The sun rises slowly from behind the hills, casting the shadows away and illuminating the dewy countryside.
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Mabalingwe - The Oasis Update
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It’s in the way children laugh with giddiness, while chasing one another across the lawns. It’s in the tender squeeze of a hand between couples, as they take in the incredible Mpumalanga countryside in a moment of peace. It’s in the way friends share stories around the glow of a crackling fire, animated and engaged. It’s in a father teaching his son how to fish and his daughter how to ride a bike. It’s in the way a


grandparent cuddles their grandchildren and spoils them with holiday treats. These are the moments, we at Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve, live for; moments which build on relationships and forge precious memories. We would love for you to join us in reading this newsletter, filled to the brim with more holiday moments, from your beloved home-away-from-home.

Secretary Bird | Sekretarisvoël
Secretary Bird | Sekretarisvoël

Secretary Birds have been dubbed the “weirdest” bird species in Africa, due to their eagle-shaped head and long, stork-like legs. Scientists have studied the way this species eats to better understand how prehistoric flightless predators (called “terror birds”) most likely hunted. Secretary Birds will stomp on their prey before swallowing it whole.

Cape Vulture | Kransaasvoël
Cape Vulture | Kransaasvoël

Vultures, in general, have been referred to as the “ugliest” birds due to their bald heads and gangly necks, but did you know that they evolved this way to maintain cleanliness from feeding within the cavities of carcasses? Cape Vultures are the only type of Vultures who live in large colonies, and it is estimated that there are only six big breeding colonies left.

Peregrine Falcon | Swerfvalk
Peregrine Falcon | Swerfvalk

The Peregrine Falcon can fly at speeds of up-to 95km per hour, but dive at speeds of up-to 320km per hour – making it the world’s fastest animal. This species neared extinction due to pesticides, such as DDT, which caused the shells of the bird’s eggs to be thin. This meant that many eggs did not reach maturity, due to their frail shells.

Malachite Sunbird | Jangroentjie
Malachite Sunbird | Jangroentjie

Malachite Sunbirds are monogamous; they mate for life. The easiest distinction between male and female Malachites is by examination of the tail. A male’s tail feather can span 25cm, while a female’s only spans 15cm. During the breeding season a male’s upper body turns metallic green with brilliant yellow pectoral segments.

Fork-Tailed Drongo | Miksterbyevanger
Fork-Tailed Drongo | Miksterbyevanger

Referred to as the “trickster”, Fork-Tailed Drongo’s have the innate ability to mimic other wildlife’s calls. Drongo’s often perch near meerkats or mongooses, and will wait for them to catch prey, before sounding the relevant alarm call. The critters will scatter to get back to their burrows and the Drongo collects the prey as its prize.

bird list
The Birds of Doornkop

Download the Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve Birdlist.

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The Doornkop Team remains dedicated to providing guests with the best possible holiday experience. From basic maintenance and repairs to small, special touches – each addition or improvement made to the Resort is all in service to you, our valued Shareholders.


Handmade, wooden welcome sign added to Reception.


New kitchen counter-tops installed in all Share Block Chalets.


Wheelchair ramp erected at Chalet 24.


Share Block fire equipment was serviced and visibility signage erected.


Games Room received new tables and chairs, building blocks and plastic balls.


Swimming pool received new pool lounger cushions.


All curtains were


Inventory lists and emergency contacts were added to all Share Block Chalets.


Gardens were prepped for winter and pots were painted.


Curio was stocked up for the winter season.


All tiles in the Share Block Chalets will be reviewed, and where repairs/replacements are required, same will be attended to as a future project, budget permitting.


Laughter. Love. Light. These are the three things that come to mind when we give thought to holidays spent at Doornkop. Laughter shared with friends and family in comfortable Chalets. Love for one another and the incredible surrounds. Light that lifts our moods and recharges our souls. Here are a few of the ways we’ve brightened our guest’s stays recently:

Mothers Day

December Rainy Season

During December of 2021, Doornkop experienced high rainfall, which caused severe flooding to most parts of the Resort. The main entrance seemed to resemble a flowing river as the bridge dipped beneath the water’s surface, the real riverbanks overflowed and our game-viewing routes were not accessible. That being said, we would never wish away the rain; as soon as the weather cleared the property took on a striking verdant green tone and the wildlife seemed to hum with renewed energy.

Mothers Day

Christmas Day

The Doornkop Team thoroughly enjoys welcoming guests at every time of year, but the magic that follows Christmas into town is undeniable. This year the Team hosted a boerewors roll braai at check-in so guests could savour a tasty mouthful en route to their Chalet. In honour of the giving spirit during the festive season, each guest also received a home-baked malva pudding as a token of Doornkop’s appreciation.

Mothers Day

Valentine’s Day

Every February: the colours of the landscape seem brighter, the sun feels warmer and the birds sing a sweeter tune. In celebration of love and relationships, the Doornkop Team handcrafted cement doorstops, which were gifted to our guests. Every guest who walked through the love-draped doors of Reception was so elated to have received a precious present, crafted with our own hands.

Mothers Day

Easter Weekend

The Easter long weekend is always a wonderful time of year for a well-deserved holiday, spending quality time with family and giving thanks to the blessings in our lives. Doornkop’s guests were pleasantly surprised when checking-in to find the pastel-hued bunnies and other Easter décor on display. Each guest received a marshmallow egg and cupcake, baked by our onsite Management Team.

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day

We appreciate all the parental figures in our lives and mothers are no exception! Mother's Day weekend at Doornkop was an absolute treat with families checking-in to spend quality time with mom. The Doornkop Team handmade, and decoupaged, small tea trays that were gifted to each mom, while Reception was beautifully decorated for the occasion.

From Housekeeping to Front Desk, each member of the Doornkop Team has a passion for hospitality. They continually strive for the best in every area, to ensure that your home-away-from-home remains cherished. Take a moment to meet everyone:

Jeaneth (Supervisor), Nellie Z, Nellie D, Nellie N, Linah, Joanah, Lizzie, Pretty, Fekile
Fathers Day
Elias (Supervisor), Richard, December, Mackdonald
Woman's Day

We value each member of the Doornkop Team, and appreciate their dedication to “creating the environment for everlasting holiday memories”. Be sure to say hi to everyone on your next visit!

Heart-warming tales of family spotting wildlife across the landscape. Moments of elation reeling in a catch after a morning of fly-fishing. Friends chatting into the night, as the boma fire crackles away. Memories like this are what underpin the value of any holiday, so naturally we love receiving your feedback and stories!


“I did not want to check the place out initially. I wanted to be pleasantly surprised, and I was! What a beautiful, quiet Resort. Most importantly off the grid. What a quiet experience to take a break from digital connectivity. Surely will return soon!”
*edited for ease of reading

“Our stay at Doornkop was really amazing! From the accommodation to the facilities and the bird- and wildlife. A perfect place to go, to be close to nature: to rest, to be outside and be active, and to just spend time with family and friends.”

“Fantastic accommodation with everything you need. Doornkop Reserve is a beautiful gem to get away to. Unit 22 is designed to give you the best combination of a cool and breezy summer house and a cosy, warm winter retreat.”

Reel in the latest news, interesting wildlife stories and fishing titbits from the Doornkop blog. Click on the links for more!


Hot tea-smoked trout with new potato & rocket salad
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Meet Management: Mariana Ras
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One Pan Trout

As part of our ongoing mission to share this incredible space with travellers, the Doornkop Team offers curated specials and packages fit for every budget and type of traveller. South African seniors are invited to escape to this ‘gem of Mpumalanga’ on our senior’s midweek offer! Browse through available holidays, select your preferred stay and bring your family or friends along for some well-deserved rest.

6-Sleeper Chalets - R1940 / midweek
8-Sleeper Chalets - R2440 / midweek
10-Sleeper Chalets - R3300 / midweek


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We would like to remind our valued Shareholders to kindly check and sign off on inventories upon arrival at your home-away-from-home unit. An inventory list is available in your unit; any discrepancies must please be reported at Reception.

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In Closing...
Children have become closer to their siblings. Couples have forged stronger relationships. Friend circles have grown to include new members. Sons have learnt to fish; daughters have learnt to ride a bike. Grandparents have grown in fondness in their grandchildren’s hearts. This is
the value of a holiday at Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve and we thank you, our valued Shareholders, for choosing to share these moments of love and learning with us. The Doornkop Team, as always, eagerly awaits your return to your home-away-from-home. Until then…
Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director 
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