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The peace and tranquillity offered by Doornkop is what our shareholders and guests cherish the most, but we have to admit that the silence is a little too loud without you here. As the winter blanket slowly covers our grounds and the cold settles all around, the wildlife and the team share in the quiet – longing for your return. The horses graze peacefully near the chalets while the fish - bigger and fatter in the absence of anglers - prowl and glide beneath the water surface. There is, without a doubt, a void left in the wake of our guests’ disappearance; we simply cannot wait to welcome you back.


Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve is a home-away-from-home for many. It carries warmth, tranquillity and memories; the kind of treasured memories often triggered by a scent, the kind of memories that enrich the tapestry of our lives, that we would not wish to endure without. Although our gates are closed during lockdown, we have not been still. We have remained vigilant and continued to work hard to ensure that the same warmth that Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve has provided for your family before, remains ignited; ready for your return. Join us as we share a few of the recent Doornkop happenings.

VRS Covid-19 Shareholder Notice

A message from Marjorie Forssman, Managing Director of Vacation Recreational Services:

“Our commitment to providing an environment to create everlasting holiday memories for all our shareholders and guests remains at the forefront of our mission. In light of the current COVID-19 situation, VRS is implementing viable management solutions for your home-away-from-home to ensure the health and safety of you and your families for when you can enjoy your holidays once more. The VRS Team extends their heartfelt empathy for all who have been affected, direct- or indirectly, by this outbreak. Our faith lies firmly that South Africa will emerge from this situation stronger than before and with a heightened appreciation for this beautiful country; let us remain united as a nation.”


Kindly note, in compliance with government regulations and our own policies and procedures that Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve will remain closed to the public for leisure until it is deemed appropriate, by government, to return. That being said, we want you to know that we are missing the sight of all your lovely families arriving in Reception and the happy sounds of your holidays unfolding! We are eagerly awaiting, and we know you are too, the day when we are able to open our gates once more; returning to a time where you may relish every moment at your ‘slice of paradise’ in a safe and relaxing environment.


Click here to view relevant COVID-19-related news and information



VRS Options

Please also take note that a limited number of Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve weeks are currently available to assist members who have lost their week(s) as a result of lockdown.


Engagements with VRS are ongoing as to the feasibility of when Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve will be permitted to open and when a week becomes available for use, to be taken up on a first-come-first-serve basis. Doornkop has a limited number of weeks at its disposal with which to do this and as such, dedicated time will be required to redeem weeks in this way.


Our thoughts and prayers are with each shareholder, as you manoeuvre through these trying times. Please do not hesitate to reach out to VRS Property Admin, should you require further information.

All emails can be directed to

Mpumalanga Fishing Retreat
– A legacy worth taking good care of

We are well aware of and sensitive to the impact of the current state of national disaster, but in our role as ‘caretaker’ of your Resort, we understand that our monthly obligations – such as municipal charges, rates and taxes, administration, Resort maintenance – remain payable; and are necessary in order for us to ensure that we are able to welcome you back to your beautiful Resort as soon as possible. We would like to thank


all those shareholders who have continued to pay their levies, especially those who have paid even though they, sadly, lost the use of their week this year, due to the COVID-19 situation.


Annual Budget Increase Announcement

We, as your Board of Directors, understand that there is ever-increasing pressure on you, our valued shareholders, in meeting your levy obligation. Together with VRS, the Managing Agent of Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve, we are in a continuous balancing act to keep our increases to the minimum possible, while still providing you with well-deserved, quality holidays. As a result of these ongoing decisions, the annual budget increase for the new year has been approved at 4.75%.  Thank you for your continued support in ensuring the upkeep of the Resort so that we may continue to provide you with everlasting holiday memories.

Thank you for choosing Doornkop
as your preferred holiday destination

Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve holds a special place in many families’ hearts, and we love hearing all about the wonderful experiences and their favourite memories of their time spent on the Resort. A few of our guests had this to say:


“We were a family of 6 staying for a weekend. What a beautiful place! The views are stunning. Lots of animals and birds. We caught trout weighing over 2 kg! All the dams appear to be well-stocked with rainbow trout. Friendly and helpful staff. Excellent amenities that are well kept. The place will see us again!”

Johan P


“One of the most unexpected but amazing weekends that we have experienced. Tranquil, serene, quiet and like heaven. Well-stocked trout dams, lazy days, winter sun, long walks, mountain-biking, photography, and braais in the evening with fires in the hearths!”


“We loved our stay at Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve. It was beautiful and peaceful. The houses are spaced far from each other and the views are incredible. We saw at least 10 species of buck, tons of birds, zebra and wildebeest. Well worth it!”

2019 Mining Rights Application


Did you know? Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve is on TripAdvisor! Be sure to pop by and share your experiences and favourite holiday memories with us.


We can’t wait to hear from you!

Experiences to look forward to when you return…

One thing that is clear is that we all need a little bit of sunlight; we need to get out and breathe in the fresh air, feel the warm sun on our skin and take in the sights and sounds of nature all around us. This is especially true after we have been cocooned in our homes because of the nationwide lockdown. Here are a few things to add to your Doornkop bucket-list for when we get to welcome you back to your home-away-from-home!

Valentine's Day

Quality Family Time

There is something utterly calming about sitting alongside a quiet dam, with only the occasional ‘plop’ of fishing lines being cast into the water and the finches flittering around to a singsong tune in the sky above. Any fisherman can attest to the tranquillity of such a scene.

Add to this a loving family and a picnic basket, filled to the brim with delicious snacks and a more perfect morning or afternoon would not materialise. Be sure to spend more time outside on your next visit, pack a delicious meal for the family to enjoy and find a movie-scene-like picnic spot along one of the many dams at Doornkop.

A Horseback Adventure

The horses at Doornkop continue to wander between the Chalets, nibbling at the grass and trotting alongside the still waters.

There’s something incredibly humbling about being up close to these majestic creatures; even more so when seated on their backs, ambling through the Reserve. Unlike traditional game-viewing from a vehicle, horses blend seamlessly with nature and offer a much more real and personal wildlife experience.

Chat to the team on how you can experience this up-close wildlife-viewing adventure the next time you visit!


Updates and Upgrades

We have embarked on a deep clean in all units.
A proactive maintenance plan has been drawn up and several job specs have been allocated and is being carried out.
Debtors System:
Our Doornkop debtors system is up and running and you would have received your levy statement. Please do not hesitate to contact us at should you have any account related queries.
A message from our Resort Manager
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining”, this adage captures the spirit that has directed our energy during the lockdown period. Our staff has used the downtime to fix some of the things that needed repair at Doornkop; even though we are in lockdown we continue to keep busy and make improvements for your expected return.

Our essential staff have remained extremely positive and have really functioned as an active team, taking on several small projects that could be tackled with limited numbers. The maintenance in each unit has been addressed to ensure your Chalet is in tip-top shape. Our ‘mini’ maintenance team then set out to do as many fixes as possible around the Resort and we are pleased to report that we have made huge headway in this regard.

During the last two months we have watched the seasons change from summer to winter as the Reserve adorned its winter “coat”. The fish have also taken this time to grow so that you will have awesome fishing when you come back. Our dams are clear and cold, with the only fisherman being our resident fish eagle who has missed the company on the dams (or competition if you prefer).

We send all our best regards to you! And cannot wait to have you all back again. Until then, continue to stay safe and warm.



Debbie Jenkinson

Resort Manager & Doornkop Essential Services Team

Important Notices
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Kindly note that the Nedbank bank account will be closed in six months time.
Please utilise the following bank account for levy payments going forward:
Bank: First National Bank
Account Name:
Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve
Branch Code: 250655
Account No: 62854932839
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The Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve Share Block Limited Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for the
4th of July 2020 and will take place via Zoom Webinar at 09:00.
Notice of the Annual General Meeting will be distributed in due course.

We were looking forward to meeting you at the Annual General Meetting but we'll see you on ZOOM.


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Valentine's Day

We are excited to advise that a brand new website is on the horizon, for Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve!

We will be sure to keep you posted, as developments in this regard unfold.

In Closing
The year, so far, has been very eventful. It has reaffirmed the value and importance of family and loved ones, as well as the need and influence of nature over our lives. Our faith remains unwavered and our determination to provide excellent service steadfast, as we grow in strength, with you by our side.

We have no doubt that happy and memorable experiences await just around the corner and we look forward to meeting you then. We just know that it will be filled with joy, smiles and many happy returns to your home-away-from-home.
Until then.

Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director