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When you consider the extent to which we are shaped by our experiences: the accumulation of memories made, places visited, and moments shared; one begins to realise just how valuable opportunities for positive experiences are – especially opportunities for shared experiences with our loved ones. Life is challenging, now more than ever, and it is critical that families set aside planned time outside of the day-to-day routine to unwind and have fun. The demands of our jobs mean we sacrifice a lot, including time with our children, or our grandchildren, and time with our husbands, wives,


and friends. While we may not always be able to control the amount of time we spend with our families, we can control the quality of that time. And that is why we look forward to and celebrate your return, each year, for your quality time away together here at Mount Amanzi; and why we strive to ensure that every person in your party can enjoy loads of wonderful experiences during your stay. Until the next time we wave you through the gate, let us catch you up on what’s being happening here at your holiday home-away-from-home.

Meet our Resident Black Swans
Black Swans

Did you know that there are black swans at Mount Amanzi? Black swans have the longest necks of any swan species and their wingspan can reach two metres. A group of black swans is known as a “bank”, but are called a “wedge” when inflight. Interestingly, black swans only paddle with one foot; they tuck the other above their tails. In general, it is not good for any bird species to ingest bread, as bread takes a long time to digest (if at all) and can encourage the growth of bacteria in their guts. So while we ask that guests not feed our swans bread, you are welcome to chat to the onsite team about their favourite, and healthy, snacks.

The Many Trees of Mount Amanzi

Mount Amanzi is blessed to have such an incredible, natural setting along the Crocodile River. The lush, green gardens that surround the Chalets and towering trees that provide shade from the summer sun make for a relaxing retreat. Did you know that Mount Amanzi offers a guided tree tour? The tour starts onsite, identifying and discussing the wonders of the various species found dotting the landscape, before strolling over the river to take a look at some other indigenous species. Download our tree list here , to learn more about the many trees of Mount Amanzi. Guests are advised that Guided Tree Tours must be booked in advance.

Each year the Mount Amanzi Team identifies areas that require a little TLC to restore your home-away-from-home to Mount “Amazing”. From refreshing touch-ups to new ventures, each project is carried out with care.


Dikbas 5 sleeper Chalet refurbishments completed:


Geysers were moved to outside of units and covered.


Installed new aluminium windows and doors.


Installed new air-cons.


Erected parking barriers at Dikbas camp.


Dikbas Stair project (tiling and building) completed.


Loft room floors have been laminated.


Chalets received new cupboards.


Chalets received new headboards.


Other Resort refurbishments completed:


Dams cleared of excess algae and overgrowth.


Mini Market received a deep clean and new shelving.


Multi-court received new astro-turf.


Repainted Resort parking designations.


Pool table felt reupholstered.


Tennis court repainted.


A wall was erected at the entrance.


A stray cat programme has been developed and involves a spay plan.


Outdoor showers were resealed and received new shower heads.


Mount “Amazing” holds a special place in so many people’s lives. People who appreciate the value of quality family time. People who relish relaxing in stunning surrounds. People who will cherish the moments they create here, for the rest of their lives. With this in mind, the Mount Amanzi Team continues to create special moments in celebration of these good times.



The Mount Amanzi Team picked up the festive season spirit by dressing up in red and adorning Santa hats, while a private owner decorated their vehicle and handed out sweetie packets to all the children. Reception erected a Christmas tree with tinsel and twinkling lights. Old Kitchen Restaurant served a delectable Christmas breakfast, as well as Christmas lunch, so all our guests could join in on the festivities.

New Years

New Year’s

Old Kitchen Restaurant hosted a bring and braai event to ring in the New Year at Neslapa – the ideal location for a fun-filled evening. Guests were pleasantly surprised with the live entertainment and joyously sang and danced along to old classics and new age sound. John, the Mascot, also joined in on the New Year celebrations, keeping the kids entertained with dance and games.



Our hearts yelled “heehaw” and so the Mount Amanzi Team decorated the Resort to reflect a Country Western theme. Neslapa was made up with all manner of cowboy gear and couple’s eagerly arrived to enjoy the show while nibbling on delicious platters, served by our cow- boy and girl waiters. The Entertainment Team also joined in to host a quiz: How well do you know your partner?



Mount “Amazing” is all about creating holiday fun, and Easter is the opportune moment to do just that! Guests were welcomed warmly over the long weekend with fantastical décor and Easter-themed treats to enjoy. The Entertainment Team quickly took over to bring outdoor family fun to the forefront of our celebrations, handing out marshmallow eggs to all our guests and crafting an egg-citing Easter egg hunt. Kiddies squealed with delight at finding hidden treasures all across the Resort gardens, while parents gathered for friendly chats in the warm sun. After the excitement of the morning, everyone ventured to Old Kitchen, where a delicious buffet-style lunch was served. All-in-all, some wonderful holiday memories were made!


Other Fun Holidays

There are so many holiday moments that warm our hearts, whether during a public holiday long weekend, school holiday or sweet midweek stay! The kids thoroughly enjoy laser tag and can be heard laughing excitedly over on the soccer field. Our guests spotted a few crocodiles on the riverbank, lazing in the sun. We not only hosted a pancake baking competition, but a fishing competition, too. And, so much more!

The Mount Amanzi family is ever-evolving. Some team member’s chapters close and we wave them off in high spirits on their new journeys, while new team members arrive full of positivity and great vibes. Take a moment and say “hi” to the new additions to the Mount Amanzi family!

Sister Phiri

Sister Phiri
Front Office Manager
Started: March 2022

Le-Roy Viljoen

Le-Roy Viljoen
Operations Manager
Started: October 2021

Zanilia Pienaar

Zanilia Pienaar
Started: October 2021

Angelique Ashton

Angelique Ashton
Housekeeping HOD
Started: May 2022

Under New (Onsite) Management

First and foremost, we would love to give a round of applause to Zelda Garzouzie for her dedication as acting Resort Manager at Mount Amanzi for the past while. Many of you might not know but Zelda is an integral part of the VRS Head Office Team. So, while we have truly valued her input and appreciated her guidance, we’re excited for her to be returning to her Head Office role. Thank you, Zelda!

Warren Wilskut

And with that, we welcome Johan and Cecilia Saunders as the new Resort Management Team. Johan and Cecilia have local, and international, hospitality experience, as well as experience in the finance and IT sector. Their passion for hospitality and great customer service is evident in all they do. This power couple have worked with VRS for many years and have moved to Mount Amanzi following a successful period at one of VRS’s sister Resorts. Johan takes the reins as Resort Manager and Cecilia steps in as Assistant Resort Manager.

With fresh perspective and a much-loved Resort under their wings, we know this exciting new Team will take Mount Amanzi onwards and upwards. We wish you much success in your new roles and many blessings for the Resort and its guests, and valued Shareholders!

Warren Wilskut

We would also like to share a round of applause for Warren Wilskut!
Warren serves as part of the Reception Team and has been receiving many compliments regarding his friendly demeanour, excellent customer service and enthusiasm.

We appreciate you, Warren!

It warms our hearts to know that Mount Amanzi continues to bring smiles, joy and fun holiday times for our guests and valued Shareholders. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve recently received:


An amazing child-friendly and family-oriented place. The warm indoor pool is lovely and tranquil, especially if you take an evening swim. We loved the entertainment at the main pool (if you’re looking for a lekker vibe). The cold pool near the black swans was refreshing and quieter. The games room does not only cater for kids but for adults, too, where you can play karrem board, giant snakes and ladders and giant Jenga. The jumping pillow is also a treat...The rooms are clean and cosy and staff are friendly and attentive.



Nicest place to relax ... excellent service and surely the Resort with the friendliest staff! Thank you Mount Amanzi; we will definitely come again!



It was a truly amazing holiday met with tranquil surroundings and friendly staff. We enjoyed our stay to the fullest. Will definitely return!


Loved our accommodation; very private and quiet, but still within easy walking distance from all the onsite amenities. There were so many things to keep our little one (age 5) entertained - playgrounds, swimming pools, trampolines, oversized game boards, unexpected wildlife encounters - we had a blast!



Awesome Resort with lots to do in and around. Nature all around. Well-kept self-catering units with great service.



Very good for kids. There are tons of activities to keep them busy. COVID-19 protocols well observed.”

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Important Notices
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We would like to remind our valued Shareholders to kindly check and sign off on inventories upon arrival at your home-away-from-home unit. An inventory list is available in your unit; any discrepancies must please be reported at Reception.

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In Closing...

As evening descends on another beautiful, crisp day at Mount Amanzi, we pause and count our blessings at being able to share these precious holiday memories with you, our valued Shareholders. It is always wonderful to see the Chalets light up as families migrate back to


their cosy spots and light the outdoor fires in preparation of sharing a meal together; to hear the soft chatter and laughter brings the Resort to life. We cherish these moments and look forward to welcoming you back for your next Mount “Amazing” experience.

Warm Regards,

Marjorie Forssman
RCI Silver Crown