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Let’s start this edition off with some food for thought: “The Romance of Nature”. This abstract concept originated in the second half of the 18th century as part of the intellectual and artistic movement – Romanticism. According to the romantics, the solution was “back to nature” because nature was seen as pure and a spiritual source of renewal. Further to this idea, novelist and poet – Louisa Anne Twamley - published a book titled “The Romance of Nature”. In the book, she portrays how flowers and nature brought her intense happiness and how she wanted to capture this happiness within a book, so that she could share this with others to enhance their pleasure from the sweet sources of nature. In short, let us, too, experience the splendour of nature.


Listen to the melodies of brooks, blossoms, birds and bowers. Let’s sing of youth, of love and embrace time with loved-ones in these sublime surroundings.

Let’s find harmony in the delights of nature by listening to the melody of the wind's whistling tune through the ravine. Let’s take to heart this concept of finding romance in nature. We hope on your next escapism to your ‘Little’ gem within the Waterberg Mountain range, you will see the beauty of nature, find harmony in the surroundings, and have a spiritual awakening; listening to the meandering of the streamlets through the land. We hope you, too, will find the romance in nature and experience all the joys it holds on your next Little Eden holiday.

The Critters and Creepers of the Ravine

Zebra-stic News!

We are elated by the exciting news of a precious zebra foal joining our zebra herd at Little Eden. The foal made its debut with the herd during December 2020, much to the excitement of guests and staff. Zebras are highly sociable animals. They live in small family groups (small herds) of about 3 to 10 comprising of a few mares, young zebras, and an adult stallion. Larger herds are sometimes seen, but this usually occurs when different herds come together temporarily. Occasionally, bachelor herds are formed; these herds consist of a few stallions only, who will band together until they can start their own herds. Zebras are also highly gregarious and often mix with gnu, impala, giraffe and other herbivores.


‘Little’ Mocking Man

This ‘Little’ mocking man, a rather loose translation of the Afrikaans word Koggelmander, also alternatively known as a Southern Rock Agama, was spotted by the Resort Manager. ‘Little’ mocking man is a rather fitting name for this tiny fella because during mating season the blokes will bob their heads to show assertiveness, but funnily enough, this mannerism comes across more like a mockery of each other’s movement than a display of dominance. Interestingly, Southern Rock Agamas can change their skin colour. This is not quite the same as with chameleons: males can lose their intense blueish breeding colours in favour of brown and grey colours. For males, their bright blue faces and torsos attract the attention of females during mating season, though it also makes them more visible to predators, and thus they can revert to their brown tones to blend with the environment.


Little Eden’s Ten-ANTS

A peculiar little creepy-crawly has arrived at Little Eden and constructed a strange-looking nest as a temporary ten-ANT. One of our guests spotted this weird nest during a hiking excursion. After conducting some research about these odd-looking ants, we have concluded that these are in fact Savannah Spiny Sugar Ants. These ants are the largest Polyrhachis in the region, with workers about 9 to 14 mm in length, depending on the colony and/or locality. They are a common soil- or grass-nesting savannah species with a very wide distribution in sub-Saharan Africa, although not in rain forests. Their colour is overall dull black, but with their extreme pubescence they usually appear grey; they also have many erect hairs on all parts of their body. Have you, too, seen strange-looking creepy-crawlies at Little Eden?! Please share them with us via email to and get featured on our Facebook page.


A Birders Experience

Little Eden is a nature lover’s paradise and a modern-day Eden; it is, therefore, no surprise that your home-away-from-home has an abundance of birds nesting in the surroundings. The strategic location, alongside a ravine and the bushveld environment, makes this the ideal habitat for birds to raise their hatchlings. The Chalets were also thoughtfully constructed in a way that allows birders to easily observe the abundance of birdlife around them from the comfort of their Chalet. A few species of birds which have been spotted on the premises before are the: Coqui Francolin, Southern Masked Weaver and Crested Barbet. Please share your bird snaps with us via email to to get featured on our Facebook page.


New Improvements and Upgrades at Little Eden

The Little Eden Team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible holiday environment and they have been hard at work on the below projects:

zebras baboons
Out with the old, in with the new…

We are so excited to share the news with you of our gorgeous, new L-shaped corner suites and carver chairs that arrived at Little Eden in March 2021. The corner suite and carver chairs replaced the black leather couches in the Stone Chalets. The spring meadow, greyish-green corner suites have soft lines of light grey thread, carefully stitched into the textured fabric – these sofas just add that special ‘je ne sais quoi’ look and feel to our Stone Chalets! We are also in-love with the new chocolate-coloured carver chairs, which complement the interior of the Stone Chalets and
L-shaped suites beautifully.


The kitchen stools' seating in our 8-Sleeper Chalets were upholstered with matching coloured fabric similar to our beautiful new L-shaped corner suites. The new seating offers a comfortable dining experience at the dining counter and we can't wait for you to spend precious time with your family and friends around the dining area. We are also thrilled to share that our gorgeous new scattered cushions have arrived. These leaf print scattered cushions are now carefully placed in our Chalets and complement the new couches and chairs beautifully.


Let’s get cooking…

We are thrilled to share with you that selected Chalets have received new kitchen appliances. These Chalets now boast a black Defy stove and oven, a silver Hisense refrigerator and a silver Defy microwave. We cannot wait for you to enjoy these new appliances during your next getaway at Little Eden.

Resort News
Monkey Chum and our Takeaway Menu get all Spiced Up!
Monkey Chum, our Kiosk, received a bit of a facelift and now stocks sugar, spice and everything nice! The Kiosk now boasts several new items, all for our guests’ convenience. The shop sells handbags, inflatable pool toys, puzzles and many more novelty goodies. Our Takeaway menu has also been all spiced up with a few ‘special’ days added:
  • Wednesday is Hamburger Day
  • Thursday is Waffle Day
  • Valentine's Day

    A “Little” bit of love.

    A summer, sun-kissed glow… A Bushveld breezy balm to ease the soul… Love is in the air with true Little Eden flair! It’s not all just about finding a romantic connection with nature; sometimes a romantic getaway to the beautiful ravine in the Waterberg is all you need to add back a “Little” bit of love to your relationship. Are you visiting Little Eden soon? We have curated a list of romantic-things-to-do in and around Little Eden with your significant other, the next time you visit the Resort:
    Read More
    We are here to help you with those special celebrations!
    Are you celebrating that milestone wedding anniversary soon?! Proclaim your love surrounded by stunning views of the bushveld and a fabulous setting with a romantic getaway to Little Eden. We offer the perfect destination, unique experience and peaceful atmosphere for you and your one and only to commemorate and rekindle your special bond. The Little Eden Team is here to help with a romantic turndown in your Chalet or a romantic set up on the viewpoint – overlooking the stunning, mountainous landscape. During the month of love, we set this romantic turndown up for a proposal on the viewpoint. Not to brag, but let’s just say the Little Eden Team did an excellent job creating the perfect moment for our guest to pop the all-important question and the best news of it all? She said ‘YES’!
    A Lekkerrr Braai…
    We are thrilled to welcome back our famous meet-and-greet bring-and-braai, due to the return to level 2 lockdown regulations! The braai commences every Saturday afternoon; guests bring their own meat and sides and we provide pap and sous, the fire and grids. Join us for a grill and sundowner on your next vacay!
    Valentine's Day

    The Splendours of Nature

    Don’t forget to pause and appreciate the smaller wonders of life. Little Eden’s spectacular sunsets are a must-see, when at the Resort. The brilliantly red and orange hues of sunrays softly highlighting the lush bushveld are just such a wonderful thing to witness.
    Rain in the Ravine
    The billowing clouds, clustering together in the sky above, are another must-see when visiting. It’s just breathtakingly beautiful to see the Cumulus clouds forming over the vast-open countryside, especially from the many strategic sightseeing viewpoints on the property.
    Keep the Good Times Rolling...

    The Little Eden Team remains dedicated to providing an environment for creating everlasting holiday memories. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

    Festive Season 2020
    The Little Eden Team made sure that Festive Spirit was in the air during the holiday season. Reception was adorned with Christmas themed cushions, a Christmas tree and prezzies to welcome all our guests. Guests were handed a golden box decorated with a green, glittery bow and a note - reading: “Season’s Greetings! Wishing you happy holidays and a New Year filled with prosperity and success!” The box was filled with scrumptious sweet biscuits for guests to enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea in the comfort of their Chalet.
    Valentine’s Day
    “Love was in the air” at Little Eden on Valentine’s Day. Reception was beautifully dressed with chalk heart-shaped boards and messages like: “Happy Valentine’s Day”, “Love is Special” and “Love is Good”. Guests were ushered through to check-in where they received delicious cupcakes with pink frosting, thirst-quenching juice and a black box photo frame with two hearts carefully glued on the sides. Also, hand-painted on the box, the words ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘Little Eden’. The guests appreciated the effort the Little Eden Team put into creating such a romantic setting for them over the Valentine’s weekend.
    Easter Celebrations
    The Easter bunny hopped over to Little Eden to decorate the Resort and to make sure all felt the Easter spirit during their stay. The Little Eden Team handed out freshly baked hot cross buns and Easter eggs to guests during check-in. Guests could help themselves to some puffy white popcorn that they could spice with the different popcorn seasonings available inside Reception, as well as some fresh juice. A few items were moved from the Kiosk to Reception so that guests could peruse the selection and make purchases whilst checking-in.
    Mother's Day
    The Little Eden Team had a ‘Little’ something in store for all the mothers visiting during the Mother’s Day celebrations! Upon arrival, guests were welcomed to a beautifully decorated Reception with heart-shaped blackboards and written on them - special messages wishing all our extra fabulous guests a Happy Mother’s Day. The kiddos could join the Little Eden Team just around the corner from Reception for some arts and crafts; there they made hand-painted prints on a wooden tray and wrote a special message for mom, which they later handed over to her. The Resort Team was also selling scrumptiously-cinnamon-sugary-good pancakes for guests to savour while celebrating their moms! Yummy!
    Expand Your Holiday Horizons

    Uni-Vate Properties, an affiliated partner of VRS-Managed Resorts, is offering our valued Shareholders the opportunity to expand their Holiday Portfolio with these incredible ownership options. Browse a wide range of holiday weeks available at these prestigious destinations:

    Mount Amanzi
    Mount Amanzi

    Situated in the heart of Hartbeespoort, Mount Amanzi is the ideal Resort for family and friends to make memories to last a lifetime. The Resort offers a relaxing holiday experience - quite literally on your doorstep, for those living in Gauteng. Experience the beauty and tranquillity that Mount Amanzi offers.

    Learn More
    Mabalingwe Nature Reserve

    Enjoy even more holidays at your favourite destination! Mabalingwe is all about the distinct scent of the beautiful bushveld and lush grasslands that surround the Reserve, the smell of the fire and the aroma of your favourite braai items sizzling on the grid. It’s all about NATURE, FAMILY and FUN!

    Learn More
    Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve

    The gem of Mpumalanga; where unspoilt countryside stretches and rolls in every direction and cosy chalets overlook the gleaming dams and waterways is calling you home! The accommodation and activities at Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve were designed with the family experience in mind.

    Learn More

    The possibilities for more precious moments and memorial experiences with family and friends is only a click away.
    We look forward to creating more everlasting holiday memories with you!

    Visit the Uni-Vate Properties website for more options at other holiday Resorts!

    African Blessings

    Jochebed Children's Village is the heart of African Blessings and the vision upon which the charity organisation was founded. Jochebed comprises of 16 cottages (of which two are currently complete, furnished and occupied) set on the African Blessings Farm. Rather than operate in the mannerisms of the traditional orphanage, each child is placed with a loving family and will grow to reach their full potential within a functional household on the property. There is a well-known African proverb that says "It takes a village to raise a child". It certainly rings true and we believe that the entire African Blessings Farm community and all living here are responsible for shaping and positively influencing the lives of the children; educating and raising them to be leaders.
    This is only the start of our vision – help us reach our dreams of offering this safe haven to more children in need.

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    In Closing
    As the first half of 2021 comes to a close, and we turn to the first page of the next chapter of this year; we hope you will find the time to take a moment to breathe and refresh your mind. Let us borrow a page from nature: just like the mighty sun sets on the horizon and lays its head down when the day ends, so too should we take some much-needed time to rest, regroup and reinvigorate. This connects back to the idea of finding romance in nature: it’s all about forming a unity with nature.
    It’s without doubt that on your next getaway to the ever-so-beautiful Little Eden, that nature will be a fundamental part of your experience. We are sure that your romance with nature entails - tranquillity, finding peace of mind and experiencing a state of calm in this stunning oasis. We are thrilled to host you at your home-away-from-home and believe that you, too, will find a romantic connection to the natural splendour of your exquisitely beautiful ‘Little’ gem.
    Warm Regards
    Marjorie Forssman
    VRS – Managing Director 
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