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A philosophical concept that traces back to Aristotle’s time employs the idea of “nature” to explain that which defines “the essence of a thing”; or its fundamental properties. If we look at the essence of Mabalingwe Nature Reserve – it brings us to three distinctive words: NATURE, FAMILY and FUN!

NATURE – the glue that keeps it all together. The nature of nature, the essence of it all. It’s about the vast open countryside and the lush bushveld encompassing you during your Mabalingwe getaway. It’s about encapsulating all those precious moments spent with loved-ones, whilst immersing yourself in the evergreen environment. It’s about breathing in the crisp air from the balcony of your Chalet and absorbing the panoramic scenery. It’s about having a jolly good time in the heart of the beautiful Waterberg and its surroundings.

FAMILY – How precious are those moments spent with your children or grandchildren?! Are you reminiscing about the first time you went on a Game Drive with your grandchildren and how excited they were when they saw the elephants peacefully moving through the bushveld?! Think about those warm fuzzy feelings you experienced during that family holiday - what precious, nostalgic memories indeed. 

FUN – What will a holiday at your home-away-from-home be without fun?! Think about all those fun-filled days, joyously enjoying some much-needed time in the Main Swimming Pool, whilst the kids giddily bounce on the Jumping Pillow. Recall all those happy times laughing, celebrating and those merriment moments with your family!

Let’s embrace the NATURE of Mabalingwe by cherishing those FUN times spent with FAMILY and friends in the stupendously beautiful Mabalingwe!

A Virtual Game-Viewing Experience
We thought, as a treat before your next escapism to the Reserve, to share a virtual game-viewing experience with you of your much-loved Nature Reserve.
snake show
A Slithering Affair
The greater Mabalingwe, with its 9500 hectares of landscape, is a habitat for various snake species.
The Mabalingwe Team have been trained to be ‘on standby’ to assist the wildlife should the need arise. Mabalingwe Nature Reserve launched an educational snake programme in collaboration with Critters Creepers in December 2020. This initiative was started to teach guests about the different snakes in the area, as well as their natural behaviour and habitat, while emphasising their importance within the eco-system.
"Jou Buffel"
The strong and silent Cape buffalo is definitely the most misunderstood of the Big Five animals. The ‘mafia’ of the African bushveld is a powerful character with an unforgiving nature. They are not called the ‘mafia’ of the bushveld for no reason – these silent beauties have been recorded seeking revenge on other animals years after being threatened by them.
Did you know?
They are one of the most dangerous of the Big Five, simply because they ambush their enemies without giving any type of warning signal. So next time you are out and about on a self-drive game-viewing excursion, remember to keep your distance because the Cape buffalo can be a real “buffel!”
Mrs Long Leg

“Ladies and gentlemen in front of you, you will see the tallest living animal on earth. Did you know? The average giraffe stands 4.3 to 5.8 metres tall, according to National Geographic.”

Bianca Oosthuizen, one of our guests who visited Mabalingwe in February, shared a precious moment captured during her trip of a mother giraffe with her calf.


They say it takes a village to raise a child, and the same can be said for the offspring of these lofty mammals. Mother giraffes will often move and browse together with their calves in nursery herds. The babies love to hang around together and play, so they are watched by singular females in an area known as a crèche. This gives the other mums a chance to feed and drink in peace, knowing their little ones are safe from harm before they later take over the babysitting duties themselves.

We would love to see your giraffe snaps, too. Share your Mr and Mrs Long Leg photos with us via email to to be featured on our Facebook page!

More Resort News

Summer Rain at Mabalingwe on Full-Display

There is nothing quite as wonderful as the unmistakeable scent of wet African soil lingering after the rain. The lush green bushveld, the birds chirping, the clean air and the abundant wildlife are brought back to life by the rainfall’s sustenance. During January and February Mabalingwe experienced extremely heavy rains, due to the tropical storm, Cyclone Eloise, reaching South African shores.

The region captured a whopping total of 188mm, from


the start of the cyclone on the 25th of January 2021 to the 16th of February 2021.

The WP Wessels Dam, as well as the other smaller dams and streamlets on the property, filled to the brim, because of the torrential downpours. The extreme conditions brought with it some great game-viewing opportunities with all critters, small and big, coming out from hiding and roaming around the property.

Meet The Oinker Family

The Mabalingwe Team is elated to announce the arrival of the Oinker family; our new mascots. Keep an eye out for this cute little warthog family who will be popping up around the Resort and on Facebook. Here are a few more facts about them:

Family: Suidae pig family   |   Species: Southern warthog   |   Habitat: The greater Mabalingwe Nature Reserve   |   Diet: Omnivorous

Welcome to Mabalingwe, the Oinker family! We hope you enjoy your new home and we are sure you will get along just fine with all the other warthogs on the property.

‘Boet’ Do You Know The Kalahari Oasis Story?
No, ‘Swaer’, Please Tell Me More…

Our own little “bushveld gem” rose to fame with the famous South African “Castrol Oil” advertisement series, which was filmed at the location many moons ago. Kalahari Oasis was built on the original farm called Boschpoort – now part of the greater Mabalingwe Nature Reserve. The “Castrol Oil” advertisement series starred Ian Robberts as “Boet” and Norman Anstey as “Swaer”. In 1990, Fat Bookholane joined them as “Moegaa”. Frank Opperman also appeared in a few of the episodes of this mini-series.


Between 1988 and 2002, 10 different Castrol advertisements were made at Kalahari Oasis and consequently televised, which was a significant contributor to Kalahari Oasis becoming the renowned name it is today within South Africa. In 2013, a movie called “Babalas” was shot at Kalahari Oasis and released in cinema. We invite all our valued Shareholders to join us for a thirst-quenching sundowner and one of our delicious new pizza cones at this legendary Bush Pub!


Welcome to the Team!

The Mabalingwe Team would like to take the opportunity to extend a warm and hearty welcome to Ridge de Kock as the new Commercial Manager at Mabalingwe! Ridge has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and has been working in hospitality since the young age of 16; he enjoys fishing and playing sports in his spare time and is a pro in playing pool and chess. Be sure to say 'hi' the next time you see him!

In the Know with Mabalingwe Upgrades!
Mabalingwe Nature Reserve is a prized home-away-from-home holiday destination for a number of families. In our efforts to maintain a high quality Resort for ultimate happy holidaying enjoyment, the dedicated Team works consistently to address areas which require some tender-love-and-care.
Interior Upgrades
All Chalets' patio chairs are in the process of being replaced with a more robust wooden chair. This project is ongoing.
Interior Upgrades

Replacing of couches and tub chairs is underway, where necessary.

The fitting of new mocha brown blinds in selected Chalets' kitchens is currently underway.
Vulture's View
We are elated by the arrival of our stunning new Sofas and Wingback Chairs at Le Fera Restaurant and Vulture View Bar. Bask in the beautiful surroundings from the patio at Vulture View Bar, whilst comfortably sitting on one of these new Sofas - drinking a thirst-quenching sundowner.
Hippo Fence
The Mabalingwe Maintenance Team has erected robust Hippo Fencing around the Laundrette and Ingwe Camp to keep hippos from entering. This forms part of a new safeguarding project to keep these animals out and to halt them from causing destruction in these surroundings.
Interior Upgrades
Treatment of wooden door frames, window frames and fixing of cupboards and paved areas.
Interior Upgrades
Deep-cleaning of all Chalets and winter blankets for the upcoming winter season.
General maintenance and repairs for prevention measures.
Watch out for new wall art coming soon
Keep the Good Times Rolling...
The Mabalingwe Team remains dedicated to providing an environment for creating everlasting holiday memories. Here’s what we've been up to:
Dec/Jan Holidays

Festive Season 2020

The Festive Spirit started at Reception with guests being greeted by colourful Christmas tinsel and other merry-making decorations. The wonderful Le Fera Team baked scrumptious biscuits that were given to every visitor upon arrival. To spread the Christmas spirit and cheer a little further, Le Fera hosted its famous Christmas Lunch with a wide selection of festive favourites for guests to enjoy.

Valentine’s Day

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Cupid snuck onto the Mabalingwe grounds and “dressed” the communal area with red hearts. He and the Le Fera Team dipped heart-shaped biscuits in chocolate, which were given to guests upon arrival. Le Fera also hosted the much-loved Valentine’s Day Dinner for all our lovebirds to celebrate the day of love.

Easter Celebrations

Mabalingwe planned an EGG-stranvaganza for our guests for the Easter weekend. Bunny cut-outs and delicious Easter eggs popped their heads out across the Resort. A jam-packed Entertainment Programme was hosted for the kids, whilst the adults could enjoy a ‘cold one’ at Kalahari Oasis. Le Fera, yet again, hosted an EGG-straordinary Easter Lunch for our visitors - with a wide selection of delectable foodie favourites!
Mothers Day

Mother's Day

The Mabalingwe Team was hard at work preparing for the Mother’s Day weekend and making sure that all was perfect before the special guests arrived. The Team decorated the Reception with white and pink bunting and white, purple and pink Chinese round paper lanterns. Special Mother’s Day messages were written throughout Reception - wishing all the moms a lovely Mother’s Day. Mabalingwe’s Team also carefully stationed pink and yellow paper flower cutouts glued on wooden sticks all around the Reserve. Guests could help themselves to fresh fruit juice and delectable cake pops during check-in. On Mother's Day, Le Fera Restaurant hosted a three-course lunch with numerous favourites like roast leg of lamb, rosemary and garlic roast potatoes, biltong and halloumi salad and for dessert delicious malva pudding and custard. Later that evening, the Recreational Team went to each Chalet to hand over a handcrafted gift to all the moms.

Celebrate Special Occasions the Mabalingwe Way!

Do you want to host a special celebration at Mabalingwe? Perhaps a milestone anniversary or even a wedding?! Our dedicated on-site Team would be happy to assist you in planning your special moment with a romantic turndown in your Chalet or even a fabulous function at Kalahari Oasis or Le Fera Restaurant.

Proposals at Mabalingwe
Mabalingwe facilitated a special proposal during the month of love. The couple booked a couple’s spa treatment at Mbali Day Spa to start the day off and later went on a romantic Game Drive (just the two of them) – where he asked her in the heart of the bushveld to be his happily-ever-after.

Weddings at Mabalingwe

Celebrate your inimitable union with an intimate wedding at Mabalingwe. Create a memorable ceremony wrapped in all the distinctively-you-details to mark your wonderful milestone. The Mabalingwe Team is on standby to merge your love of nature with a dreamy setting for the perfect start to forever.

For any enquiries or bookings, please contact us:

Your Resort Stories

We love it when our guests and valued Shareholders share their holiday experiences with us. A new segment of the Mabalingwe blog features stories that our guests and Shareholders have shared with us - some from yesteryear and others from more recently.


Here are three stories, told through the eyes of Shareholders,
Johann J van Emmenis, Friedel Wichmann and Hoffie Hofmeyr:

Resort Stories
Johann J van Emmenis
"It started on Saturday, Feb 24th 1990. My wife and I went to Warmbad (Bela-Bela) for the day to visit friends that booked a weekend there..."
Read more
Resort Stories
Friedel Wichmann
"My wife and I have had Timeshare at Mabalingwe for the past 32 years now. We, as a family, love this place..."
Read more
Resort Stories
Hoffie Hofmeyr
"In 1988, is daar oor naweke bemarking by Mabalingwe gedoen by wyse van ʼn braai by die groot swembad..."
Read more
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Mount Amanzi

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Mabalingwe Nature Reserve

Enjoy even more holidays at your favourite destination! Mabalingwe is all about the distinct scent of the beautiful bushveld and lush grasslands that surround the Reserve, the smell of the fire and the aroma of your favourite braai items sizzling on the grid. It’s all about NATURE, FAMILY and FUN!

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Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve

The gem of Mpumalanga; where unspoilt countryside stretches and rolls in every direction and cosy chalets overlook the gleaming dams and waterways is calling you home! The accommodation and activities at Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve were designed with the family experience in mind.

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African Blessings

Jochebed Children's Village is the heart of African Blessings and the vision upon which the charity organisation was founded. Jochebed comprises of 16 cottages (of which two are currently complete, furnished and occupied) set on the African Blessings Farm. Rather than operate in the mannerisms of the traditional orphanage, each child is placed with a loving family and will grow to reach their full potential within a functional household on the property. There is a well-known African proverb that says "It takes a village to raise a child". It certainly rings true and we believe that the entire African Blessings Farm community and all living here are responsible for shaping and positively influencing the lives of the children; educating and raising them to be leaders.
This is only the start of our vision – help us reach our dreams of offering this safe haven to more children in need.

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In Closing
Let’s have the courage and strength to take on the rest of 2021. The courage to continue, whichever course you decide upon, even if it is not always rose-coloured. The strength to endure on this course and overcome any hitches that may arise along your trajectory. We want to remind you that, through the course of life, we will be here along the way as an Oasis to where you can escape, to regroup and reinvigorate. A place where you can find the strength and courage to take on all of life’s hurdles.

We hope on your next holiday, you keep the essence of Mabalingwe Nature Reserve in mind – NATURE, FAMILY and FUN. May these words be at the core of your next holiday experience!

We are excited for you to feel the earth's soil under your bare feet and for the winds to play with your hair. We are elated that you will soon have magical moments with family and friends. And we are thrilled that you will have a wonderful fun-filled vacation at your home-away-from-home!

Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director