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As we linger a moment at Lion’s Corner, soaking up the views over the splendid Crocodile River and the laughter of holidaying families behind us, we cannot help but be thankful for another incredible year. Your home-away-from-home waits in anticipation of your next arrival and opportunity to spot all the initiatives that developed
during 2019. It’s been a wonderful year, filled with excitement and celebration. Join us now as we delve into everything your "Jewel at the Kruger" has been up to. Take a look at our projects, planning, sightings and more...

Top Five Animal Sightings Spotted by
Ngwenya Lodge Visitors this Season:

Honey Badger
Early September, guests visiting the Kruger spotted a honey badger – an incredibly rare sighting!
Buffalo herd
Mr Gert Cloete captured the unbelievable interaction between a buffalo herd and pride of lions from his unit! Watch his video footage here.
Crocodile Bridge Pride
The Crocodile Bridge Pride made a number of appearances, welcoming guests at the entrance to the Kruger National Park.
As always, the Kruger elephants wandered down to the water’s edge and enjoyed the foliage around the Lodge; delighting guests to no end.
Water Monitor
One of the resident water monitors was filmed after catching a fish from our ponds. Take a look.
Your Resort Story;

highlighting incredible experiences from Ngwenya Lodge visitors…

Alan McKendrick - Resort Story
by Alan McKendrick
Late afternoon on Monday 16 September 2019, we first became aware of a dead impala across the river from Ngwenya’s Units 101/2, when we noticed numerous vultures arriving. A few minutes later, a leopard approached the dead impala and the vultures then flew off to nearby trees. The leopard attempted to drag the impala to an adjacent tree but it was aware of two lions (believed to be part of the Vurhami pride) fast approaching. It abandoned the impala and hastily retreated up a nearby tree. The lions lay down on the sand some distance from the impala and we did not see any more activity as the daylight was fading fast.

Early the next morning, the impala was no longer there, nor were the lion or leopard anywhere to be seen. At first light, two hyena did briefly visit the spot but moved away soon to drink from the river. By mid-morning, most vultures had left the trees and life across the river returned to normal.
Anne and Noel McLeod - Resort Story

by Anne and Noel McLeod
Late on a hot summer's orange sunset evening, we were returning to Ngwenya from Kruger Park and, as is usual, our sighting expectations continue up to and over the Crocodile River bridge and out of the Park gate!

Suddenly, as we were driving slowly along, a shape appeared on the road verge which, from a distance, resembled a small hyena. As we slowed down more and approached it, it became clear it was a pangolin!  As we stopped next to it, it rolled into a perfect ball shape with the setting sun highlighting its scales.  After a short pause, it unfurled itself and on its hind legs slowly waddled away on an animal track into thick grass.

We drove off extremely excited and elated as this was our first, and so far, only pangolin sighting in Kruger despite having been regular visitors for 49 years!


These stories have been edited for readability purposes. Thank you for sharing with us! If you would like to be featured in the next newsletter, or on social media, please submit your photos and experiences to


More Fantastic News

jumping pillow
The kids are bound to love Ngwenya even more! Our team strives to provide our Shareholders, their families, and guests with the best possible holiday experience, designed to ensure memories are made to last a lifetime. With that in mind, we have introduced a fun Jumping Pillow! This new activity has already proven to be a huge hit amongst the youngsters (and the young-at-heart adults have loved giving this a bash, too)! Be sure to get the kids to try out this fun, new feature near the Games Room on your next visit!
new website

They say “change is as good as a holiday” and we have some very exciting news about change that we know you’ll just adore. Ngwenya Lodge has a fresh and brand-spanking-new website! The new website was created, specifically with you, our Valued Shareholders, in mind. The updated look and content offers users a fresh and friendly experience to enjoy Ngwenya at its utmost best, especially when you cannot be with us in person.

View the new site here.
tracktor factor
Your favourite place to be is always looking for new ways to get involved and give back to organisations in need. We recently teamed up with African Blessings in a bid to help them raise funds for a tractor. You can help by partaking in our raffle; the proceeds go to African Blessings and you could be the winner of two large pizzas from Le Fera Restaurant every week!
Read more about African Blessings
Ngwenya is situated in an area that experiences warm winters and very hot summers. To beat the heat and ensure you’re staying cool, regardless of the weather, we now offer an on-site air-con contractor. Should any concerns arise while visiting us, please be in touch with Reception for assistance and our contractor will be on the way directly to your Unit!
tracktor factor
Fantastic news! The Gift Shop at Ngwenya Lodge is under new ownership and management. Boeretroos @ Le Fera is a new addition at the Lodge and provides guests with the perfect spot to shop a range of souvenirs, or grab a coffee on-the-go. Watch this space for new developments; coming soon!
Another family-fun facility is ready to receive guests! Be sure to pay a visit to the new Multi-Court for a fun round of soccer, netball or cricket. Ngwenya Lodge loves creating new and exciting spaces for families to forge more everlasting holiday memories; we look forward to seeing you all there!

Mbali Day Spa


Our spa is getting a Facelift!
We're excited to announce that Mbali Day Spa opened its doors to guests in November 2019. Be sure to pop in for an indulgent experience.

Chat to your spa therapist:
079 909 9164   |

Mining Application Latest Update:
Alan McKendrick - Resort Story
Anne and Noel McLeod - Resort Story

At a meeting held on the 16th of October 2019, between representatives of Manzolwandle Investments (Pty) Ltd and representatives for the opposition, a number of pertinent points were addressed. Confirmation was received that the previous EIA was inadequate; proper scoping and a new EIA would have to be conducted and the area in question has been reduced from the initial 17 985 hectares to 10 000 hectares. (The area no longer includes Marloth Park or Ngwenya Lodge.) Later in the month, on the 30th of October 2019, the applicant requested an extension to allow enough time to do a proper EIA with the necessary reports.


“We wish to thank those members who have participated and registered as I&AP’s to date. Although the information that Ngwenya Lodge is being removed from the intended mining area is a positive sign and good news for all owners; we request that owners continue to partake in the process, especially considering that the area may well still affect and/or impact the Kruger National Park buffer zone.” – Ngwenya Lodge Board of Directors


For more information on this developing story, visit our blog.

In the Know with Ngwenya!

Take a look at how we have been making your home-away-from-home even more special:

dining room chairs

All dining room chairs have been replaced

sleeper couch

Sleeper couches are being reupholstered (in process)

bedside lamps

All units are receiving new bedside lamps


Signage across the Resort has been updated and refreshed


New lounge cushions for a warm feel


Reservoirs have all received new covers

tennis court

A tennis court has been renovated

unit paint

Each unit is receiving a fresh coat of paint

mosquito nets

Mosquito net doors are being replaced with security mesh

Keep the good times rolling...

The team at Ngwenya Lodge loves making guests feel special, and celebrating holidays and special occasions is just one way we do just that. Here’s everything we celebrated this season.

Father's Day

Father’s Day

Ngwenya’s dads were spoilt for choice with a wheelbarrow overflowing with ice-cold beer upon arrival, a delicious braai taking place outdoors and home-cooked-styled meals waiting to be served in the Restaurant. Gifts of sugary themed cookies and engraved glasses were bestowed on each father.
Mandela Day

Mandela Day

In honour of Nelson Mandela and to promote a community of volunteering and service, Ngwenya welcomed the South African National Blood Service onto the Resort and guests poured in to donate blood. It was a wonderful day of giving.
Woman's Day

Women’s Day

To celebrate the amazing women in our lives, Ngwenya provided guests with beautifully decorated cupcakes and all the women received a personal notebook and pen. Guests could also have their picture taken and add a word, best describing women, to our bare tree. The tree overflowed with words and bloomed before our eyes.

New Team Members

We would like to take a moment to welcome Chanay Stephenson to the team as one of Ngwenya’s new Receptionists. The Ngwenya team is excited about her journey and her first month started positively with compliments from Mr. and Mrs. Rosslyn, “Chanay at the reception desk was very kind and helpful.”


The Ngwenyian family is large and full of love; each year we celebrate a number of birthdays, honeymoons and special occasions. Don’t forget to get in touch with our team to turn your family member’s special day at Ngwenya from good to great.
Chat to us: +27 (0)13 793 9300

Uni-vate Properties
Expand your holiday portfolio and make even more wonderful memories with your loved ones! Uni-Vate Properties has a limited number of timeshare weeks available for purchase at your favourite Resorts!


Ngwenya Lodge delves into the fascinating aspects which make up the incredible environment surrounding the Resort. Here are our latest, and most popular, articles:

Painted wolves of Africa
Painted Wolves of Africa
It’s a rare sight; the Wild Dog darts across open savanna, working with other pack members in a sort of choreographed frenzy. The hunt is synchronised, each dog takes its turn, chasing and taunting. Before long the pack has worn down their prey; where only moments ago excitement and loud calls could…
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The Kruger Park Game Changers
The Kruger Park “Game Changers”
The bond between man and man’s best friend, the canine, is a love story for the ages. While we appreciate our companions and their unwavering love within our homes, the Kruger Park has their own companions and guardians: The Kruger Park “Game Changers”. This elite K-9 Unit specialises.…
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Raka, our resident crocodile
Raka, our Resident Crocodile
The warm weather has touched the landscape across the Crocodile River and the cold-blooded reptilians slide onto the sandbanks from the cool water to bask in the sunlight. Like logs, the creatures lie almost lifeless, soaking up the rays of sunshine with beady-eyes seemingly staring blankly ahead. Raka; our resident crocodile, slides ...
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Read other interesting articles here and submit your comments.

Everything your “Jewel at the Kruger” has been achieving…

Awards and Applause

Ngwenya retained Gold Crown Status at the prestigious 31st Annual RCI OSCAS Ceremony and was awarded the First-Runner-Up position.

Your home-away-from-home was also awarded a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor, as voted by visitors. Leave your favourite experiences on TripAdvisor, too.
Go to TripAdvisor
Ngwenya Lodge entered the 2019 Lilizella Tourism Awards for Best Four-Star Self-Catering Accommodation, as well as for Best Wildlife Encounter. We will, once again and in 2020, enroll your 'Jewel at the Kruger" for these awards and would like to encourage our Shareholders to vote when the time comes.

We’re looking out for you!

VOASA alert
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be cautious when considering resale agencies or when entering into agreements with entities which are not registered with the Vacation Ownership Association of South Africa. (VOASA)
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Fight the bite

FIGHT THE BITE: While the risk of malaria in Komatipoort and the Kruger National Park is said to be low, we advise all our guests to be informed and aware in this regard and to follow the advice and recommendations of the relevant professionals.

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VRS Options

VRS Options allows you to exchange your fixed holiday for availability at various resorts, for alternative dates or unit sizes. We've secured you a multitude of destinations through some of our partners to give you more holiday options.

(Please note that the exchange fee will increase in 2020)

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In Closing
2019 has been another year full of happy holidaying families, of incredible wildlife sightings, laughter and celebration; all of which would not be as fantastic without you, our Valued Shareholders.

Thank you for choosing Ngwenya Lodge as your preferred holiday destination; may 2020 build on the relationships, laughter and memories.

Wishing you and your loved one’s peace, health, happiness, and prosperity in the coming New Year.
Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director 
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