, dining at Le Fera, a stroll through the gardens – endless opportunities. We hope that however you may wish to spend your days; you will continue to choose Ngwenya Lodge. Until next time!

Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director