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Mabalingwe - The Oasis Update
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In retrospect, while the year 2021 may still have been gleaned by the hardships of COVID-19, it certainly did consist of numerous happy memories for the Little Eden Team. From welcoming our valued Shareholders once more for a relaxing breakaway, insightful hikes to the waterfall and watching families splash about the pool in the sunshine – we have certainly enjoyed the holiday memories forged this year and hope you have, too.


We feel at peace now, to sit in these gorgeously green, natural surrounds; to feel the summer’s breeze tug at our hair, hear the chatter of ‘Little’ critters in the undergrowth and soak up the warm sunlight – this is tranquillity at its finest. Our hearts are overflowing to have been able to share this quiet paradise with you, our valued Shareholders and guests, this year. Before we mission on into the New Year, allow us to share our ‘Little’ tales from the past six months…

Surrounded by nature in every direction, Little Eden is an incredible break-away from the hustle and bustle of city-living. We urge our valued Shareholders, and guests, to really unwind when holidaying with us. Stepping back out into nature is a wonderful way to truly relax. Here are a few recommendations:

Interior Upgrades

Pop past the Kiosk to pick up your favourite treats, put together the perfect picnic basket and head outdoors to enjoy a leisurely picnic with friends and family, while cloud-gazing and relishing in the sunny weather. Be sure to pack your picnic basket and blanket for your next trip!

Interior Upgrades

Pack comfortable walking shoes and join the Resort Manager or Guest Relations Officer every Wednesday and Sunday for a leisurely walk to the waterfall; the trail is beautiful. Don’t forget your camera; the scenic waterfall makes an envious backdrop for holiday photos!


Follow the sun! Grab your favourite beverages, along with ice and glasses. Head up to the viewing point, which overlooks the natural surrounds of the Resort and savour the moment with a sundowner. What a relaxing way to end the day...

Ensuring that your home-away-from-home remains in tip-top shape is a priority for the Little Eden Team. Throughout the year, areas requiring some TLC are identified and attended to, while we, ongoing, brainstorm ways to bring you even better service and top-quality facilities. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

Interior Upgrades

Monkey Chum Kiosk received a facelift with freshly painted walls and new shelving. This project is ongoing

Interior Upgrades

The Games Room has been divided and now features an adults section, where the Pool Table and Dart Board have made their new home, as well as a children’s and tots space, which are both currently being updated


The Garden at the entrance of the Resort was recently redesigned, while the Team upcycled some swimming pool pump drums into flower pots


As always, the Little Eden Team is ecstatic to be able to share news about the ‘goings-on’ at your favourite ‘Little’ escape in Cullinan. From big celebrations to watching the Little Eden family grow – every bit of news is worth sharing with you!


Father's Day

The Little Eden Team loves to spoil guests and every special holiday offers up an occasion to do just that. All our dads were welcomed with gusto on Father’s Day, and each father received a handcrafted braai plank as a small token of our appreciation. The gift is an entertainer’s braai essential and even features dedicated slots for accompanying sauces to the meal.


Heritage Day

In celebration of South Africa’s eclectic mix of cultures, the Little Eden Team took to welcome guests for a moreish beef potjie served with samp. The afternoon’s festivities also included our famous bring and braai, while the Entertainment Team kept the children active with traditional games of boeresport, jukskei and Morabaraba. All-in-all guests had a wonderful time and the day was filled with laughter and happy shared memories.


Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

Friday’s are always the best days at Little Eden. Every Friday, Monkey Chum sets up a stall outside Reception and welcomes our arrivals with the adored scent of a boerewors braai. Guests are ushered through the check-in process and then head outdoors into the fresh air to purchase their boerie roll. Guests gather to chat and nibble on their afternoon lunch – it's the perfect way to begin your holiday. Be sure to join us for this lunchtime treat every Friday.


A Visit To Adventure Zone

The Little Eden Team recently had the wonderful opportunity of taking on an adventure with Adventure Zone! Certain Team members opted to enjoy a Quad Bike Safari while others got their adrenalin rushing with Ab-Seiling fun. It was an incredible afternoon of teambuilding and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the outing. Little Eden invites all valued Shareholders to peruse Adventure Zone’s services; simply let them know that you are a guest at Little Eden to claim a 10% discount!


Our Growing Family

Little Eden loves bringing new Team members into the mix to add some fresh perspective and diversity to our family. Ntando Skosana recently joined the Little Eden Team as our Guest Relations Officer. Ntando is 21 years old and is a big people-person; she loves to chat and her personality sparkles when hosting fun activities for our guests. Welcome to our family, Ntando!

Many South African families, and international guests, have journeyed to Cullinan to explore Oak Avenue’s treasures. Eateries, souvenir shops and old-timey photo spots call the original town’s buildings home and the bustling main street makes for an exciting outing. Visitors to the region also likely visit the museums and enjoy a tour of the diamond mines. If you haven’t yet had this opportunity, which we highly recommend, allow us to share some insights into the famous Cullinan diamond.

During the year 1902 a pipe of kimberlite, a rock source known to contain diamond, was discovered. Within that same year the ‘Premier Mine’ was opened, and mining activities began; the discovery of the diamond source, and subsequent mine opening, meant that miners relocated to the area. The town of Cullinan was established in 1903 and two years later the Cullinan diamond was discovered.

Frederick Wells, the Surface Manager of the mine, stumbled across the world’s largest diamond,


5.5m underground, on the 26th of January, 1905. The diamond was classified as a rough, gem-quality diamond weighing 621.35g and was named after the mine owner, Sir Thomas Cullinan. The Cullinan diamond was purchased from the mine for £150 000 (pounds) by the Transvaal government, who later accepted Prime Minister Louis Botha’s proposal to gift the diamond to King Edward VII for his 66th birthday. The diamond was presented to the royal on the 9th of November 1907.

The Cullinan diamond was subsequently cut, by Joseph Asscher of Amsterdam, into the 530 carat ‘Star of Africa’, the Cullinan II, the Cullinan III, as well as approximately 100 other smaller stones, and placed centre-stage in England’s Royal Family Crown Jewels collection. The ‘Star of Africa’ was mounted in the Royal Scepter, while Cullinan II was placed in the Imperial State Crown. Today, the collection of Cullinan diamonds remains under protection at the Tower of London. It is estimated that the Cullinan Diamond is worth $400 million.

Interior Upgrades

While TV shows and global brand advertising like to promote winter wonderlands and white Christmasses, South African’s will know that the best way to celebrate on Christmas Day, or during the Festive Season, is with a
good-old-fashioned braai. So, prep the Weber and try Grilled Halloumi Salad on your next Little Eden breakaway:

Interior Upgrades

You Will Need:

2 tbsp olive oil
2 garlic cloves, minced
20g fresh parsley, chopped
40g pine nuts, toasted
150g fresh asparagus, trimmed
150g baby marrow, cut into ribbons (Try your potato peeler for this!)
1 red sweet pepper, cut into thick strips
180g Halloumi, cut into 5mm-thick strips
Salt and pepper, to taste

How To:

1. Prep your Weber braai.
2. In the meantime, mix the olive oil and garlic in a bowl. Coat the asparagus and red pepper in half of the mixture.
3. Grill the asparagus and red pepper on medium heat on the braai for approximately 5 minutes, turning to char on both sides. Remove from the heat and keep warm.
4. Toss the baby marrow ribbons in the other half of the olive oil and garlic mixture before placing on the grill, as well. Char the baby marrow for approximately 3 minutes, so the ribbons remain tender. Remove from the heat and keep warm.
5. Season the halloumi strips with salt and pepper. Place on the braai and grill until golden and charred slightly. Remove from the heat and keep warm.
6. Arrange the vegetables and halloumi on a serving platter. Drizzle with lime juice, toasted pine nuts and chopped parsley. Serve with additional lime wedges.

Expand Your Holiday Horizons

Uni-Vate Properties, an affiliated partner of VRS and the VRS-Managed Resorts, is offering our valued Shareholders the opportunity to expand their Holiday Portfolio. Browse a wide range of holiday weeks available at a variety of destinations.

The possibilities for more precious moments and memorial experiences with family and friends is only a click away.
We look forward to creating more everlasting holiday memories with you!

Visit the Uni-Vate Properties website for more options at other holiday Resorts!
African Blessings


African Blessings seeks to build a generation that has risen against all odds, yet is ready, prepared and confident to take a seat at the table. They aim to help the children in their care to join a new generation of leaders who solve problems and find new and creative ways to grow and improve through equity, distribution and edification.
Read more about African Blessings and all their projects
Be part of the change. Join African Blessings on their journey to empower and uplift children in need.

VRS Options

Deposit and exchange your holiday on Options
Not only can you Deposit your holiday and receive Tokens to the value of that holiday to use to Book an alternative holiday at another Resort, at another time; you also have access to a variety of other sister Resorts in the Options Exchange Pool for a different holiday experience.

Holidays that are still in the Options Exchange Pool, 21 days prior to the occupation date, are eligible to go on sale as Bonus Breaks that can be booked from R1399.

Important Notices
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We would like to remind our valued Shareholders to kindly check and sign off on inventories upon arrival at your home-away-from-home unit. An inventory list is available in your unit; any discrepancies must please be reported at Reception.

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In Closing...

When the last afternoon doze in the sun has been had; when the final holiday breakfast of the season has left all but crumbs; when the last family packs their car and piles the family into it to bring their holiday to a close – we, at Little Eden, will know that 2021 has been a stupendous year for making holiday


memories, and we hope you will share in this sentiment. Before we do say these final goodbyes to the year 2021, our dream is that you and your family make the most of this Festive Season and that you savour every moment of it. Remember to, “Live for moments you cannot put into words.”

Festive season greetings!

Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director 
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