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Mabalingwe - The Oasis Update
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Taking pause to reflect on a moment earlier in the year: We were watching as the most magnetic storm clouds brewed on the horizon, thunder rumbled through the dark formations and from where we stood a column of rain burst forth to quench the landscape directly beneath it. To the left of this spectacle was a sight even more magnificent; the sun was still shining a warm glow and a brilliantly-hued rainbow formed in the chasm between the storm and the sunlight. While we didn’t take note of the symbolism of this sight at the time, now we can appreciate its message.


This unique combination of calm and chaos is not unlike the past year we have all braved together. While there have been hardships faced throughout South Africa, due to COVID-19, the Kagga Kamma Team chose to turn towards the sunlight; towards positivity, laughter and returning to normalcy. We’ve appreciated so much throughout the past year, much of which we would not have been able to enjoy or celebrate without you, our valued Shareholders. Before we bid 2021 adieu, join us on a peek back into the past six months!

{Least Concern}

Often confused for the Rinkhals Spitting Cobra, the Cape Cobra is typically golden brown and can grow to a length of 1.2m. These snakes love hiding in the rocky crevices of the sandstone formations found at Kagga Kamma and are very agile; able to scurry across, or climb rocks, with ease. Cape Cobras hunt small rodents and lizards throughout the day and are considered a farmer’s ‘friend’ as they control the rodent population on farmlands.


{Least Concern}

The male Malachite Sunbird is a beautifully feathered bird that sports iridescent green feathers and a long, slim beak, while females are paler in tone. The species is found throughout South Africa and as far as Ethiopia, as well. Malachites are nectarivores; they thrive on the nectar of fynbos plants and can often be seen feeding from pin-cushion proteas. These birds are crucial in pollenating the wide array of flora at Kagga Kamma.


{Least Concern}

While the Armadillo Girdled Lizard is classified as that of ‘least concern’, the species is considered largely under threat from human hunting activities. This species of lizard makes its’ home in tight crawlspaces within the rock formations and will ideally choose a location nearest termite mounds; their preferred food source. It is also one of the few lizard species who give birth to live young instead of laying eggs and families can reach up to 60 individuals.

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve recently welcomed three new Nature Guides to the Team! While we wish the previous members well on their new adventures, we cannot wait for you to meet your new Nature Guides; they’re overflowing with passion and excitement at the adventures to be shared!

Interior Upgrades

Zahn recently joined the Kagga Kamma Team and cannot wait to welcome you on one of his guided excursions! Zahn has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the region with guests and particularly loves sharing information on reptiles and invertebrates, such as the scropion and spider. In his free time he enjoys competing in trail run events, playing squash and reading up on nature.

Interior Upgrades

Danike is the latest addition to the Nature Guide Team. She found her love for nature when completing her FGASA Field Guiding course at Ulovane and thereafter spent time gaining experience at a Lodge in the Eastern Cape. Her favourite excursion is the Rock Art Tour as she has a passion for the Khoi and San heritage and their incredible history.


Opportunity came knocking for Ryno when a position at Kagga Kamma became available and he has not looked back. His passion for the environment and field guide work is evident on a daily basis and he loves sharing his knowledge with our guests. Ryno adores the Stargazing Tour and sharing the constellations with guests, who are often left starstruck, through the telescope.

The Kagga Kamma Team remains dedicated to providing you, our valued Shareholders, and guests, with the best possible holiday environment. Part of this ongoing mission is to ensure that every inch of your beloved home-away-from-home remains in tip-top shape; from the comfort of your private chalet through to the Main Lodge facilities. We hope you’ll explore more of Kagga Kamma on your next visit to take advantage of these refurbishments!

Interior Upgrades

The eight-sleeper Chalet boma’s are currently receiving a facelift. A new tone of red, aimed to fit the theme of Kalahari sand, will liven up the space, while the fire-pits are receiving some tender-love-and-care for an improved braaing experience.

Interior Upgrades

A firm favourite amongst guests must be the guided Quad Bike Adventure excursion; exploring the region up-close-and-personal makes for an incredible outing. Part of Kagga Kamma’s upgrade plans included the purchase of three new Polaris Quad Bikes to replace the older models.

Interior Upgrades

Savouring lunch on the Restaurant Terrace while studying the rocky formations certainly is a treat. The talented Maintenance Team recently constructed new, wooden tables and chairs for the patio; a clean, natural look for a well-loved dining nook.

“Creating an environment for everlasting holiday memories” is at the core of all that we do at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. Throughout the year we experience moments of utter bliss and it is a privilege to be able to
share so many of these moments with guests. Here’s the latest in news, from Kagga Kamma:


Snow Season

During the month of July, the Kagga Kamma Team woke, regularly, to scatterings of powdered snow across the fynbos landscape. The dedicated Teams’ children squealed with delight upon seeing the snow and the Team soon found themselves throwing snowballs and building snowmen. Guests thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience of seeing the desert-like region transform overnight and put the Chalet fireplaces to good use or visited the Restaurant for hearty, warming meals alongside the indoor crackling fire.


Flower Season

Not long after the last of the snow melted away, the Kagga Kamma Team welcomed spring and the stunning, and colourful, array of wildflowers. The first fynbos unfurled to display brilliant petals towards the end of August and since then the Nature Guides have stumbled across a number of incredible, and rare, flower species. There are over 1000 species of flowering fynbos in the Cederberg and most can be viewed on the surrounding Nature Reserve of the Lodge.


Pieter De Waal

In loving memory of Pieter De Waal, one of the founders of Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. The Kagga Kamma Team, and members of the board, recently unveiled this beautifully crafted bench near Reception to pay homage to Pieter De Waal. We will forever be grateful to his dedication to this beautiful place. "We honour his wonderful, creative legacy."


Bontebok Calf

During September of 2020 the Nature Guides uncovered that one of the Bontebok had been expertly hiding a pregnancy throughout winter and she gave birth for the first time. The Team was once again surprised to learn that she welcomed into the world Kagga Kamma’s second Bontebok calf just shy of a year later! While the first calf is now a juvenile and well on her way to being fully grown, she and the new-born tag along with the female and the rest of the herd. The Team is elated to know that the conservation of this species at Kagga Kamma continues to thrive.

Celebrations for a Lifetime of Memories

Our Team is dedicated to offering guests the best possible experience when staying with us. From memorable surprises to themed dinners and holiday entertainment; take a look at the few ways we made everyone’s stay even more special…

Mothers Day

Father’s Day

Father’s Day was an explosion of excitement at Kagga Kamma as the Team hosted guests for an exciting guided hike along the 4km trail and delicious three-course dinner at the Restaurant. Families gathered indoors in the warm glow of the fire and enjoyed mains of braised lamb shank and vegan chickpea curry before ending the evening on a sweet note with pillowy malva pudding and vanilla ice-cream; a classic dessert to warm guests during the cooler winter months. Each dad also went home with a sweet box of beer-themed sugar cookies with a hand-crafted bottle opener from the Kagga Kamma Team.

Mothers Day

Women’s Day

Each special day and Public Holiday is celebrated in some way at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. On Women’s Day our female guests were welcomed with a warm smile and a gift; a handmade keyring with a sweet, flower-shaped, sugar cookie. Throughout Women’s Month the Spa Team also celebrated the strong women in our lives by offering a 10% discount on all full body massages; a treat the guests certainly enjoyed.


Heritage Day

There’s nothing the Kagga Kamma Team loves more than sharing their passion for South Africa’s culture and history. Heritage Day saw the Team dress in bright colours and traditional garb to pay homage to their families, while every guest was welcomed with refreshments and handmade fire-lighter kits to celebrate South Africa’s favourite pastime: braaing. On the evening of the 24th of September, Restaurant guests were seated around the glowing embers of a boma fire while the Executive Chef served traditional roosterkoek; it was a lovely evening under a cloudless sky.


School Holidays

Every year Kagga Kamma ushers families through check-in, and smiles fondly at all the children who step out onto the red sands of the Nature Reserve with awe-struck expressions at the ‘out-of-this-world’ surroundings. The Entertainment Team hosts regular family-friendly activities for all of the kids to enjoy, from painting traditional San rocks as keepsakes to guided hikes exploring the flora of the Reserve – there’s something for every member of the family to enjoy at Kagga Kamma during the school holidays!

Interior Upgrades

2021 has been a blessing of celebrations for the Kagga Kamma Team, and we’re delighted to know that so many bridal couples have chosen Kagga Kamma to host their intimate elopement or lavish wedding throughout this year. The Wedding Team expertly crafted, and executed, delectable dinners, beautiful décor and quality service delivery to ensure that each couple could relax and enjoy their special day.

Interior Upgrades

Here’s some wonderful feedback from one such couple, Mr & Mrs Kohn:

We would like to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you for the exceptional service on our wedding day; 27 April 2021. Kagga Kamma was a vision of beauty, inside and out! Our family and friends thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful setting, delicious food and the great service that you and your Team provided. We received glowing feedback from our guests and we couldn't be happier. We felt like we just showed up and you all just took care of each detail. It was all just so perfect. You are without a doubt THE BEST WEDDING VENUE I have ever seen! Picture-perfect; a photographer’s dream shoot. Your Team was professional and met every one of our requests with the most pleasant, charming, helpful, and hospitable attitudes. Compliments to the Chef - the food was amazing! Our guests were very impressed. And a huge thanks for your thoughtful wedding gift that was waiting for us in our Honeymoon Suite. You literally did not leave a rock unturned. Everything was perfect and we could not have chosen a better place nor more wonderful people!

Interested to find out more about weddings at Kagga Kamma? reservations@kaggakamma.co.za
or visit our website here

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In Closing...
Looking back on the past six months at Kagga Kamma has put a smile on our faces, and we hope on yours, too. The Team remained dedicated to providing the best possible holiday environment for all our guests, despite the lingering of COVID-19. Our decision to remain positive, enjoy little moments of holiday bliss with our valued Shareholders and guests, and ongoing commitment to creating the environment for everlasting holiday memories has never once wavered. As the saying goes,
“the proof is in the pudding”, and it is evident, from the memories found in these pages, that laughter, enjoyment and special moments were aplenty throughout 2021. Only the festive season holidays of 2021 are left ahead of us all; we hope you’ll take the time to relax, spend quality time with family and enjoy the festive season before stepping into the New Year with us. “Christmas is the season of joy, of gift-giving, and of families united.”
Festive season greetings!

Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director 
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