We cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by and even though it wasn’t all smooth sailing due to torrential rains we picked ourselves back up and continued to create an environment where you, our valued Shareholders, and guests could let your souls and spirits fly with the calming sea breeze and make environment lasting memories at your happy place.
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Kridzil - A New Chapter

We cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by. Even though it wasn’t all smooth sailing, due to torrential rains, we picked ourselves back up and continued to create an environment where you, our valued Shareholders and guests could let your souls and spirits fly with the calming sea breeze. As always, we continue to work towards providing the environment for everlasting memories at your happy place.


It has been such a pleasure, and brought so much joy to us, to see every guest enter through the Kridzil gates. It is something to cherish, appreciate and not take for granted. Before the waves wash over the rest of 2022 and you go off to enjoy the Festive Season with your loved ones, we would like to take a moment to share what we’ve been up to in the past months on the journey to reaching the end of the year with you.


The Sardines came early this year and, as always, our Staff made sure that they were a part of the magical phenomena!

Sardine Run

The Sardine run, dubbed the ‘Greatest Shoal on Earth’ by the BBC, is an amazing spectacle of nature and an adventure for everyone! Did you know? In addition to the incredible sight of millions of sardines migrating through the South Coast, an annual migration of Humpback Whales heading north to give birth also takes place. Spectators are also able to spot super pods of Common Dolphins, thousands of Cape Fur Seals and Cape Gannets and Sharks galore resulting from the feeding frenzy the Sardines create for the predators. It is safe to say that the sardines are indeed running for their lives during this time.


Many tour operators and guides take people out to see the migration and all the Dolphins, Seals, and Sharks in attendance. Make sure you experience this phenomenal event next year, or share your Sardine Run stories and photos with us: yourresortstory@vrs.co.za

The Kridzil Team remains dedicated to providing the best possible holiday environment for all our valued Shareholders and guests. Part of this is ensuring that your home-away-from-home stays in tip-top shape for your next visit.

room upgrades
Hairdryers are now available in all Units.
room upgrades
All the mattresses, pillows, and sleeper couches have been UV Treated.
room upgrades
All the door hinges have been treated and painted.

Kridzil was not spared from the floods in June. This is how we went about giving our Resort some much-needed TLC once the rains had subsided:

The Office and Reception walls were repainted to repair the damage caused by the floods.
The sewage system also required an upgrade after the floods.
The umbrellas at the pool were replaced after they had been damaged by the floods.
The Reception was revamped and given a fresh, new and upgraded look.
Resort walls were repainted due to the damaged caused by the floods.

It is always such a great treat for the Kridzil Family to celebrate the good times and make fond memories with our guests. Take a look at some of the ways we made our guests’ stay most-enjoyable:

Father's Day

Father’s Day

All the dads who checked-in at Kridzil for Father’s Day weekend walked into a display of sweet and savoury treats and refreshing drinks. There is also nothing wrong with a little friendly competition and it was an explosion of excitement when all the dads were challenged to a Ring and Hook game. The game tested some of the fathers’ patience and precision but it was a huge success with unrestrained laughter filling the room.

Wonan's Day

Woman’s Day

Kridzil took to spoiling the strong, independent, and capable women visiting us on Women’s Day this year. All our guests were welcomed at check-in with bright smiles and a special gift; a mini hair straightener with a beautifully wrapped slab of chocolate, as well a pink gerbera.

Heritage Day

Heritage Day

It is a fact of life that on Heritage Day we braai, and our Kridzil Team turned up the heat for the holiday this year! Guests were welcomed to the Resort with our Original Awesome Sauce – a bottle of homemade hot braai sauce, decorated with beads to represent our colourful South African cultures.

When we count our blessing we count our Kridzil Family twice, and, like every other family, ours continues to grow and evolve. Some may reach their time to end their journey with our beloved Resort, but they will forever hold a special and unique place in our hearts.


We have reached such a turning point with Vincentia Shabane. Vincentia has gone on an early retirement after serving at Kridzil Woonstelle for an incredible 25 years. Her contributions to the Resort have been immense and tremendous, and we are truly grateful for her hard work and dedication over the years. Goodbyes are never easy to say, but we hold many fond memories of working with her and we hope that her retirement will be filled with great joy surrounded by those that she loves.

As we bid farewell to one family member, we offer a heartily warm welcome to Teresa Qadi and Thembi Sikobi. Teresa and Thembi will be joining our Housekeeping Team. We are absolutely thrilled to have them on board as new members of our Team and wish them every success and happiness in their new home!

Thembi & Teresa


The South Coast is an excellent holiday destination for families, friends, and couples. As native South Coasters, we know that there are many places we frequent that are unknown to out-of-town visitors. Here are a few places we think you should visit during your next South Coast vacation.


Places to visit on the South Coast (Part 1)


Places to visit on the South Coast (Part 2)



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Holiday Exhchange

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We would like to remind our valued Shareholders to kindly check and sign off on inventories upon arrival at your home-away-from-home unit. An inventory list is available in your unit; any discrepancies must please be reported at Reception.
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As the 2022 sun disappears below the ocean’s horizon, we are reminiscent of all the special holiday moments we have shared this year; of laughter and enjoyment. It is lovely to know that, despite the challenges that we may have faced, we still delivered on our intention to provide the best possible holiday environment for all our guests.

Our hearts are appreciative of the incredible support and faith you, our incredible Shareholders, have maintained in your home-away-from-home. We hope you will be filled with Festive cheer with your nearest and dearest this Festive Season and look forward to having you join us for an idyllic seaside escape again in 2023.

Season’s Greetings,

Marjorie Forssman


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