In retrospect, while the year 2021 may still have been gleaned by the hardships of COVID-19...
Little Eden - Little Tales
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If the first half of 2022 at Little Eden were a song, it would be a symphony of wind and water flowing through the ravine, birds chirping, children laughing and parents releasing sighs of relaxation. This ‘Little’ gem has allowed visitors and staff alike to create plenty of beautiful memories while the surrounding


beauty inspires them to connect with the beauty within themselves. The last six months have been an abundance of all things wonderful and exciting and we would like to give you a mid-year round-up of all the Little Tales of Little Eden.

Interior Upgrades

Coqui francolins
You would have likely been greeted by this cheeky little bird on your chalet patio, scavenging for a tasty morsel. The Coqui francolin is considered the most widespread and the smallest francolin in Africa, yet has a very bold call with a series of cackling notes. They are generally not good flyers. Their chubby bodies and short and round wings are not best suited for flying. Instead, they mostly prefer to walk and run.

Interior Upgrades

These cute creatures are nocturnal, so look out for them in the early mornings or late afternoons when they come out to catch bugs. During their nightly foraging, they can wander over 4-5 km which is impressive considering their tiny legs.
Hedgehogs are solitary creatures and will stay with their mothers for only four to seven weeks before they venture out and spend their entire lives alone until it is time to pair up with another hedgehog for mating.


Striped Kingfishers
These small, elegant birds are recognised by their powder-blue flight and tail features and dark eye band. Their name is misleading as this bird primarily feeds on grasshoppers and large insects.
Even though they are highly territorial, chasing other kingfishers, doves, rollers, and shrikes, they don’t build their own nests, but would rather look for abandoned woodpecker nests, and barbet holes or natural tree cavities to create a nest for their brood.

The Little Eden Team is constantly ensuring that your home-away-from-home remains in tip-top condition. Here are all the latest updates and upgrades:

Interior Upgrades

All wooden units’ couches were replaced with sectional sofas and carver chairs in Feb 2022.

Interior Upgrades

Grounds and Gardens
We invest a lot of love and care ensuring the Resort grounds look as good as can be and you’ll notice a number of new flower beds and garden nooks on your next visit. Changes are continuously being planned and new features introduced with your holiday experience and surroundings in mind.


The resort had planned preventative maintenance from June to November 2021. All wooden units were varnished on the inside and outside. The loft beds were also rearranged and railings in stone units were closed.

Interior Upgrades

Game Room
The indoor play area for the children has been upgraded and given a fresh new look. Three of the walls were plastered and one of the walls was then decorated with a hand-painted mural.  A TV was installed for the children to enjoy movies at any time of day and new equipment was brought to brighten up the room. 
A black border was painted on the wall and kids who were visiting Little Eden at the time were invited to print their hands on the wall with paint, and we continued this activity until the whole border was completed.

Interior Upgrades

Speed Point Machine and Fibre Installation
Exciting News: Little Eden now has WI-FI available for shareholders and guests to use in the recreation area! There is also a newly acquired speed point machine available at Monkey-Chum for guests to pay with a card if they prefer to do so.  The Resort fibre installation was extended  from the Reception area to the Recreation area to accommodate this service.


Septic Tanks 2021
The Resort Team undertook an extensive project in regards to the installation of new septic tanks In 2021. Fifteen new concrete tanks, with three overflows, were built at the units. This project was completed in mid-December 2021.

At Little Eden, we believe that life is too short not to celebrate special moments – regardless of how big or small they may be. The Resort Team continued to ensure that each moment held a surprise during these good times:


Christmas 2021

Each Christmas at Little Eden is filled with the festive spirit and last year was no different. We did our very best to make each gift for our guests special and handed out handmade wooden door stoppers, decorated as Santa. The children also had an opportunity to make Christmas cards and write letters to Santa.

On Christmas day we asked all the parents to bring their children’s gifts to the recreation area where Santa handed out the presents to them.


Valentine’s Day

The Resort brought all the romantic feels this Valentine’s Day by decorating the reception with red and white balloons and the Little Eden Team decided to show some love to our guests with delicious homemade cookies which were decorated by the staff.



Easter weekend was an absolute treat. The Little Eden Team decorated glass jars and filled them with Easter eggs and gifted them to the guests. It was laughter and cheers all around the Resort on Saturday when we held an Easter egg hunt for all the children.


Mother's Day

Moms make the world go ‘round and the Team made sure that all the moms at the Resort felt appreciated on their special day. We gifted all our moms with a candle in an adorable wooden holder which they received at check-in. The Kiosk also had a breakfast special for all the moms to be spoiled for the day.

It warms our hearts to know that Little Eden continues to be the ideal location for our guests to relax in pure tranquillity. We are grateful for the feedback and compliments that our guests share with us. Here are some thoughtful notes we’ve recently received:

“Tando, who welcomed us with pancakes on Friday and then took me to the waterfall, was exceptionally pleasant as was Rene at reception. However, all the staff was fantastic, friendly, polite and very obliging. Absolutely amazing! Really enjoyed the fact there were no monkeys, baboons, or pests in the unit. Lovely to see the zebras. Stunning pool!”
GeustRevu Mar 2022

“Not my first time here... Little Eden is honestly a hidden gem and only an hour away from JHB. Such a beautiful place with the most amazing views! The staff is INCREDIBLE and super friendly, especially Ntando. She is the BEST! Always so happy and so helpful! The kids adore her too! Thank you! :) Also, the chalets are very spacious and clean. The pools are great and there is lots to do for the kiddies! My daughter (8 Years old) absolutely loved every second of our little weekend getaway! Will definitely be back! Thank you again!”
Google Mar 2022


“All the staff was very friendly - Renè, Dorreen, Blessing, Darling, and the young girl who entertained the young kids in the playroom. We also met Abram. It is really difficult to put anyone above the other. All of them were friendly, kind, and helpful. The guy who cleaned the braais every day was really doing a good and much-appreciated job. We found the atmosphere and surroundings peaceful which was just what we needed. The 2 small kids absolutely loved the swimming pool area (and the ice cream and toys that the Kiosk had to offer!)… We loved the beautiful, peaceful surroundings. The view from the lookout is breathtakingly beautiful.”
GeustRevu Mar 2022

“The kiosk surprises us during every visit ......
the menu expands, dishes are of high quality with reasonable rates, variety of toys also with reasonable prices, Wi-Fi a great addition! An excellent resort and quality accommodation expertly managed with friendly staff! WE appreciate the management and staff's dedication and hard work to keep Little Eden at a high standard. Thank you very much!”
GuestRevu Jan 2022

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In Closing...

As we make it past the halfway mark and think back to the bright smiles and cheerful laughter of those who have visited us already this year, we are reminded of a quote by Helen Keller that says, “What a joy it is to feel the soft, springy earth under my feet once more, to follow grassy roads that lead to ferny brooks where I can bathe my fingers in a cataract of rippling notes, or to clamber over a stone wall into green fields that tumble and roll and climb in riotous gladness!” This is what Little Eden is all about. Our number one priority


is for our guests to feel that Little Eden is their holiday haven. We would like to thank the Little Eden Team for being vigilantly dedicated to providing our Shareholders and guests with the perfect memorable escape. We also want to thank you, our valued Shareholders, for your continued support, encouragement, and trust. We look forward to welcoming you back to your tranquil home-away-from-home on your next visit!

Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman