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Mabalingwe - The Oasis Update
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One of our favourite things about Mabalingwe life is being able to observe and experience the changing seasons on the Reserve. From brisk winter mornings in a sepia-toned landscape, where the stark silhouettes of leafless trees allow one to peer a little deeper into the bush; to the intense greening that happens seemingly overnight and that heady and glorious scent of petrichor as the first summer rains start to fall! Each season brings its own colour palette and natural delights for us all to enjoy. Each one, its own unique identity and beauty.


It seems as if we have barely caught our breath in 2021 and here we are at the start of the summer season and the wonderful month of December! We cannot help but be excited about the Festive Season that is upon us, and all the accompanying fun and celebrations that we get to share with our dear Shareholders and guests; as well as all of the magic and bushveld treats that summertime at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve has in store. But first, allow us to catch you up on the events and happenings of the last 6 months.

From birthdays to reunions, we love any excuse to celebrate our guests, as well as any special days and occasions!
We love the opportunity to help make a Shareholder or guest’s special celebration even more special!


Spring Day

Having weathered some fierce cold fronts throughout winter 2021, Spring Day finally arrived on 1 September and seemingly, nature quickly decided to follow suit with buds budding and shoots shooting into new life, all over the Reserve. In eager anticipation of the warmer weather, AND because they are recognised in Africa as a traditional expression of “welcome”, guests checking-in that week received pineapples as welcome gifts on arrival. The pineapples added perfectly to the colourful décor the team placed in and around Reception, and the happy spring vibrations.


Heritage Day / Braai Day

Guests were welcomed with Beer on Tap – a free welcome Draught – on Heritage Day, as well as complimentary Le Fera ‘Pap and Kaaiings’ to enjoy during check-in. And, because us 'Saffers' are all about a braai, we also gave each guest a complimentary bag of wood to ensure that everyone was all set for Braai Day!

To add to the fun and good vibes, we also hosted a pop-up mini market outside the Reception area, selling stunning SA local-is-lekker items like ‘vellies’, and also hats, handbags and other goodies.

In August this year we welcomed a new Management Team to the Reserve.

Noël Basson is the new Mabalingwe Nature Reserve Resort Manager and Anel van Wyk, the Financial Administrator.

We also welcomed Martin and Zelda Griessel to the family, who have been appointed as the Operations Manager and the Stock Controller respectively.

Please join us in extending a very warm official welcome to Noël, Anel, Martin and Zelda. We are very excited to have this new team on site and look forward to seeing them bring new life and ideas to our beloved Resort. We wish you all every success and much happiness in your new roles and home!

Interior Upgrades
Hippo Fence: Ingwe Camp

A New Hippo fence has been installed around Ingwe Camp in order to deter elephants and hippos from gaining access to the camp, in the interest of our guests’ safety.

Interior Upgrades
Reception Railing

New steel railings have been fitted at Reception.

Restaurant to Farm Shop pathway Railing

A new replacement hand rail has been installed on the pathway leading from the Le Fera Restaurant to the Farm Shop and Recreational area. Lighting has also been installed along the path to provide for better visibility and our guests’ safety.

Interior Upgrades
Accommodation Décor: New Wall Art

Old wall art and décor items in the units have been replaced with stunning new wildlife prints.

Interior Upgrades
New Laundry

We unfortunately lost the Laundry to a fire during June this year. We are pleased to report that a new laundry site has been identified and building commenced on 1 September.

Phiri 93

We unfortunately also lost unit Phiri 93 in a fire this year, but are happy to advise that the re-build was undertaken and will be completed by the first week of December.

Interior Upgrades
Kitchen Cupboards

A kitchen cupboard refurbishment project was started during the course of the year and is ongoing. The cupboards in several units have already received attention and are looking great. This project is set to be completed by the end of 2022.

Interior Upgrades
Patio Chairs

Plastic patio chairs will be replaced by the end of the year with steel patio chairs at all of the units, at all of the Camps.

Corner Sofa Suites

The replacement of lounge furniture in selected units is ongoing and systematic, as corner sofa suites are introduced to replace the old couches.

Interior Upgrades
Sleeper Couches

30 sleeper couches have been replaced in the 4 sleeper units during 2021, as required and systematically.

Interior Upgrades
Carver Chairs

The Carver chairs in the 4 sleeper units are being reupholstered. This is an ongoing project.

Rangers’ Office: Waiting Area

A comfy, reupholstered couch has been placed in the Rangers’ Office to create a Waiting Area for guests to use when making game drive bookings, or when catching up on updates and information with the Rangers.

Interior Upgrades
Gravel Road Grading

The gravel roads on the reserve have been graded to reduce corrugation and potholes.

Interior Upgrades
Controlled Block Burns

Controlled block burns have been underway, with sections of Witland and Kingfisher Dam already completed. Controlled burns have been scheduled for the remainder of the year, and are undertaken to remove accumulated dead, unproductive and unpalatable plant material in order to combat or prevent bush encroachment.

Bush Clearing Around Units

With the assistance of Working on Fire, the team has implemented bush and veld clearing around all units. The camps were tackled one by one, starting with Kubu Camp. The clearing of veld and bush debris is in aid of general maintenance and as a preventative measure in case of veld fires.

We are all about the quality of your Mabalingwe Nature Reserve experience!
We have introduced an Express Check-in Service for our Shareholders!

While we cannot do away with all the ‘red tape’, we do think that our Shareholders should skip to the front of the queue! That’s why, for your comfort and convenience, we’ve introduced an Express Check-in Service for our Shareholders.

We have set-up a separate Express Check-in area, complete with welcome refreshments for you to enjoy while the check-in procedure is conducted. We look forward to checking YOU in here, very soon!


2021 Wildlife Sightings

It’s been a bumper year for sightings, with way too many exciting ‘spots’ to mention them all! From leopards sitting on the side of the road to elephants roaming past the Farm Shop; and from ostriches patrolling the main road to hippos basking in the sun. It’s also been a year of birdlife a-plenty, with wonderful snapshots taken of the ever-present Fish Eagles and everyone enjoying the antics of the Guinea Fowl traversing between the units. CLICK HERE to book your Guided Game Drive


Le Fera!

Le Fera Restaurant have a new range of select wines. Try one of the Le Fera Premium Selection wines on your next visit.

Nothing feels like holidays like soft serve ice cream! We have a brand new soft serve ice cream machine at Boeretroos.


So many choices, so much to enjoy!

Make sure to stop by any of the onsite eateries for a moment of relaxation and delectable meals on your next visit. Quench your thirst with a view over WP Wessels Dam at Vulture’s View Bar, soak up the vibe and share some yummy pub grub at Kalahari Oasis, enjoy a sweet treat at Boeretroos, or treat the family to a night out at Le Fera Restaurant – every moment with Le Fera is holiday bliss.

If you’re staying with us this Festive Season, be sure to check out our awesome Christmas and New Year’s plans. We would so love for you and your nearest and dearest to join us for these special celebrations! CLICK HERE for more info on our December plans.

Speaking of the FESTIVE SEASON, we also have some excellent GIFT IDEAS if you’re spending time with us, here at Mabalingwe!


Why not select a luxurious Mbali Spa treatment and gift the experience to your special person via a Mbali Spa Gift Voucher they can use during your stay? CLICK HERE to view the treatment list and then contact the Spa team to arrange a voucher: 014 001 7011 | mbali@mabalingwe.com
Booking Essential to avoid dissappointment

VRS Options

Looking for something for him?
Our range of authentic South African ‘vellies’, available from the Farm Shop, are just the thing for that unique and special gift for the special men in your life. Pop down to the Shop and choose the perfect pair and colour for your man.

The Le Fera Team are delighted to share these Festive Season favourite recipes for your enjoyment:

Le Fera Loaded Festive Brownies
Make a batch for the family as a holiday treat, or gift-wrap a few beautifully for the ultimate Christmas gift!

VRS Options

Le Fera Festive Watermelon Margaritas
No SA Summer is complete without the quintessential Watermelon! How about this take on these delicious summer beauties!?


We are so pleased that we have such a passionate group of timeshare owners within the Mabalingwe circle and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your love and passion for the Resort! We have received several letters and online reviews in the course of the year, mostly words of praise, but also feedback on matters that required our attention. Reviews are of the utmost importance to us, as a measure of the quality of our guest experience and of your satisfaction with your Mabalingwe holiday experience. As such, we sincerely appreciate and value the time taken to provide these reviews. We thought we’d take a moment to share some snippets of feedback with you:

Ongoing COVID-19 regulations and restrictions mean that we have not been able to host our ever-popular weekly Bring & Braai this year. Boy, do we miss the interaction with our Shareholders and guests that this provides! But, we do still host our weekly Meet & Greet sessions in the Restaurant, where guests and Shareholders are invited to join the Resort Management Team for a cup of tea or coffee, whilst being entertained by the fun and lively Recreational Team, as well as partake in an information session, hosted by the Game Rangers. We truly value opportunities to interact with our valued Shareholders. Please do come and join us for one of these events on your next visit.

MCPA (Mabalingwe Common Property Association) hosted a voluntary vaccination drive for the Resort personnel in August.

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We look forward to creating more everlasting holiday memories with you!

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VRS Options


Deposit and exchange your holiday on Options
Not only can you Deposit your holiday and receive Tokens to the value of that holiday to use to Book an alternative holiday at another Resort, at another time; you also have access to a variety of other sister Resorts in the Options Exchange Pool for a different holiday experience.

Holidays that are still in the Options Exchange Pool, 21 days prior to the occupation date, are eligible to go on sale as Bonus Breaks that can be booked from R1399.

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We would like to remind our valued Shareholders to kindly check and sign off on inventories upon arrival at your home-away-from-home unit. An inventory list is available in your unit; any discrepancies must please be reported at Reception.

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In Closing

With thoughts of the coming Holiday Season now front-of-mind, we are off to put the finishing touches to our plans to ensure our guests and our Shareholders have the most wonderful time of the year here with us at Mabalingwe (with bells on!). Our sincere thanks to you – our incredible Shareholders – for your support, for your


feedback, for your compliments and for your suggestions – during the course of the 2021 year. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours the happiest Christmas Season and a wonderful New Year, filled with hope, peace, prosperity, good health and, of course, exceptional Mabalingwe holiday experiences!

Season’s Greetings
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director 

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