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Looking back on the past two years and the ground we have regained since the first lockdown, has filled our hearts with joy, appreciation and an overwhelming sense of gratefulness. The year 2021 quickly gained momentum and the likeness to spring returning to the Kruger cannot go unnoticed. The dull, dry winter was chased away by rebirth; the landscape grew lush, flowers unfurled and the wildlife emerged to enjoy the bounty of spring. Just as spring brought back colour and life to the floodplains, so too has Ngwenya witnessed the


life our valued Shareholders, and guests, brought back to their treasured “Jewel at the Kruger”. Our hearts have soared seeing everyone check-in to their home-away-from-home; visiting the numerous viewing-decks, taking part in our holiday activities and coming together at Le Fera Restaurant. We remain grateful for every moment spent with you. Before we turn the page of the New Year, allow us to share all the wonderful holiday moments from the past six months:


The Tokyo Olympics certainly have received a lot of attention during the course of the season as a number of South African athletes made their countrymen well pleased. While the human race competed internationally, back home the Kruger National Park wildlife enjoyed Olympic sports of their own. Visit the Kruger Sightings blog here to watch the highlights of: a leopard partaking in gymnastics before heading into the Olympic Village (Singita Ebony Lodge) for refreshments, two elephant bulls fencing, the great ant race, and so much more.

Water Monitor

Mr and Mrs Grove were recently admiring the Ngwenya gardens, when they came across a Water Monitor laying a clutch of eggs in her burrow! The gestation period of a Water Monitor is between 4 and 6 weeks, though incubation will last for up-to 7 months. At birth, the young are completely independent and will quickly grow to become skilled hunters. Did you know? Water Monitors play a vital role in supporting a healthy ecosystem; they hunt crabs, as well as venomous snakes – though they aren’t opposed to scavenging either!


Affectionately referred to as the ‘Painted Wolves of Africa’, the Wild Dog packs of the Kruger are thriving. Back in 2009 the population size was believed to be 120 individuals, but now, through the efforts of SANParks and EWT, the population is believed to be in the region of 500 individuals, with the Kruger National Park home to 30 packs. Pack monitoring has been made easier by the use of tracking collars, which feed data back to the onsite monitoring team every two hours. Read more about the collars, here. Revisit the Ngwenya blog on Wild Dogs here.

Remember to share your images and stories with the Ngwenya Team to be featured on social media and in our newsletters!



The Ngwenya Lodge family extends across the globe and, since first opening our doors in 1989, a number of families have been enjoying annual escapes to the authentic bushveld experience Ngwenya has become so well-known for. With this in mind, the Ngwenya Team remains dedicated to providing the best possible holiday environment – here’s all the ways we’ve kept your home-away-from-home in tip-top shape:

Le Fera Restaurant awnings

Annual service of the Water Purification Plant, including filter media and equipment, has been completed.


The boundary fence between the Lodge and KNP has been replaced and divided into zones with a mobile platform to notify management of faults along the new fencing.

Hippo Bend Chalet

Ngwenya’s speed bumps were repainted.

New ovens, hobs and cooker hoods

New modular steel carports with chromodec sheeting and LED spotlights are being erected throughout the Resort. 79% complete.


The ranch fencing has received a new coat of carbolineum paint and sections of the fence were replaced with new CCA treated timber.

Resort gardens

A new selection of scatter cushions, made to complement the existing décor, have been brought in to all Chalets.

new lamp shades and pendant shades

The veranda chairs have been replaced with sturdy steel and wood chairs, which are durable and comfortable.

new artwork

All fridges are in the process of being updated to new models. This project will be ongoing for a three-year period.


All doors are receiving some TLC in the form of being sanded down and treated with Woodoc and/or having their interior and exterior handles replaced.

new living room rugs

Started in 2020, the process of replacing the sleeper couches, sofas and tub chairs in all Chalets has been completed.

mosquito doors

The Le Fera Shop got an upgrade with a new wine and select treats display.

Chalet Bedroom updates

New single premium mattresses have been purchased and are being replaced in all the Chalets. This is ongoing and should be completed soon.

new living room rugs

New ovens, hobs and cooker hoods are being installed in select Chalets.

Chalet Bedroom updates

The Garden Team have been hard at work treating the flowerbeds and lawns.

High Speed Broadband Internet: An Update

Just imagine… “Here we are sitting on the porch of our Chalet overlooking the Crocodile River; let's WhatsApp call our children in Australia and tell them about the herd of elephants that have come down to drink! Oops! I forgot – I have run out of data on my cellphone. Hang on! It’s not a problem: Ngwenya Lodge has high-speed Wi-Fi to our Chalet; let’s just connect and call.”

Very soon, this will be a reality for all our Ngwenya Lodge Shareholders, and guests, because the project to implement high-speed broadband throughout the Resort commenced in September 2021 and is well underway.

Longing to enjoy your week away at Ngwenya, but work commitments require that you are able to connect and work remotely? Planning a long-overdue family holiday, but your son has a varsity project due and needs internet access? Love being able to share your Ngwenya sightings with family and friends on Social Media as the excitement happens?


Soon, poor and/or limited internet connectivity at Ngwenya Lodge will be a thing of the past! The first phase of this project involves connecting the Resort via aerial lines to the main fibre feed. Hereafter, fibre lines will be laid across the property and connection points will be installed in each Chalet, as and when they are not being occupied. Completion is estimated for around March 2022, assuming works proceed without incident. It is an extensive project, as there are many metres of fibre optic cable to be installed underground – very carefully, so as not to damage existing gardens or concealed power cables. We are doing our best to install the necessary infrastructure to bring you high-speed broadband without disturbing the magnificent Ngwenya environment or disrupting Shareholders and guests’ well-earned holiday time.

We look forward to announcing the completion of this project and hope you and your families will be delighted with the outcome; it is going to be worth the wait!

Back-Up Generators

We understand the frustrations caused by the Eskom load-shedding schedule, and while the dedicated Ngwenya Team continues to provide support throughout these times, we are happy to announce that the Lodge is working towards a back-up power supply for our valued Shareholders and guests. The large Resort property receives power from six meter points and as such, six generators will be required to maintain power in the Chalets in the event of load-shedding. The first of six generators has been installed; the 6000KVA generator is powered by a Volvo Pentra motor and Leroy Somers Alternator. While plans are underway to install the remaining five generators, we kindly ask our valued Shareholders to remain patient.

Power Factor Correction

As part of our ongoing mission to improve electricity generation efficiency, power factor correction units have been installed at all of the six power supply meter points, as well as at the waste water treatment plant. These units ensure that the correct Eskom power supply factor, of between 0.98 and 1, remains consistent, which in turn reduces the transformer load. This system will ensure that the back-up generators remain efficient when operating in periods of load-shedding, while increasing the lifespan of appliances, motors and pumps.

Recycling For A Brighter Tomorrow

All valued Shareholders are reminded that Ngwenya Lodge supports responsible recycling methods. With this in mind guests are kindly asked to dispose of their refuse in the bins provided in the Chalets. Our dedicated team collects all refuse before sending it to local Komatipoort businesses where sorting and recycling is completed responsibly. This process has been implemented to provide a hassle-free holiday for you, while following strict procedures to ensure that all refuse is categorised, cleaned and recycled effectively and efficiently.

The Ngwenya Lodge Team remains dedicated to providing an environment for creating everlasting holiday memories. Take a look at the special days which were celebrated in the second half of 2021:


Father’s Day

Ngwenya took on a fishing theme to celebrate Father’s Day this year and Reception was beautifully decorated. Streamers and Chinese Lanterns floated down from the rafters in the shape of fish, a wooden boat was staged and the windows were adorned to mimic the algae found in the dams.

Each dad received a thoughtful gift which included a 200ml Epa! sauce and sweet fudge. Families ushered their dads to Le Fera for a braai-themed dinner which featured favourites of potbrood, lamb curry potjie and black forest and berry trifle!


Women’s Day

Ngwenya took to decorating in celebration of every strong, independent and capable woman who is part of the Ngwenya family for Women’s Day. The ever-favourite soft serve ice-cream and flutes of sherry offered a lovely welcome to our guests, while Le Fera flipped pancakes at the doors of Reception. Guests made their way into Reception to check-in and were greeted with lovely décor; Chinese lanterns, inspirational quotes and banners adorned the space. Each female guest was also spoilt with a caring gift bag which included a manicure set. The day was absolutely buzzing with happy vibes.


Heritage Day

Hylton Ross joined in on the fun for Heritage Day by sponsoring a wheelbarrow of ice-cold beers for our guests’ enjoyment upon checking-in. With beverages in-hand, guests made their way to Le Fera’s stall to purchase a moreish boerewors roll and then topped it off with a sweet soft-serve cone indoors. Reception was brightly coloured with the South African flag and the Team hosted a Heritage Day lucky draw! Congratulations are in order for Mrs Gail Williams who took the prize, consisting of a Ngwenya ice bucket with a ‘smores’ kit and Mr Braai Guy spices, home.


Boma Braais

The Ngwenya Team is elated to announce that our Wednesday bring and braai’s have returned! Guests are invited to pack their coolers with their preferred braai meat and head to the boma area where Le Fera provides the sides, and the Team sets the ‘gees’ for a lekker evening in the fresh air.

On the 29th of September this year, our bring and braai was made even more special by Mrs Bezuidenhout’s 40th birthday celebration!

We're excited to announce the arrival of a few new Ngwenya family members; you might have possibly met them already! Please help us in making these kind team members feel at home at Ngwenya Lodge:

Le Fera Restaurant awnings

Anchen Delport
Games Room Attendant

Anchen began her journey with the Team on the 27th of September this year. She adores the entertainment area and spending time with guests. In her spare time, Anchen enjoys cooking, reading and spending quality time with her family.
Hippo Bend Chalet

Madeleine Oosthuizen
Le Fera’s Admin Assistant

Lovingly referred to as ‘Maddi’, Madeleine started working for Le Fera Restaurant on the 16th of April. Her favourite part of the Resort is the authentic bushveld experience, from being right along the Crocodile River which borders the Kruger. Maddi enjoys dancing, fishing and photography in her spare time.

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In Closing

The year 2021 has shared with us so many wonderful holiday moments; of families enjoying the sights and sounds of the bush, of children laughing under bright African skies and of grandparents strolling hand-in-hand through the manicured gardens of Ngwenya – every moment one of joy and relaxation. We look forward to maintaining the momentum of the past year into 2022 with you, our valued Shareholders.


But before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, we hope that you and your families enjoy a blessed Festive Season and that you will take the time to create a few more wonderful, everlasting holiday memories in the present year. And that, by the time 2022 rolls round; you will have made the decision, just as the Ngwenya Team have, to “Enter the New Year with a gratitude for this new chance to create your dreams.”

Festive Season greetings!
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director