Before we get wrapped up in our plans for the next half of 2022, we would like to share the latest news from Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve with you.
Mabalingwe - The Oasis Update
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It’s a scene we’ve seen more than one thousand times, but our hearts will always overflow with more than one thousand flutters of gratitude and appreciation. It’s the moment when we peer out of the Reception doors to see a trail of dust circling behind a guest’s vehicle, as they round the final corner, pass the WELKOM sign and park alongside guests who have arrived before them. It’s the giddiness that spills from their cars as they step out and stretch their legs from the long drive and their faces soften into an unspoken truth, “completely worth the drive.” It’s the excitement in our chests, as guests burst into holiday


smiles and check-in at the front desk before making their way to their beloved home-away-from-home. It’s in the sigh of relief when stepping across the threshold of a beloved chalet that hasn’t been seen in a while; the breath of relaxation as they flop onto their beds; the look of awe when they light the braai or join us at the Boma for that first look up at the stars at Kagga Kamma. What feelings indeed, and how incredibly pleased we are to share these feelings with you. We hope this news brings a sense of nostalgia for Kagga Kamma …


Courtesy of Guide Ryno

Did you know? Antelope species that live in more arid regions sometimes partake in a habit called ‘Osteophagia’. This is the practise of chewing on the bones of other deceased species to ingest more phosphates. Phosphates are the crucial building blocks in the development of healthy and strong bones and a shortage thereof can lead to a number of physiological side effects, especially in the reproductive system. Guide Ryno caught this Gemsbok partaking in osteophagia on a Guided Nature Drive recently.
View the video here.


Southern Rock Agama

{Least Concern}
Courtesy of Chantelle

We’ve previously highlighted the beauty of a brilliantly blue Southern Rock Agama male, during mating season. This photo is of a female! Females are more shy than males, but hold their own territory. A male’s territory will overlap with several female’s spaces for breeding. This Agama will produce two clutches in a 12-month cycle of 7 to 18 eggs. She digs shallow holes in the moist soil near her rock outcrops where the eggs will be guarded for up-to three months before hatching.


Cape Mountain Zebra

Courtesy of Guide Zahn

We celebrate all signs of life and rebirth on the Nature Reserve, though there is something adorable about antelope and equine offspring; on four gangly, very long legs. This species of Zebra forms smaller herds and is the smallest of the three species. The Cape Mountain Zebra was hunted to near-extinction in the mid-1900’s but has since flourished. Breeding and courtship between a pair lasts for two days, while the gestation period lasts 13 months. From the age of one month old the foal becomes more independent, and at the age of six months their bodies change from dark brown to black.

– an addition to the Nature Guide Team!

Jacques has been working in the guiding industry for 11 years and we are beyond elated at having him join the Kagga Kamma Team with his incredible experience and dedication to conservation. Jacques has a particular passion for reptiles and has a vast knowledge on snakes and smaller species, as well. Be sure to say hi, when next visiting us, and chat to him about any wildlife queries you may have!

We would love to take a moment to reflect on our Team’s hard work and incredible efforts over the past season and to congratulate a few team members who have recently taken on new roles. Congratulations Team!

Interior Upgrades
Juanita Griebelaar

Most notably loved for her positive energy, Juanita has been a part of the Kagga Kamma Team for four years and was recently promoted to Head Waiter.

Interior Upgrades
Marchillino Ambraal

Marchillino recently became our Assistant Events Co-ordinator after showcasing his passion for special occasions with memorable moments and a keen eye for detail.

Chantal Jansen

Many guests will remember Chantal’s bright smile and happy demeanour, having met her at the Front Desk. She has since been promoted to Front of House HOD.

Take a peek at the updates the Kagga Kamma Team have been up to at your home-away-from-home. Every project completed and handmade special touch further adds to the incredible experience of journeying to Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve.

Interior Upgrades

Updated Braai Areas at all Chalets

Interior Upgrades

Construction of Tables and Chairs for Events

Interior Upgrades

4x4 Route and Campsite Signage

Interior Upgrades

Life Size Noughts & Crosses and Dominoes Sets Crafted

Celebrations for a Lifetime of Memories

Each year the Kagga Kamma Team is filled with amazement at the sight of couples, families and friends experiencing the Nature Reserve in all its glory. We adore the special moments shared and even more so, being a part of those memories. Here are some of the many special occasions we have forged into memory recently:

Mothers Day

Christmas Day

The singsong cheer of Christmas lingers in our minds long after the holiday season has ceased. 2021 is no exception to this rule. Kagga Kamma welcomed the festive season with décor that always melds the holiday spirit with the Cederberg region in such a beautiful way. Next, guests were excited to join in on the many festivities, including: guided hikes, drumba sessions and rock-art painting classes. Early on Christmas morning, with a sprinkle of Kalahari sand instead of snow, Santa Claus arrived. The children delighted at his presence and everyone’s’ mornings began with laughter and cheer. As always, the scent of Christmas meals and tantalising Kagga Kamma charm reined in guests as they wandered from their Chalets and Suites to join us at the Boma for what is always a delectable meal.

Mothers Day

New Year’s Celebrations

Shortly after Christmas, New Year’s Eve approached. In preparation of ringing in the New Year, the Kagga Kamma Team traded out the red and green notes of Christmas in favour of black and gold décor. The Restaurant Team dazzled us with, first, their edible gifts of biscuits and cake pops and, then, with a delicious dinner on New Year’s Eve under the twinkling Milky Way. Sparklers are rarely needed given the beauty of our night skies. With elation, the Kagga Kamma Team and guests of the Lodge popped bubbly to celebrate the start of the New Year and sent their wishes to the stars for a positive and wonderful 2022.

Mothers Day

Valentine’s Day

“Actions speak louder than words” and the Team at Kagga Kamma hold this saying in high regard, especially when it comes to matters of the heart (as ‘romance’ is something that is near and dear to us). Valentine’s weekend saw a number of romantic touchpoints at the Lodge: guests were ‘wow-ed’ by the delicious cookies and beautiful keyrings gifted to them, loved the sight of swan-shaped towels in their Suites and adored our Team’s red attire. F&B Manager, Lorrensia, and Chef, Jaydene, sent a flurry of decorated cakes and treats through the Restaurant doors, while Marchilino, from our Events Team, saw to stunning floral arrangements and special décor. Guests savoured every moment of the Valentine’s dinner, as well as our Sundowner Tour, which featured sparkling wine and a pastel pink sunset to end the day.

Mothers Day

Easter Weekend

In our hearts we know that adults get just as excited for Easter as children do! Check-in prior to Easter Sunday was a hum of chatter and excitement as guests arrived and immediately sank into the comfort of that holiday feeling. Everyone was welcomed with refreshments of pastel cupcakes and cake pops, refreshing juice and Kagga Kamma’s warmth. Naturally, the Restaurant Team prepared a lip-smackingly-good meal for Sunday lunch, and our guests had such fun with the Team over the course of the weekend with our many family-friendly activities. Easter has become such a loved occasion at Kagga Kamma that our Team had to expand our Restaurant reservations onto the lawn alongside the Terrace. We are always so appreciative of our guests’ support.

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day

Celebrating the role models in our lives, and the value they add to them, is never "work"; Mother's Day certainly is not! Every year we take the time to host a special day just for mom, and 2022 was definitely extra special. Moms, and families, were welcomed to the Lodge with hand-painted sugar cookies and sweet vanilla cupcakes, while a "Happy Mother's Day" banner called at the refreshment's station. Guests were welcomed into the boma for a decadent four-course dinner. The Restaurant Team truly outdid themselves with stunning plates of fettuccini twirls and hearty lamb, as well as dreamy cheesecake and warm malva. Families could also spoil mom with special Kagga Kamma gifts, including spa treats and wine tastings. Our favourite moment of the whole weekend was, however, families spending quality time together and enjoying the numerous activities we had planned.

The year 2022 has been a wonderful journey and Kagga Kamma is blessed to enjoy many privileges in the form of exciting projects and services that further establish our “environment for creating everlasting holiday memories”.

Mothers Day

Solar Energy System

Prior to 2012, the commercial owners expressed their wishes to make Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve completely eco-friendly. This led to the installation of a Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic Solution, which has since been converting solar into usable electricity for the Lodge’s consumption, resulting in Kagga Kamma being completely off-grid. The decision has again been reached to modernise Kagga Kamma’s electricity supply as the old system has become dated and inefficient. With this in mind, the Kagga Kamma Team is elated to announce that we have embarked on a new Solar Hybrid Project, which is expected to be completed and operational by mid-August 2022. The advancements that have been made over the past 10 years mean that the new system will improve on the current electricity production output. This is an exciting project and everyone at Kagga Kamma is "ex-static" over these new developments!

Mothers Day

Keeping House at Kagga Kamma

Ensuring each touchpoint of our guests’ experience is nothing short of perfect is the Kagga Kamma Team’s aim, and the Housekeeping Team takes no exception to this rule. Every day the Team caringly attends to each unit, maintaining our own cleanliness protocols, as well as those pertaining to COVID-19. These efforts are continually being maintained and we appreciate our Housekeeping Team’s dedication to this task.

Mothers Day

Catering for Special Occasions

Making our guests’ stays special and meaningful is at the heart of what we do at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. Shareholders and guests are welcome to get in touch with the Lodge directly, should they require our services for catering, cake creations or the organising of a special event. Head Chef, Liesel Jacobs, and Chef Jaydene (pictured), under the direction of F&B Manager, Lorrensia, adore creating delicious meals and beautifully-decorated cakes in celebration of birthdays, anniversaries and any other special milestone.
Email us at:

For hundreds of years humans have made use of herbs and plants to enhance their food, or benefit medicinally. The region of the Cederberg is no different and we owe these unique flavour finds to the Khoi and San of our past. Bring the unique taste of Kagga Kamma, and the Cederberg, home with you, with these fynbos-inspired recipes:

Buchu Shortbread

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Fynbos-Infused Venison Ravioli

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Fynbos Honeycomb

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In Closing...
While our happiest memories are those of our guests arriving and enjoying their time in the Cederberg with us, our saddest memories are of seeing guests clamber back into their vehicles and waving goodbye as their taillights disappear towards the main gates once more. It’s bittersweet to see each guest leave as, in our hearts, we know that they have thoroughly enjoyed every waking moment on the Nature Reserve, but their time will always
come to go home again. The tell-tale signs are all too clear of a holiday well-spent: broad, smiling faces; tension that has melted away; everlasting holiday memories that morph into storytelling. This is our dream for every guest and we look forward to guest’s arrivals each week, as we start the process of forging these memories for them, all over again.
Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director 
Kagga Kamma