The sun rises slowly from behind the hills, casting the shadows away and illuminating the dewy countryside.
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Mabalingwe - The Oasis Update
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The sun rises slowly from behind the hills, casting the shadows away and illuminating the dewy countryside. A lone Fish Eagle can be heard calling out from beyond the mist which hugs the banks of the dams and the Doornkop horses whinny happily as they graze nearby. The moment is calm; a serenity which can only be experienced when out in the wilderness like this. It perfectly sums up how the Doornkop Team feels, after the tumultuous season surrounding COVID-19 hardships. Being in the present, feeling a


sense of peace and gratitude for the year just past, makes us all appreciative of 2021’s blessings. It is a wondrous feeling to know that just after the sunrise, and this little moment of calm, the Chalets all across the Resort will be waking to enjoy the day with us; every family, every group of friends, every guest is highly valued and we smile thinking on the precious holiday memories the year has afforded us. Before the year is wrapped up, we would love to share these memories and some Doornkop news with you.



Frequently debated, the plural for ‘Mongoose’ is actually ‘Mongooses’. Mongooses are incredibly adept at battling venomous snakes, such as Adders and Cobras. They are not immune to the toxins but rather the venom is less effective. This is due to a mutation of their nicotinic receptors, polypeptides found in the nervous and muscle tissue, which disrupt the binding agency of the venom, allowing the Mongoose to continue hunting the snake and ultimately evading the same fate of many other species their size.



Regularly spotted browsing the treetops and shrubs across the Nature Reserve, Giraffes certainly grab our attention. Their awkward height makes it difficult for the species to drink water from dams and rivers, and so they have evolved to only require a proper drink every three days – the plants they consume are a sufficient water source. Not only does their height make it difficult for Giraffes to drink water, but also to lie down. For this reason, Giraffes stand when sleeping and only need up-to 30 minutes of sleep in a 24-hour cycle!



The Doornkop Team recently stumbled across the elusive Serval. While it might be one of the smallest wild cats found in South Africa, they are considered accomplished hunters. Servals use both methods of stalking, as well as pouncing, to catch their prey and it is believed they are successful in half of their hunting attempts. This incredible cat has been seen to leap as high as 2.7m into the air to catch an in-flight bird or snatch fish and frogs from the shallow waters of a dam or stream.

Remember to share your holiday and wildlife photos with us at

The Doornkop Team remains dedicated to providing the best possible holiday environment for you and your families. We continually identify areas requiring some TLC and think of ways to give you, our valued Shareholders, an even better home-away-from-home.


The Maintenance Team has spent some time caring for the Laundry to ensure guests enjoy fresh, clean linen and clothing services, always


The Share Block Gardening Staff have attended to the flowerbeds around the admin building as well as around the Chalets


A new bench was built, painted and placed alongside the recently spring-cleaned Giant Chess Set


The Games Room pool table baize was replaced and wall décor was added to the space


A new, handmade Giant Jenga set can be found in the Kiddies Area


The thatch roof of the Reception Lounge Area received a facelift to ensure the structure remains sturdy


The bathroom, patio and dining room ceilings in select Chalets received a fresh coat of paint


Energy-saving light bulbs were replaced throughout the Chalets, where needed


All Chalet appliances were checked to ensure optimum functionality, while select items were replaced


Kitchen and bathroom doors, as well as select coffee tables, were sanded and/or treated for a fresh look


Select Chalet patio braais were identified for maintenance


All kitchen knives were treated and sharpened in time for the December holiday season


Select Chalet carports were treated, where needed


New fridges were purchased for select Chalets and larger configurations (8- to 10-sleepers) will be happy to know that two fridges are available in the kitchen


The Resort is testing out new toasters in select Chalets for future roll-out to all units


The tennis court refurb will be attended to, once the sale of the central complex has been finalised


The Shop has been stocked with uniquely Doornkop branded merchandise


A popcorn machine has been purchased for Reception guests checking-in and for sale in the Shop


Doornkop Chalet Inventory
Shareholders are reminded that each Chalet kitchen is equipped with the necessary cutlery and crockery for the specific unit configuration. We appreciate, that in some instances you may wish to bring along additional knives and forks to make use of throughout your stay. Shareholders are advised to please ensure that their personal cutlery is packed to take home at the end of their stay. As per Doornkop's inventory policy, and to ensure a smooth check-out process when inventory counts are conducted, we urge you not to leave your utensils behind. As per this inventory policy, any additional/unmatched crockery and cutlery found in the Chalet after you have checked-out, will be removed and these items will, unfortunately, not be able to be returned to you. Kindly also keep in mind that inventory is selected for each Chalet in terms of quality and matching purposes so please ensure you only pack your own items.
The Doornkop Team wishes you many merry mealtimes in your well-appointed kitchen!


Farewell Debbie and Karl

The Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve Team continues to evolve and grow, and while some familiar faces may reach their time to continue their journey past our beloved Resort, they will forever be imprinted in our memories as part of the Doornkop family. We have reached such a turning point as Debbie Jenkinson, the Resort Manager, and Karl Kuilder, the Maintenance Manager, have departed. We wish them every success in this new journey and are pleased to know that Doornkop will forever remain in their hearts.

With that being said we heartily welcome Mariana Ras, a well-loved Manager from VRS Sister Resorts, to steer Doornkop through the Festive Season. We believe that Mariana will leave a positive imprint and look forward to her joining the Team.


Fishing Season

With spring having taken over the landscape, the top months for fly-fishing have passed, and while we know plenty of guests will still enjoy the pleasures of fishing throughout the warmer months, the Doornkop Team is elated over the successful fishing season just past. Take a look at some of our guests’ top catches this season:

3.4kg - Taljaard on a Black Woolly Bugger fly at Trophy Dam   2kg - Botha on a Red Eye Damsel fly at Rainbow Dam   1.8kg - Lane on a Red Eye Damsel fly at Rainbow Dam

We would like to take this time to remind our fisherfolk of the decision reached at the Annual General Meeting held at the start of 2021, whereby the Board accepted that the existing fishing quota be discontinued. This is the result of recognising that most fisherfolk practice catch and release. A fishing quota also never reflected in the previous MOI, Articles of Association or the Use Agreement.


Housekeeping Services

The Doornkop Housekeeping Team ensures the highest standards of cleanliness when servicing your Chalets. Kindly take note that all Chalets are serviced once daily. Housekeeping services include doing the dishes, making up the beds and a basic tidy-up of the Chalet. We ask that valued Shareholders, and guests, who do not require housekeeping, inform Reception upon check-in. Laundry services are also available at a nominal fee; kindly be in touch with Reception directly for more information.

As always, the Resort continues to maintain COVID-19 protocols and disinfects each Chalet before your arrival; a seal is placed over the Chalet doors to provide assurance that no other person has entered the space once cleansing has been completed. Our dedicated Team has been working diligently to ensure that the government-enforced regulations, as well as our own COVID-19 safety protocols, are adhered to and that stringent health and safety protocols remain in effect to ensure a healthy holiday environment for all.


GuestRevu Feedback

Referring back to the June 2021 edition of the Shareholder Newsletter, our valued Shareholders will recall the mention of this new review and feedback platform. Guestrevu is an online platform which curates your compliments and concerns for Doornkop Management so that they may consider additional ways in which to improve your service offering. Here’s the latest report on what guests and valued Shareholders think of Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve:

General Service - 94.9% | Cleanliness - 92.5%
Location - 90.3% | Room Quality - 90.3%
Sleep Quality - 89.9% | Activities - 86.1%
Overall Satisfaction - 90.5%

Remember to follow the link, which you will receive after your Doornkop holiday, to complete the quick survey regarding all aspects of the Resort and your holiday experience. We would love to hear your feedback!


Horse-Back Riding Adventures

Have you experienced a horse-riding adventure at Doornkop? Enjoying a leisurely horse-back ride through the Mpumalanga countryside, where you are able to get up-close-and-personal with the wildlife is something incredibly unique and must be experienced for oneself. The Doornkop Team would like to notify our valued Shareholders that bookings for this experience can now be made via the Share Block Reception. Kindly note that all participants will be required to complete an indemnity upon making the reservation.

Saddle up and journey through the Reserve on horseback to spot the wide array of wildlife onsite:

This Season’s Must-Try:
One Pan Trout

After a successful fly-fishing season it is no doubt that the family is looking forward to sampling this fresh fish, but instead of taking the usual route of baking your trout, we recommend elevating your dish with this delightfully creamy, Tuscan-style sauce for a filling dinner.

Get the full recipe on our Doornkop Blog
Click here to go to the recipe

It’s All About The

It is always such a treat for the Doornkop Team to spoil our valued Shareholders and guests, and special holidays set the scene for wonderful treats! Here’s a peek at how a number of families enjoyed their special days at Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve:

Easter Long Weekend

Guests were treated on Easter Friday with classic mallow Easter eggs, while the adults enjoyed a tot of sherry upon checking-in for their stay. A decorative wooden bunny was also given out to each guest as a small token from the Doornkop Team; it certainly was a lovely long weekend!

Fathers Day
Father’s Day

Doornkop dads were pleasantly surprised by the colourful décor and ‘Happy Father’s Day!’ banner when arriving at Reception on the 17th of June. Each father received a gift bag that included biscuits, a savoury snack and a handmade shooter tray.

Woman's Day
Woman's Day

Our very own Resort Manager, Debbie, baked delicious cupcakes and shortbread to hand out to all the lovely ladies on Women’s Day. Guests loved the spoils and sipped on sherry while checking-in for their well-deserved holiday at Doornkop.

Reel in the latest news, interesting wildlife stories and fishing titbits from the Doornkop blog. Click on the links for more!


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Expand Your Holiday Horizons

Uni-Vate Properties, an affiliated partner of VRS and the VRS-Managed Resorts, is offering our valued Shareholders the opportunity to expand their Holiday Portfolio. Browse a wide range of holiday weeks available at a variety of destinations.

The possibilities for more precious moments and memorial experiences with family and friends is only a click away.
We look forward to creating more everlasting holiday memories with you!

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VRS Options

Deposit and exchange your holiday on Options
Not only can you Deposit your holiday and receive Tokens to the value of that holiday to use to Book an alternative holiday at another Resort, at another time; you also have access to a variety of other sister Resorts in the Options Exchange Pool for a different holiday experience.

Holidays that are still in the Options Exchange Pool, 21 days prior to the occupation date, are eligible to go on sale as Bonus Breaks that can be booked from R1399.

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We would like to remind our valued Shareholders to kindly check and sign off on inventories upon arrival at your home-away-from-home unit. An inventory list is available in your unit; any discrepancies must please be reported at Reception.

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In Closing...
It is simply incredible how quickly the year 2021 has passed us by. As we take a moment to reflect on the lovely holidays enjoyed at Doornkop; of our fisherfolk reeling in their personal best catches, of families picnicking along the ravine from a lookout point and of friends racing along the mountain-biking routes of the Wildlife Reserve, we give thanks to you, our valued Shareholders and guests. Not only do we wish to afford
you the opportunities to create everlasting holiday memories, but we wish to be a part of those memories for long into the future. We wish you all an incredible Festive Season break, spending quality time with family, taking time to relax and enjoying the holiday treats; and to take to heart - “there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour. Make it a December to remember.”
Festive Season greetings,
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director 
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