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Mabalingwe - The Oasis Update
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Greetings to you from the foot of the Mankelekele Mountain in the magnificent province of Mpumalanga. How exciting to be at the start of the Festive Season! We can hardly believe that the 2021 year is almost done, but we are delighted that so many of our Shareholders chose to spend their annual week with us this year. Shareholders and guests alike seemed to relish the dose of peace and tranquility that time spent in these gorgeous surrounds provides, more than ever before. For our part, we appreciated every opportunity to enrich your lives and help you create the best possible memories while on holiday with us. The immediate Sudwala area has seen some exciting and fun events this year, which is great for both locals and guests. But it’s the stunning scenery and


world-renowned natural attractions of the surrounding areas and the greater Panorama Route that have proved to be the main attraction; as many sought respite and escape from the pressures of daily life, by immersing themselves in experiencing the best our Country has to offer. And let’s face it, Sudwala Lodge really is perfectly positioned for some of SA’s most spectacular sights and escapades!

But, before we whisk you off into the heartland, we’d like to share some of what our busy and passionate Sudwala Team have been up to over the last 6 months, in the course of their ongoing mission to create the environment for your everlasting holiday memories.

Interior Upgrades

Extensive flood damage (January 2021) along the banks of the Houtbosloop River has been attended to, as well as pre-empted for future, through the placement and installation of gabion rock cage retainers.

Interior Upgrades

Our Mini Golf course has been revamped and is looking fantastic, with new carpeting and new perimeter fencing.


The water supply line at A Block has been replaced. The leaking pipe was imbedded deep under the walkway and the exercise entailed a fair bit of excavation to reach the damaged pipe.


Your input counts a lot! When our Shareholders have something to say, we listen! A roof has been installed over the Hot Tub to prevent leaves falling into the water. Leaves in the Hot Tub is a ‘niggle’ that our Shareholders brought to our attention. Thank you!


While the roof was being erected, we took advantage of the opportunity to service the heat pumps for the Hot Tub.


We have been, systematically, replacing the Car Park shade cloths, which were damaged by baboons; and, at the same time, repairing parking bays to ensure that our valued guests and Shareholders have safe, easy access in and out of their vehicles.


Our main swimming pool has had a complete makeover and is looking even more inviting than ever! The marbelite has been entirely redone and all of the paving around the pool has been replaced.


Block C and Block 100 - 400 have received new sleeper-couches.


One of the enduringly popular on-site activities at Sudwala Lodge is the strenuous, but worthwhile, guided Blue Hiking Trail. This trail wends its way up the Mankelekele Mountain where – at the top – participants are rewarded with spectacular views.

But, for those who would prefer a more leisurely hike, we have recently completed the development of a new self-walk walking/hiking route on the property, called the Yellow Hiking Trail. The start of the trail is near the horse paddock and is clearly indicated with yellow-marked poles and arrows. The route includes a bridge water-crossing and various picnic areas have been established, with benches, along the way.

Be sure to enquire at Reception on your next visit!

We love any excuse for a celebration and an opportunity to spoil or guests and Shareholders!


Father’s Day 2021

We hosted a crazy Caveman Golf event for the dads on Father’s Day, which was an absolute blast (and absolutely hilarious!)!

Our guest and Shareholder dads loved the specially arranged activity and great fun was had by all.


Heritage Day 2021

Heritage Day (and National Braai Day!) was celebrated in style with fresh wors, piping hot off the braai, to welcome guests on arrival.


Happy Honeymooners

A honeymoon couple were treated to a special romantic turndown and gift, including beautiful flowers, sparkling wine and sweet treats!

Did you know?


The Sudwala Caves are said to be the oldest known caves in the world.
The caves actually predate the African continent and are estimated to be 240 million years old! They were formed at a time when the entire Southern Hemisphere, as well as the Arabian Peninsula and Indian sub-continent were still joined together in the Gondwanaland supercontinent.


Within the Sudwala Caves Amphitheatre and spacious corridors, the temperature remains a consistent temperature of 17°C, year round. This is due to natural ‘air-conditioning’, as a result of a steady stream of fresh, cool air that flows into the caves from an unknown source! To this day, no one has been able to discover what or where the source of the stream of fresh air is!

Interior Upgrades

RHS believes that we have an opportunity and responsibility to play a role in helping solve South Africa’s challenges and acknowledges that we are only at the beginning of this journey. In a country facing countless economic, social and environmental challenges, RHS is committed to sustainable growth and to fostering positive change in the communities we live and work in.

Read the full article on our Sudwala Blog
Click here to go to our blog

Of course, as we prep for the upcoming Festive Season, our Shareholders are in our thoughts and so, we thought we’d share a Sudwala Christmas gift idea that you might enjoy; as well as a super summer braai recipe, designed to keep you out of the kitchen, but still enjoying lip-smacking meals over the holiday season!

Interior Upgrades
Sudwala’s Sweet & Spicy Coated Nuts
Interior Upgrades
Grotto’s Spicy Chicken and Pineapple Braai Kebabs

Time for a (holiday) change?

We are offering you the opportunity to upgrade your Sudwala Lodge week, or swap your week for a Crystal Springs week.
Sudwala Lodge, in a joint venture with the developer, is offering you the opportunity to swap your week at Sudwala Lodge for a week at Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge (www.crystalsprings.co.za).
As a long-standing Sudwala Lodge Shareholder, you may be asking why?

Over the years, having spoken to many guests and Shareholders, we have come to realise that the unit configuration at Sudwala Lodge does not always fit the needs of a family or large group, especially in the smaller units. We have also noticed that occupancy levels are not what they used to be and are hoping that those Shareholders who do not occupy their Sudwala Lodge weeks will be able to make better use of a week at Crystal Springs.

Therefore, we are offering Shareholders the opportunity to transfer their week to a larger unit at Crystal Springs, as we believe it may offer you more comfortable holidays.

In order to help you consider this option from all angles, here are some of the additional benefits you would enjoy if you did opt to swap:

Interior Upgrades

Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge is a Four Star graded Resort (Tourism Grading Council of SA)

Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge is a Gold Crown Resort (RCI)

The Resort’s Gold Crown rating may offer you more exchange value when exchanging your week

Interior Upgrades

You will be upgraded to a larger unit than your current unit at Sudwala Lodge

You still get to enjoy all the beauty, sights and famous tourist attractions of Mpumalanga, as the Resort is within 90 minutes of Sudwala Lodge


Even though you would be moving to a Gold Crown Resort, the annual Crystal Springs Resort levy is comparative with what you are paying now

Interior Upgrades

There will be no capital cost to transfer your week to Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs offers a full onsite Restaurant, Pizzeria and Bar

Interior Upgrades

Crystal Springs offers a Spa and an adults-only Clubhouse, with Gym, Sauna, Steam Room, Indoor Heated Pool and Hot Tubs

Interior Upgrades

Crystal Springs is home to a
2 400 hectare game farm, with plentiful birdlife and wild animals such as zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, antelope and even leopard inhabiting the area, which can be enjoyed during Guided Game Drives

Interior Upgrades

Crystal Springs’ guests have their pick of 3 outdoor cold water swimming pools and 3 heated swimming pools onsite

There is a Convenience Shop and Liquor Store onsite at Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs has four different Hiking and Walking Trails to choose from

As mentioned, these benefits are designed to keep you enjoying an annual timeshare holiday, with benefits that may suit you. Should the option to transfer to Crystal Springs be something you are interested in,
please click on this LINK so that we can contact you.

Should you wish to remain a shareholder at Sudwala Lodge, we will of course be delighted that you are staying on and you will continue to enjoy all the benefits of your shareholding at this super holiday destination! Please be assured that any Sudwala week that becomes available, due to a Shareholder relocating to Crystal Springs, will be replaced by a new Shareholder who will, consequently, cover the corresponding levy to ensure that Sudwala Lodge continues to be well supported financially.

Furthermore, should you wish to remain a Shareholder at Sudwala Lodge, we can also look at moving you to a larger unit at Sudwala Lodge. Should you be interested in this option, please click this LINK so we can contact you.

Expand Your Holiday Horizons

Uni-Vate Properties, an affiliated partner of RHS, is offering our valued Shareholders the opportunity to expand their Holiday Portfolio. Browse a wide range of holiday weeks available at a variety of destinations.

The possibilities for more precious moments and memorial experiences with family and friends is only a click away.
We look forward to creating more everlasting holiday memories with you!

Visit the Uni-Vate Properties website for more options at other holiday Resorts!
African Blessings


African Blessings seeks to build a generation that has risen against all odds, yet is ready, prepared and confident to take a seat at the table. They aim to help the children in their care to join a new generation of leaders who solve problems and find new and creative ways to grow and improve through equity, distribution and edification.
Read more about African Blessings and all their projects
Be part of the change. Join African Blessings on their journey to empower and uplift children in need.

VRS Options

Deposit and exchange your holiday on Options
Not only can you Deposit your holiday and receive Tokens to the value of that holiday to use to Book an alternative holiday at another Resort, at another time; you also have access to a variety of other sister Resorts in the Options Exchange Pool for a different holiday experience.

Holidays that are still in the Options Exchange Pool, 21 days prior to the occupation date, are eligible to go on sale as Bonus Breaks that can be booked from R1399.


Important Notices

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We would like to remind our valued Shareholders to kindly check and sign off on inventories upon arrival at your home-away-from-home unit. An inventory list is available in your unit; any discrepancies must please be reported at Reception.
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In Closing...

As this year comes to an end and we look forward, with anticipation, to all of the holiday moments to be shared in 2022, we are so grateful to be on this journey along with you! At the 2021 sun sets over our special mountain, we can hear the Houtbosloop River burbling along gently. This is the perfect backdrop for the beautiful holiday memories made and all the highlights of a good year, enjoyed by all.


All that remains is to extend festive greetings to you and your family. Keep in mind, as we look to the New Year; hold on to what is good and edifying in your life and let go of things that no longer serve your journey well.

Festive Season Greetings!
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