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Yet another year is coming to an end and boy has 2019 been a wild adventure! For those of you who are curious and have not kept up to date via our Facebook Page, it has been a super, eventful year at your favourite “slow town” Resorts and we are pleased to have this opportunity to share all the news and updates.
As always, we are grateful to be on this incredible journey with you by our side.
2019 Has been a wonderful year with numerous highs that we cannot wait to share with you. We believe that 2020 will be another eventful year filled with many more unforgettable memories.
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Top Five Places to Visit while Vacationing with Us

Wild X Adventures

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime! From activities such as Quad Biking, Acrobranching and Lazer Tag to Abseiling, Ziplining and so much more, Wild X Adventures has something for everyone.
Wild Oats Community Farmers Market
Wild Oats is a multiple award-winning landmark situated on the Island near the beautiful Swartvlei lake-lagoon. This market is open every Saturday from 07:30 to 12:00 in Summer and 08:00 to 12:00 in Winter, come rain or shine.

The Cango Caves are popular with locals and tourists alike. The Caves are situated 118km from Baywater Village and offer a choice of Heritage or Adventure Tours. Bookings are essential.
Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour

Located in the magnificent Tsitsikamma indigenous rainforest, this Canopy Tour takes you on an unforgettable adventure as you zipline from one platform to the next, along a series of steel cables set in the midst of magnificent natural surroundings.
Scarab Arts & Crafts Village

The Scarab Village is Sedgefield’s one-stop arts and craft market. Here you will find original art, handmade clothing, metal work, wooden products, hand spun wool, ceramics and so much more. The Market is open every Saturday from 08:00 to 13:00.
More Resort News

Have you taken part in the Baywater Quest? Every week, there are a set of clues to follow, which take you on an adventure throughout the Resort. Family members, both young and old, thoroughly enjoy taking part in this challenge and report having had huge amounts of fun along the way. The purpose of the Quest is to provide an additional experience that adds to the creation of unforgettable memories for our guests. P.S. The first clue can be found on our Facebook page.

The Photo Scavenger Hunt has guests running around the Baywater Resort with a list of photos they need to take before their holiday is over. The Photo Scavenger Hunt is designed to ensure our guests get to take home super, fun photos of their holiday that they can look back on with delight in the years to come. The bonus for us is that we also get amazing photos of our Shareholders and guests having a wonderful time with their nearest and dearest! Don’t forget to take part when you visit us again!

If you have been following our Facebook page, you would have seen a post about our new Quad Bike Train. But what you won’t know is that 50% of all proceeds made using the “Train” will be donated to African Blessings, toward their Tractor Factor Campaign. We are delighted that we are able to help a Non-Profit Organisation in our own special way! Read on a little further to find out more about African Blessings and the great work they do.

Mrs. Carrington has owned timeshare for over 40 years and has enjoyed holidaying with her family in our “Slow Town” for the past 20 years. She remembers how her children learnt to ride bicycles and ski during their holidays here; now her grandkids are experiencing the same family fun and holiday traditions! They recently took part in the Baywater Quest, even in the rain, and enjoyed all of the challenges and getting to interact with their Baywater Family.

Your Slow Town Family

Have you met Priscilla Bevy-Minto? She has been working with us for the past 13 years and is Witness’s right-hand-lady on the Island. Priscilla is also the Island’s Housekeeping SUPERvisor, a wonderful team leader and an absolute sweetheart!

Here’s what a recent guest had to say: “Priscilla was absolutely exceptional and pleasant! My family and I loved and appreciated her service and personality tremendously!”

Have you met Linah Nkomo? She transferred with her husband, Witness, in 2018 and has been an exceptional Housekeeper. Linah is hard working and is always ready to put a smile on our guest’s faces.

Here’s what a recent guest had to say: “Linah was a complete 10 out of 10. She was very polite, and great with my children. She is the most friendly and pleasant person... She made us feel so welcome!”

Did you know that we have a new Public Relations and Recreation Officer? Antonette Groenewald, joined the Baywater Team in August this year and she has been hard at work ever since, ensuring that no special occasion is overlooked. Antonette has many activities planned to guarantee that everyone, young and old, will be entertained for hours on end. We are looking forward to everything she has planned for 2020.

Have you met Anques and Audrey? They are our incredible Reception Team. Anques and Audrey are always going ‘above and beyond' to ensure that all of our guests are happy and well taken care of, from the moment they arrive until the day we wave goodbye. They are never without a smile on their faces and everyone feels their warmth from the moment they walk into Reception.

In the Know with Baywater Village, Clijohn Two, GRC the Island and Garden Route Villas!

Take a look at how we’ve been making your home-away-from-home even more special:


New Uniforms throughout the Resort


New Water Well


Visit our Toy Table
in the Shop




Witness, our wonderful Island Operations Supervisor, has been incredibly busy in 2019 - painting roofs, building and fixing gates, as well as doing much needed unit maintenance such as painting interior and exterior walls, hanging paintings, repairing pipework and fixtures as well as a host of smaller maintenance aspects. Witness is very hands on and hospitable. He is always available at the drop of a hat and will go the extra mile to keep guests happy and comfortable.

Keep The Good Times Rolling...

Each year brings with it a multitude of fun days and holidays to be enjoyed and celebrated. We always try to make our guests feel super special (as they are).

Father's Day
For Father’s Day, little gift bags of jelly beans with labels which read “Thanks for bean such a great dad” were given to the daddies upon check-in, along with a refreshing drink and yummy snack.
Women's Day
We created a photo booth for all of the women who were checking-in on Women’s Day. The ladies had to choose two words, that best described them, and then photos were taken. The ladies were also given a discounted breakfast voucher which they could use during their stay.
Spring Day
The Baywater Village entrance garden was decorated with bright wooden flowers and our recreation area was beautified in a bright spring theme for our Spring Day celebrations. Guests were also given fresh fruit juice to sip on while they checked in.
Heritage Day
We celebrated everything proudly South African during Heritage Day. Guests enjoyed a bring and braai with South African themed décor. Cookies, decorated with the South African flag, were also handed out during check-in.
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International Beach Clean-up

African Blessings
Did you know that we support African Blessings? This Non-Profit and Public Benefit Company cares for its community, children, animals and the environment. Their latest project is to raise the much needed funds for a new tractor for their farm.

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VRS Options allows you to exchange your fixed holiday for availability at various resorts, for alternative dates or unit sizes.
We’ve secured you a multitude of destinations through some of our partners to give you more holiday options.
(Please note that the exchange fee will increase in 2020)

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In Closing...
We love creating the perfect holiday environment where special memories can be made by all. Memories that will last a lifetime and be remembered with great fondness. Memories that will be shared with friends and family and friends who have become family. We hope that you are as curious as we are about all that 2020 has in store for us.

We are blessed beyond measure to be on this adventure with you and we eagerly look forward to entering into the New Year with you by our side.

Brightest Blessings to you and your family this Festive Season. Until we meet again in the New Year.

Season's Greetings!

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