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In a world mediated by screens, we’re always straddling the online and offline world, not fully engaging with either. This has, in effect, created more demand for people wanting to escape into immersive environments which engage their full attention. Escapism is a term used to describe the yearning to get away; a form of diversion from our quotidian routine by escaping to a place that brings us happiness and helps us forget about the woes of our daily life. It is for this reason that an escape to your home-away-from-home is such a great idea.
It’s the ideal place for a digital detox, away from the hustle and bustle of life. A place where you are surrounded by lush bushveld and where you can observe a stunning sunrise spill over the Mankelekele Mountain. It’s a place where you can rekindle a relationship and spend some precious time with family and friends. Let Sudwala Lodge be your form of escapism from the stresses and strains of the daily grind. Breathe in the fresh air, immerse yourself in the delightful environment, re-energise during your holiday to find new strength to rise to new heights and become a better version of yourself.
A Vesper Affair
Uni-vate Properties

The fictional DC Comic Superhero, Batman, relied on the sinister aspect of bats to strike fear into criminals. Despite this fictional story and many other myths about bats - they are, in fact, an important part of the ecosystem. They eat insects, performing pest control, while also pollinating species of plants and spreading seeds when feeding on the fruits and flowers of certain plants. Over five hundred species of plants rely on bats for pollination, including: durian, banana, mango, guava, cocoa and agave. Without them, these plant species would not thrive. In some countries, such as the UK, bats are an “indicator species” and the stability of their population is monitored to look for changes in biodiversity of the region.

The Sudwala Team continues to drive our conservation project of the Percival’s Short-Eared Trident Bar Bats, by building more bat hotels throughout the Resort. The bats’ numbers have also shown positive growth since Management secured an onsite cave for the bats’ use. Despite all the sinister associations, bats are wonderful, fascinating creatures that perform an essential role in the environment, adding greatly to the wellbeing of humanity. Let us continue to work together to safeguard this species for many generations to come.

More Resort News
We got caught in a downpour
The arrival of Cyclone Eloise on the 25th of January 2021, to South African shores (and later spreading inland to Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Gauteng), brought with it a torrential downpour which resulted in major flooding in some areas. Sudwala was one of the areas which experienced severe flooding due to the heavy rains. The downpour, resulting in a whopping 350mm of rain in less than a week, flooded the Houtbosloop River which caused its riverbanks to break and subsequently led to several of the Lodge’s facilities being submerged. Fortunately, the onsite Team has been trained to act accordingly in the case of an emergency and they leapt into action to direct all Resort-goers to an interim emergency exit, in order for guests to leave the property safely. Management acted swiftly and formed an Emergency Task Team to ensure the clean-up, restoration and reconstruction of the property. They started by removing leaf humus from gutters and outside drains to defuse the flooding. They cleared the grounds of all debris, cut up all the fallen trees and removed them from the grounds. All facilities were deep-cleaned to remove any muddy water, detritus and other rubble. The Lodge, which was closed for two weeks from the end of January to mid-February to accommodate the clean-up, has since returned to normal operations with all facilities nearly back to tip-top working order. We are thankful to the Sudwala Team and Management for acting immediately to minimise the impact of the flooding at our beloved Lodge. Their diligence and dedication resolved this matter timeously and restored Sudwala Lodge to the gleaming holiday home you know and love.
A canter and gallop to African Blessings
The Sudwala Management Team and Managing Agent, RHS, made the decision to retire and relocate the ponies and horses of Sudwala Lodge to African Blessings; RHS and Sudwala Lodge’s NPO of choice. African Blessings is a Non-Profit, Public Benefit and Charity Organisation with a mission to uplift, educate and empower communities in South Africa. The much-loved ponies and horses lived a good life at Sudwala Lodge, but it was time for them to retire, and the stunning grounds and facilities of the Animal Sanctuary at the African Blessings Farm could not be better-suited for our four-legged friends to live out their golden years in green pastures. The Equine Rescue Centre, established in 2010, is a principal and substantially important establishment within The Sanctuary at the African Blessings Farm. The ponies and horses from Sudwala Lodge will enjoy the large horse pastures, stunning barn-style stables and the company of a big, happy herd. We are delighted to report that they have already settled in and are loving their new home! We are incredibly grateful to the African Blessings Team and so admire the unbelievable work that they do for both animals and humans! To find out more, visit:
Grotto the Caveman
The Sudwala Caves system has been present for a variety of activity and a history which has left its mark on the dolomite rock formations. Dating back the furthest of this rich cultural site would be that of Grotto the cave dweller. Read all about Grotto and the Sudwala Caves' rich history, as well as the different classifications of the Homo family tree and Australopithecus species, here.
New Team Member
We would like to take a moment to welcome Renate Küsel to the Team as Sudwala’s new Finance Administrator. Renate will assist the Sudwala Team in the accounting department, and with her many years of experience in this field, we are sure she’ll do an amazing job. The Sudwala Team is excited that Renate has joined the Sudwala journey and we look forward to integrating her into the family!
In the Know with Sudwala Lodge Upgrades!
Uni-vate Properties

Sudwala Lodge is a prized home-away-from-home holiday destination for a number of families. In our efforts to maintain a high quality Lodge for ultimate happy holidaying enjoyment, the dedicated Team works consistently to address areas which require some tender-love-and-care.

sound system
The Jumping Castle and inflatable Water Slide have been repaired, much to the delight of our guests.
Multi Court
 We deep-cleaned our Hot Tubs and Gym before the reopening in February 2021.

The Jungle Gym from the Pavilion was moved to a more strategic location – on turf in-between the Share Block Chalets.

sound system
The repairing of the property after the flood is ongoing. The Team worked on the following restoration projects over the past few months: carport structure and shade net have been fixed and replaced; fallen trees have been cut up and removed; damaged roads and pavements have been repaired.
Multi Court
 New roofing has been installed outside the Kiosk, at the braai section, to offer shelter during our Monday Braai evenings, especially during the rainy season.

Currently in progress is the reconstruction of our wooden bridge as part of the hiking trail, used during our night walks. Our night excursion will commence again as soon as the bridge is reconstructed.

Sleeper Couches Coming Soon

The Sudwala Lodge Team is excited by the news of our brand-spanking-new Sleeper Couches arriving at the Lodge in the near future. We cannot wait for you to relax on these comfortable new Sleeper Couches on those lazy-lounging-late-afternoons. We will share more details and photos of the new Couches in the December 2021 edition of Grotto's Stories.

Keep the Good Times Rolling...

The Sudwala Team remains dedicated to providing an environment for creating everlasting holiday memories. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Festive Season 2020
The Sudwala Lodge Team always has something up their sleeves to ensure our guests have a lovely time, and the Festive Season of 2020 was no different! The Lodge was beautifully decorated with Santa’s best to get everyone into the festive spirit. The Lodge hosted an array of shows on Christmas day, including a Christmas carols extravaganza, a surprise puppet show and a movie night with scrumptious popcorn. On boxing day, Christmas presents were given to all guests as a token of appreciation. The celebrations did not stop there; on New Year’s Eve Sudwala hosted an early-evening braai, which upheld COVID-19 government-enforced regulations. We also extended our peak season Entertainment Programme, which was jam-packed with activities, to include the extension of school holidays in January 2021. All our guests had a fabulous time at Sudwala Lodge with the many fun-filled activities during the holidays!
Valentine’s Day

How does the phrase go?: “Roses are red and violets are blue…”; This was at the core of the 2021 Valentine’s Day celebrations at Sudwala Lodge, with flowers being the focal point. The Lodge Team handed out sweet-scented flowers to all the ladies visiting us during the Valentine’s weekend, as well as delicious sweet nibbles for our family Resort-goers. The Chalets were all beautifully decorated with red and yellow roses, and romantic turndowns in the Chalets were the order of the day. Guests could also enjoy a bubbly affair with the reopening of our Hot Tubs. Please book your time slot at Reception in advance.


Easter Celebrations

All our valued guests had a w-hopping good time during the Easter weekend celebrations at Sudwala Lodge. Upon arrival, all our guests were greeted by our friendly Team, and received freshly baked bunny-shaped biscuits that were decorated with white icing and colourful sprinkles. The guests could also enjoy a glass of thirst-quenching juice during check-in. The Lodge was beautifully decorated with bunny cut-outs and handmade wooden bunnies with ears made from wire. The Recreation Team hosted an Easter Entertainment Programme during the celebrations and young and old took part in the numerous fun activities. Fun times for sure!
Mother's Day
Mother’s Day was celebrated at Sudwala Lodge with flair and in style. Upon checking-in, guests were welcomed to a beautifully decorated Reception. The Sudwala Team escorted all the mothers to Grotto’s Treats where they could enjoy delicious vanilla, iced cupcakes, scrumptious treats from our Kiosk, and a thirst-quenching drink. The Sudwala Lodge Team, with some help from the children, handed out a handcrafted gift and accompanying 'Happy Mother's Day' card to all the moms. The Recreational Team hosted an array of fun activities for our precious mothers and their families, which included a Mother’s Day hike and a foamy slip and slide.
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Mount Amanzi

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Mabalingwe Nature Reserve

Enjoy even more holidays at your favourite destination! Mabalingwe is all about the distinct scent of the beautiful bushveld and lush grasslands that surround the Reserve, the smell of the fire and the aroma of your favourite braai items sizzling on the grid. It’s all about NATURE, FAMILY and FUN!

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Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve

The gem of Mpumalanga; where unspoilt countryside stretches and rolls in every direction and cosy chalets overlook the gleaming dams and waterways is calling you home! The accommodation and activities at Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve were designed with the family experience in mind.

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The possibilities for more precious moments and memorial experiences with family and friends is only a click away.
We look forward to creating more everlasting holiday memories with you!

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African Blessings

Jochebed Children's Village is the heart of African Blessings and the vision upon which the charity organisation was founded. Jochebed comprises of 16 cottages (of which two are currently complete, furnished and occupied) set on the African Blessings Farm. Rather than operate in the mannerisms of the traditional orphanage, each child is placed with a loving family and will grow to reach their full potential within a functional household on the property. There is a well-known African proverb that says "It takes a village to raise a child". It certainly rings true and we believe that the entire African Blessings Farm community and all living here are responsible for shaping and positively influencing the lives of the children; educating and raising them to be leaders.
This is only the start of our vision – help us reach our dreams of offering this safe haven to more children in need.

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We would like to remind our valued Shareholders to kindly check and sign off on inventories upon arrival at your home-away-from-home unit. An inventory list is available in your unit; any discrepancies must please be reported at Reception.
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In Closing...
Life can be full of hardships, so it is nice to take a step back from reality and get lost in the beauty of Sudwala Lodge. That’s why it is so important to have a place where you can escape to, and what better place than your home-away-from-home in Mpumalanga. It is natural to want a break from routine, from work and the responsibilities of life.

Sudwala Lodge is your haven where you can just lie back, relax and forget about all the worries of city life. A place where you can escape into an immersive environment and find your bearings again. We cannot wait for you to arrive for your next holiday and hope that you, too, will find peace and tranquillity in the natural surroundings and stunning sights.

Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
RHS – Managing Director 
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