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Mabalingwe - The Oasis Update
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The annual whale-watching and sardine run have set the warmer seasons upon our little seaside Resort. Visitors have flocked to the coast to see the world’s largest animals breach the surf and showcase their magnificent tails to the cheer of onlookers, while shoals of sardines, darting from dolphin pods and sharks in a frenzy, have caused an excited stir with the local crowds. These events have brought life back to the town, after a cold winter. Laughter, enthusiastic chats and the summer vibe have returned to our


shores and put smiles on our faces. This is possibly the best season; when families and friends return to their holiday homes along the South Coast to share in precious memories. The past six months have been wonderful for us, here at Kridzil, and we have so appreciated every holidaymaker’s visit. With the Festive Season planning well underway, we would like to take the time to share these past memories with you, our valued Shareholders…

to Our Kridzil Family!

The Kridzil Team has recently welcomed three new ladies to the Team; all with a passion for service and a personality for positivity. We look forward to seeing them flourish in their roles and hope you’ll take the time to say hello on your next visit. Keep an eye out for:

Interior Upgrades

Carien Dippenaar
Carien has returned from her journey, learning from other VRS-Managed Resorts, and re-joined the Kridzil Team on the 2nd of August this year as the Operations Manager. She looks forward to guiding Kridzil to new heights!

Interior Upgrades

Ntombi Dlezi
Ntombi was welcomed to the Housekeeping Team on the 8th of September. Guests adore her sparkling personality and have indicated that she is indeed a wonderful addition to the Kridzil Family.


Cathy Christensen
Cathy transferred from Uvongo River Resort a day after Ntombi’s arrival, on the 9th of September. She is the new Front Office Administrator and has made waves with upholding her duties in her new role.

The Kridzil Team remains dedicated to providing you, our valued Shareholders, with the best holiday experience possible. Part of this mission includes regular maintenance and updates of your beloved home-away-from-home, to ensure that every square inch of your holiday unit remains well-loved. Here are some of the refurbishments we’ve been up to:

Interior Upgrades

Surge protection plugs have been installed on all appliances to ensure longevity during power outages.

Interior Upgrades

The project of painting the exterior of all our buildings commenced in May of this year. The process included painting the: walls, ceiling, doors and frames, balustrades and rails.


The air-conditioners of all B-Block apartments have been uplifted and replaced with modern, more efficient units.


The onsite Laundry received new laundry machines; there are three new Eco-Range SpeedQueen washers and three dryers. All new appliances are more water and electricity efficient.


A few kitchen appliances, in select apartments, have been replaced; three televisions, four fridges and five microwaves.


Kridzil has also officially changed all linen and towels across the Resort to crisp, white replacements. This change keeps us in alignment with our RCI Silver Crown Grading.


Heritage Day

On the 24th of September this year we welcomed our guests with true South African style: a delicious boerie roll braai! The delicious scent wafted into the air and tempted many of our visitors who quickly took to gather outdoors with their lunch in-hand, celebrating the afternoon with us.

Our Team adorned traditional garb and everyone loved how their cultures were showcased. Each guest also received a special gift of Kridzil’s homemade spice mix.


Birthday Guests

The Kridzil Team loves making a fuss of all our guests and ensuring that everyone has a wonderful time at the Resort. Birthdays are an even bigger reason to celebrate! Mrs Jordaan recently visited Kridzil on her birthday and the Team ensured that her day was made special. We all got together to sing to her on the morning of and then present her with a handmade spice rack as a special present from the Kridzil Team.

Don’t forget to let us know if you are celebrating a milestone while staying at Kridzil – we’d love to celebrate with you!


The Annual Sardine Run

Each year, between May and July, a large number of sardines migrate across the South African coast – from the Cape to Kwa-Zulu Natal. Subsets of this group, for unknown reasons, follow a warm current East and place themselves along the shores of Margate.

This year members of the Kridzil Team joined onlookers and fishermen at the beach to take part. Bucket-loads of the nutritious food source were shared among spectators to take home and enjoy in their favourite sardine dishes.

What To Do With Your Bounty From The Sardine Run
Interior Upgrades

Each Sardine Run season the Kridzil Team is asked our recommendations for preparing this oil-rich fish. We’ve given it some thought and taken a look at online recipes to find a fresh and healthy pairing we think compliments the fresh catch and offers bursts of flavour!

Interior Upgrades

Get the full recipe on our Kridzil Blog
Click here to go to the recipe

We look forward to your arrival at Kridzil Holiday Apartments. It is always a pleasure to welcome you and your family after the long roadtrip; to see families emerge from their units in bright cozzies and flipflops for a day at the beach or into the bustling vibes of the surrounding town. We’d like to remind you to check out these blogs so you can plan awesome excursions for you and your family!

Interior Upgrades
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Interior Upgrades

Interior Upgrades
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Interior Upgrades

Interior Upgrades
Krizil's Bucket List

Interior Upgrades

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Important Notices
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We would like to remind our valued Shareholders to kindly check and sign off on inventories upon arrival at your home-away-from-home unit. An inventory list is available in your unit; any discrepancies must please be reported at Reception.
Keep In Touch With Us

While the remainder of 2021 is set to showcase many more wonders of life on the South Coast, we would like to pencil you a short and sweet thank you note. Your ongoing support, and adoration for your home-away-from-home destination, has kept our spirits high and our hearts warm, during the fun times, but also the more difficult waves of the past two years. As always, the Kridzil Team looks forward to welcoming you and your

families for more everlasting holiday memory-making, for the end of 2021 and into the New Year. From the Kridzil Team to you and your families: we hope you have a wonderful Festive Season, filled with quality time with friends and family, generous meals and gratitude. “It is not about your presents, but it is about your presence. Therein lies the spirit of the holiday season.”

Festive Season Greetings!
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director 

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