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We are elated to have begun the year 2021 with you, our valued Shareholders, by our side. As the months of this year have ticked by, we have loved sharing in every holiday memory with the guests we have been able to welcome back home. To share in the excitement of spotting an animal making its way down to the floodplains, a family laughing while bouncing on the jumping pillow with glee, or the hum of voices sharing


their day’s adventures around the dinner table, underpins our passion for creating everlasting holiday memories. It has been the most wonderful journey, seeing Ngwenya Lodge return to its rightful place as the bustling holiday hub we know and adore. While we look forward to the many incredible adventures ahead, we would like to take a moment to update you on your ‘gem at the Kruger’.

Sights and Sounds of the Kruger

From the 25th of January to the 15th of February, during the wake of Cyclone Eloise, the region was affected by adverse weather conditions. The Crocodile River grew within moments, as the rains made their way downstream, flooding the River and causing Crocodile Bridge to remain closed to the public for a number of days. During this period, wildlife were also caught unawares. Take a look at this video , by Latest Sightings at the Kruger, which shows a few species taking a swim, as well as a time-lapse of how Crocodile Bridge flooded.


Ngwenya guests were recently treated to a buffalo herd sighting. Shortly after Cyclone Eloise caused the Crocodile River to swell, the herd could be seen making their way down for a drink; with a newborn calf in tow! Did you know? An older buffalo cow is often referred to as a ‘pathfinder’; due to her life experience she often leads the herd to greener pastures. Old bulls, on the other hand, are referred to as ‘dagga boys’. Originating from an African language for the term meaning ‘mud’, these old bulls spend most of their time wallowing in mud baths and forming small bachelor herds.


The terrapin is a distant cousin of the tortoise, and is one of the longest surviving creatures on Earth. They have been around for 180 million years! While they may be considered relatives of the tortoise, they are actually classified under the Suborder Pleurodira, due to the way in which they fold their neck sideways to fit into their shell. Terrapins are also highly aggressive and territorial, to the point that this little fella thought he would take on a pair of lions who had stopped by his watering hole for a drink.

Watch David take on Goliath, here.

Remember to share your images and stories with the Ngwenya Team to be featured on social media and in our newsletters!


Updates and Upgrades

As the preferred holiday destination for a number of families, some of whom have been calling Ngwenya Lodge their holiday home since its construction in 1989, the Ngwenya Team is dedicated to keeping the Resort in tip-top-shape.

Le Fera Restaurant awnings

Le Fera Restaurant awnings are being replaced with chromadek plates.

100% complete

The carports are in the process of receiving a facelift.

45% complete
Hippo Bend Chalet
Hippo Bend Chalet 52’s deck was reconstructed
New ovens, hobs and cooker hoods

New ovens, hobs and cooker hoods are being installed in select Chalets.

29% complete

Air-conditioners are being replaced in configurations 410 and 510 with newer models throughout the Resort.

70% complete
Resort gardens
The Resort gardens recently received a new makeover, consisting of freshly painted pots and new plants
new lamp shades and pendant shades
All Chalets received new lamp shades and pendant shades, in support of a local manufacturer
new artwork
All Chalets have received new artwork for the sitting rooms
A total distance of 750m of ranch fencing has been replaced
new living room rugs
Selected Chalets have received new 100% Polypropylene living room rugs; designed for durability and comfort
mosquito doors
Updated mosquito doors have been installed; they consist of a guided rail and track system, as well as stainless mesh screen
Chalet Bedroom updates
All Chalets have been updated with new blinds, curtains, bedroom scatter cushions and throw blankets
Upholstery Update
Comfortable seating, dependent on the Chalet configurations, have also received some TLC, including wicker chairs, reupholstering carver chairs, as well as dining room chairs
All Chalets are currently receiving fresh coats of paint for a revitalised finish.
43% complete
Magneto LED's
Rechargeable back-up lights at each Chalet have been replaced with Magneto LED's which provide a light source for up-to 48 hours when fully charged
new menu
Le Fera has introduced a new pizza menu, as well as updated the range of tasty milkshakes
More Resort News
Valentine's Day

Ngwenya Entrance: Welcome Wall

On the 19th of January news broke of Cyclone Eloise making landfall in Mozambique. Naturally, as the Crocodile River flows from the region, torrential downpours and adverse weather conditions affected much of the river front, which resulted in severe flooding. On the 16th of February, due to the influx of winds and rain, the main entrance welcome wall at Ngwenya Lodge collapsed. The Ngwenya Maintenance Team immediately took charge to remove the debris and plan the construction of a new wall and, once the weather turned favourable, the welcome wall was erected. It has since been a sight for sore eyes as weary travellers return to their home-away-from-home.

Valentine's Day

Our Sofas Have a Fresh, New Look!

As much as we loved the old leather suites it is time to upgrade to a new, and not only stylish but superior, fabric choice. Made from up-cycled materials, which not only make use of an alternative method for dying the yarn but also require much lower temperatures to be manufactured and are 100% recyclable, these new suites have a lower carbon footprint and support our eco-friendly initiatives. This new fabric is also: made in South Africa which safeguards small businesses, resistant to chemicals and bacteria ideal for easy cleaning, and has thermo-regulating properties for optimal comfort in all seasons. This project will soon be complete; we wish you all many comfortable, relaxing hours on the new suites!

SANParks WildCard and Fees Updates

SANParks WildCard

SANParks has announced their updated visitors' fees for 2021; please bear the below rates in mind when next visiting the Kruger National Park for a day trip:
SA Adult (12 years and older) = R105
SA Child (2 to 11 years) = R52


SANParks WildCards are a wonderful membership option if you and your family travel to the Kruger, or any other SANParks, regularly throughout the year. Depending on the cluster selection, a WildCard grants the user one years' unlimited access to all SANParks.
WildCard membership fees:
SA Individual (any 1 pax) = R690
SA Couple (any 2 pax) = R1120
SA Family (up to 7* pax & max 2 adults) = R1345
International All Parks Cluster WildCard from = R3265

Click here to apply for your WildCard.
*Every individual under the age of 18 is considered a child.
On a Family WildCard the max pax is indicative of 2 adults and 5 children or 1 adult and 6 children.

Valentine's Day
Let’s Go Surfing the Internet!

Over the past 18 months the Board of Directors have been developing a strategy to implement improved internet infrastructure to Ngwenya Lodge, in-line with hospitality trends. This includes bringing internet to your Chalet.

In February 2021 we sought your opinion on the matter via an email survey on the topic. The leading question was “Would you be in favour of installing an improved broadband network infrastructure to bring internet/WIFI to your Chalet?” A resounding 85% of the responses gave us a positive “YES” in favour.
At a subsequent Board Meeting held on the 5th of March, your Directors approved the first phase of this internet infrastructure project.

    The roll-out plan is that Ngwenya will:
  • Connect via a fibre optic cable link from Komatipoort
  • Fibre will be laid throughout the Resort (Local Area Network – LAN)
  • A WIFI access point will be installed in each Chalet and will connect to the LAN
  • All common areas throughout Ngwenya will also connect to the LAN

Initially this capability will offer guests the ability to connect mobile phones/tablets/laptops to the internet via WIFI, allowing benefits such as:

  • WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Conference Meetings (for example)
  • Email, Google searches and Browser activities
  • Netflix, Showmax and YouTube apps on your mobile device (should you have these features)
  • Connectivity to business and school systems (offering you more flexibility and freedom of movement)

Subsequent implementation phases will allow:

  • Improved security features on the LAN
  • A phone in each Chalet offering access to Resort services and security
  • Potentially, DSTV to be distributed via the LAN which will allow for savings in infrastructure and maintenance

We are joining the wonderful and ever-growing realm of fast and reliable access to the World Wide Web and we are sure it will open a host of exciting broadband capabilities for you and your guests. We are confident that this will make your Resort stay even more enjoyable and once again keep Ngwenya at the forefront of desirable hospitality destinations.

Good Vibes and Great Company

The Ngwenya Lodge Team remains dedicated to providing an environment for creating everlasting holiday memories. 2021 has been a fresh start and the Ngwenya Team couldn’t wait to start spoiling guests once more. Take a look:


Christmas Day

Guests were thrilled upon arrival as they were ushered to Reception under canopies of Christmas-themed balloons. The theme was ‘Wonderland’ and a number of guests certainly were ‘wowed’ by the presentation; guest, Jan Vermaak, even had this to say, “Reception was so beautifully decorated for Christmas; it really looked outstanding.” The evening was just as alive with Christmas spirit as guests sat down to enjoy Le Fera’s delectable buffet-style meal, featuring Christmas favourites such as: honey-glazed pork, classic beef wellington and spiced pumpkin bake.


Valentine’s Day

Just as our favourite lion duo song, “Can you feel the love tonight?” – Valentine’s Weekend certainly had the Ngwenya Teams’ hearts aflutter. On Valentine’s Eve, Le Fera welcomed guests for a delectable three-course meal, starting with cream of tomato soup, topped with paprika-infused croutons, and ending on a sweet note with tart berry medley panna cotta. The following morning, guests woke to find the Lodge decorated in bright, neon balloon arrangements and bold, red hearts. Each guest received a sweetheart’s gift bag, which included some sweet treats and a crafted fridge magnet before giddily gathering for soft-serve ice-cream. The day drew out laughter and smiles all around.



The Easter long weekend at Ngwenya was a blast! Guests were greeted at the gates by the bouncing Easter Bunny, who handed out tasty Easter eggs before hopping off to hide treats for the kids throughout the Resort. The Lodge was once more dressed for the occasion with big balloons and a range of Easter décor and guests adored the set-up almost as much as their pretty egg tray gifts, which were filled with sweet nougat and chocolate eggs. Children squealed in delight as they raced around the Resort to find their Easter eggs and enjoyed the other holiday entertainment activities, as well. As night fell, parents gathered up their children, still clutching at their treasure, and headed to Le Fera for an evening of good food and great company.


Mother's Day

“A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s,” and to say thank you for that comfort, the Ngwenya Team set up a stunning day for guests on the Resort. All throughout the gardens delicate wire teapots, brimming with pink flowers and twinkling faerie-lights, were strung. Moms were greeted at Reception with a thoughtful succulent gift, while families could delight in candy-floss pink and true vanilla white ice-cream cups. Mbali Day Spa raffled off a Mother's Day special spa experience, as well as offered a lovely spa special. While some moms were spoilt in the spa, others were treated to lunch at Le Fera with the family. It was indeed a very special day for our very special Ngwenya mothers.

A Message of Thanks to Diederik Herholdt
and the Ngwenya Team

We would love to take a moment now to share these lovely compliments, received by Ngwenya Member H G (Tokkie) Smit, with regards to his recent trip to Ngwenya Lodge:


“Ek wil vriendelik versoek dat u hierdie epos sal deurstuur aan die toepaslike personeel. Ons is aandeelhouers in verskeie oorde. Ek wil begin by die Bestuurder. Ons weet dat dit ‘n span is  wat sukses bepaal maar as die Bestuurder nie die voorbeeld stel en leiding gee nie sal daar nie sukses behaal word nie. Hierdie is by verreweg die mees uitstaande oord wat ons nog besoek het en as pensionarisse reis ons wyd en syd.
Die Bestuurder is oral betrokke en dit is duidelik dat hy sy werk geniet en met toewyding doen. Hy werk ongelooflik mooi met sy personeel en hanteer hulle met respek en waardigheid. Die hele oord spreek van gehalte en dit is duidelik dat die Bestuurder presies weet wat aangaan. As hy behulpsaam kan wees dan doen hy dit onmiddelik. Hy is ‘n juweel wat VRS  mooi moet oppas. Die tuine is werklik ongelooflik mooi en dit is duidelik dat die persoon in beheer die taak met liefde en toewyding doen. Al die personeel, van die ontvangs tot die werkers, is ongelooflik vriendelik en behulpsaam en dit is duidelik dat hulle gelukkig is in hulle werk. Ek is trots om ‘n aandeelhouer van hierdie oord te wees.”


Thank you for the wonderful feedback and thank you to Diederik and the Ngwenya Team
for their continued dedication to
“creating the environment for everlasting holiday memories”.

Welcome to the Ngwenya Family!

We’re excited to announce the arrival of a few new Ngwenya family members; you might have possibly met them already! Please help us in making these kind team members feel at home at Ngwenya Lodge:

Le Fera Restaurant awnings

Monya Randall
Public Relations Officer

Started: 23 November 2020
Hippo Bend Chalet

Mariska Bezuidenhout

Started: 01 March 2021

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The possibilities for more precious moments and memorial experiences with family and friends is only a click away.
We look forward to creating more everlasting holiday memories with you!

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African Blessings

Jochebed Children's Village is the heart of African Blessings and the vision upon which the charity organisation was founded. Jochebed comprises of 16 cottages (of which two are currently complete, furnished and occupied) set on the African Blessings Farm. Rather than operate in the mannerisms of the traditional orphanage, each child is placed with a loving family and will grow to reach their full potential within a functional household on the property. There is a well-known African proverb that says "It takes a village to raise a child". It certainly rings true and we believe that the entire African Blessings Farm community and all living here are responsible for shaping and positively influencing the lives of the children; educating and raising them to be leaders.
This is only the start of our vision – help us reach our dreams of offering this safe haven to more children in need.

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In Closing

As we journey through the next season of the year, we would like to remind you to, “Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

Let us not forget to grab every possible moment to enjoy the adventures life throws our way. Take the time to return to your preferred holiday destination, where the fresh scent of the South African bush replenishes your


soul and the sounds of the hippo pod break the night air to relax you. It is in these moments that we most appreciate the beauties of life and it is in these moments that we, at Ngwenya Lodge, hope to share with you sooner rather than later.

Until next time!

Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director 





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