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Little Eden - Little Tales
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With 2019 coming to an end, there are many tales we want to share with you about Little Eden’s awe-inspiring year. During the winter months, one could see the baboons climbing up to the highest gorges of the mountainous landscape to soak in as much wintery sunshine as possible. As the Earth's axis began moving towards the sun, warmer sunbeams began to melt away the winter chills and the birds started to sing a little louder and bustle about a little earlier; while the butterflies began to emerge from their cocoons as the spring flowers began to bloom. At Little Eden we are blessed to share our habitat with a host of wonderful
creatures large and small; from magnificent zebras to delightful little elephant shrews. During September, one of our guests – Corrie Barnard captured a number of species that are synonymous with Little Eden, perfectly. We are endlessly amazed by and grateful for the incredibly beautiful surrounds at Little Eden. This is still Little Eden’s most persuasive trick – that ability to surprise and delight with all the natural splendour. With many happy holiday memories made through the year, read the exciting ‘Little’ tales, of many wonders from your 'Little' gem in the beautiful Waterberg mountain range area.

Everything your favourite ‘Little’ Resort has been up to...

Awards and Applause
RCI Silver Crown

Little Eden holds RCI Silver Crown Resort status.

The Resort was awarded first runner up in the Top Silver Crown Resort at the 2018 RCI OSCAS Awards Ceremony, they were a runner up again in 2019 for 2018, in the same category.

Well done Team!

Top 5 Animal Sightings
by Little Eden Visitors:


A perfect moment, captured by one of our guests, Corrie Barnard, of a baboon soaking up the winter sun on a rock, high up in the mountainous landscape.

One of our striking striped residents was spotted grazing peacefully. It seems the Zebra at Little Eden are always ready to pose with their beautiful black and white stripes for a photo.
Elephant Shrew
The elephant shrew – one of Little Eden’s smallest, but most beloved species, still pop their heads out all over the Resort.
Crested Barbet

The prolific birdlife re-emerged with the return of the warmer months. Spotted on the premises were numerous bushveld birds such as the Coqui Francolin, Southern masked weaver and Crested Barbet.

With the change of seasons and the arrival of the warmer season veld flowers – we saw the return of the vivid Acraea petraea - and the vigorous Amauris ochlea butterflies.
More Resort News
It’s finally here: the Little Eden website! Come and enjoy this online space, where you can keep in touch with your home-away-from-home, even when you’re not with us in person. We share some interesting facts about Little Eden’s history and we’ve also created a special space just for you! This dedicated space for our owners includes anything you may need, such as documentation, ASM minutes, check-in procedures, notices, and important news and updates on your home-away-from-home, right here!
View The New Site Here
Social media history week

We stumbled upon an interesting article about Henrich Montaque Dreyer, better known as Monty, a key character in Cullinan’s colourful history and also a contributor to the start of Little Eden Resort. Monty, a diamond delver in the 1930s, stumbled upon a 311-carat diamond; he later sold it to Mr Van Zyl a renowned diamond buyer for 5000 pounds. Monty used the 5000 pounds to buy himself a Bushveld farm, as well as another farm, which would later become Little Eden Resort. We recently shared these historical stories on our Facebook page, with three interesting historical facts. For a good read, read more here:

Fact 1
Fact 2
Fact 3
Wedding anniversary

A lovely couple, who chose Little Eden to celebrate their wedding anniversary, had their room decorated romantically with swan-folded towels and rose petals by our housekeeping team. The Resort also treated them to an ice-cold bottle of sparkling wine and delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates in celebration of this special occasion.

School holiday programmes
School holidays are a favourite time at Little Eden! We planned an exciting holiday programme for all of our guests to enjoy including family favourites, such as an Egg Run, Scavenger Hunt, and Swimming Pool Volleyball. We especially enjoyed celebrating Braai Day with our guests this year, which allowed us to get better acquainted with many Little Eden regulars around the fire.

In the Know with Little Eden Upgrades!

Little Eden menu

MENU: Little Eden’s menu has been updated and is sporting a brand new look, with a touch of creative flair and an improved recipe for the signature Little Eden Breakfast. Do try all the delicious options from the brand new menu on your next visit.

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Unit upgrades

UNIT 2 AND 5: Improvements were made to both of these units by our maintenance team. Unit two’s master bedroom’s en-suite bathroom was re-tiled; and Unit five’s porch was re-tiled inside and outside. Refurbishments were also made to the balustrades.

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Keep the Good Times Rolling...

Each year brings with it a host of fun days and special holidays to be enjoyed and celebrated; Little Eden loves creating a unique experience for our guests to enjoy.

Woman's Day
Mother's Day
Pinky´s up! Mother´s Day at Little Eden was celebrated elegantly with a high tea theme. Reception was adorned with colourful owl decorations and fresh flowers. Delightful treat platters were set up on colourful tables for all the moms arriving at the Resort to enjoy. Our lovely moms were also given a hand massage voucher to enjoy at Mbali Day Spa during their stay.
Fathers Day
Father’s Day
We “fixed up” a special day for all our fantastic fathers – staying with us on Father’s Day. Upon arrival at check-in, the dads received delicious milk tartlets, made by the very talented Resort Manager, Martin Griessel. In addition to that, they also received a homemade key ring with a tag – reading: "nuts about daddy!"’. Mouth-watering flapjacks, served with yummy golden syrup, were served to all the wonderful fathers to show our appreciation on the Day.
Woman's Day
Women’s Day
Women’s Day was 'sweetened' with all sorts of delicious baked confectionaries for all the beautiful ladies to indulge in. These included warm baked muffins with strawberry jam and cheese, the Resort Manager’s signature baked milk tarts and freshly baked bread cut into perfectly round shapes and topped with scrumptious cucumber and sour cream. The ladies loved this rejuvenating day, with a
high-tea theme, set in the gardens next to Mbali Day Spa. The ladies could enjoy a reinvigorating treatment at the Spa as well.
Heritage Day
Heritage Day a.k.a. Braai Day
We celebrated Heritage Day (also known as National Braai Day) with an exciting braai competition. Everyone who participated brought their choice of meat, or plant-based alternative, and showed off their skills on the grill. Guests were treated to a delicious potato side dish to enjoy with their “braai results”. Our Little Eden connoisseur, Zelda Griessel, tasted and evaluated the participants’ efforts. The lucky winner of the day walked away with a Little Eden printed apron.
Uni-vate Properties
Expand your holiday portfolio and make even more wonderful memories with your loved ones! Uni-Vate Properties has a limited number of timeshare weeks available for purchase at your favourite Resorts!



Team Focus

Meet the new Little Eden team members and please join us in extending a very warm welcome to them all!

Juan Ge Lamprecht
Maintenance Manager
Started at Little Eden:
July 8, 2019
Lizzy Mduli
Housekeeping Supervisor
Started at Little Eden:
June 12, 2019
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In Closing
As this year comes to an end and we being to look forward to a new slate is on the horizon, with a new year for your home-away-from-home, as always, we are so excited to be on this journey with you. Little Eden always encapsulates a feeling of tranquillity and bliss, with its peaceful environment,

chirping birds, majestic mountainous landscape and wonderful water-ways; your favourite ‘little’ gem of a Resort is ready to take on the next Chapter – and we are grateful to have you by our side.

Festive greetings to you and your family!
Warm Regards
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