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As the sun kisses the red sand and draws yet another incredible day at Kagga Kamma to a close, we take a deep breath and admire all that this beautiful Resort has to offer. A glance back in time reminds us of children running under the African
sun, of couples revelling in each other’s love and of families experiencing the wonders of the San and Khoi-people through their art; each memory etched into the rosy sand below our feet. Take a walk with us now as we revisit the past few months…
Awards and Applause

Lilizella Tourism Awards 2019

We are the esteemed winner of the Lilizela Tourism Award in the 4 Star Lodge and Scenic Beauty categories, for the Western Cape. The prestigious annual Lilizela Awards recognise and reward tourism players for setting the benchmark in service excellence, contributing to the industry, investing in skills provision, leading by example and for ensuring that each guest is given a world-class experience in the Western Cape.

Travel and Hospitality Awards 2019

Travel and Hospitality awarded Kagga Kamma the title of Resort of the Year 2019 for the Western Cape. The Travel and Hospitality Awards are in recognition of hard work and accomplishments across the travel industry.

Certificate of Excellence Award 2019

Kagga Kamma makes every effort to deliver great service in all areas. We are thrilled to announce that Kagga Kamma was awarded the Certificate of Excellence Award. Thank you to all our guests who took the time to rate our services.

Content Creator Awards 2019

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve and Wild Side Creative (the Marketing and Design agency for Kagga Kamma) are so honoured to have received the Content Creator Award for the Best Nature Reserve Marketing and Content Team - South Africa.

RCI OSCAS Awards 2018

We are delighted to have received the following awards at the prestigious 31st Annual RCI Oscas, held in March 2019:
Top Hospitality Resort (1st Place) | Top Housekeeping (1st Place)
Superior Service in Hospitality (1st Place) | Top Check In and Check Out (2nd Place)
In addition, Kagga Kamma was upgraded from Hospitality to Silver Crown Status.
Top Sightings of 2019

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve offers guests a unique outdoor experience with fascinating plant life, intriguing rock formations, a multitude of amazing tiny critters and creatures and a number of larger game species, including various antelope, zebra and the rarely seen but ever-present leopard.

Spotted in September, this Cape Jackal is the only canid found on the Reserve.  They live in monogamous pairs and defend their territory aggressively. Pups stay with the parents for a long time and often act as babysitters for the next litter, before leaving to live on their own.

{ Least Concern }

The Spectacled Dormouse is a regular on the property and will sneak a treat as often as possible! These harmless, and rather cute, rodents are only found in the Cederberg and make their homes in the rocky formations widespread in the area.

{ Least Concern }

This Little Karoo Dwarf Chameleon, also known as a Robertson Dwarf, was found by guest, Robert Dixon, along one of Kagga Kamma’s trails. This little guy uses his colour-changing ability as a means of communication.

{ Least Concern }

Spoor of a Cape Leopard were spotted recently by our Rangers; this elusive species is much smaller than its Kruger relatives, weighing at most 35kgs, however their territories can range from 4 to 20 times larger than its cousin.

{ Vulnerable }

In Resort News...


Kagga Kamma hosted their first Trail Run Stage Race and it was a huge success! 150 participants eagerly arrived at the conference room on Friday, the 3rd of August, to register for a 60, 30 or 10km race, spanning two days.

After a short briefing the racers set off! On conclusion of the Stage Race, guests gathered to congratulate the winners and join in on a feast.


There is something special about the Cederberg mountains and how they pull on your heartstrings. It comes as no surprise that Kagga Kamma was a part of two special and oh-so-romantic engagements this season.

The Reserve also hosted an elegant and beautifully simple wedding this year. Congratulations to the happy couples! Have something significant in mind? Chat to our team today and start planning your special occasion.


Lorrensia Erasmus, a member of the Kagga Kamma Team, was afforded the opportunity to begin studies to become a qualified F&B Manager back in 2013.

We are excited to announce that she has completed her studies and has been promoted to F&B Manager – well done Lorrensia, we could not be more proud of you!


Drumba is fast becoming a favourite activity at Kagga Kamma. Guests adore the experience of gathering together, seated on camping chairs, in a wide circle and playing traditional drums, drumming out synchronised rhythms with Bevil.

If you think you would love these sessions and would like to experience the rhythm and exceptional fun of a drumming circle, let us know: info@kaggakamma.co.za!

What Have We Been Changing?

Always on the lookout and forever improving; our dedicated team loves creating more reasons why Kagga Kamma is your ‘always and forever’ Resort…


Unique mini driving range nearing completion


Enclosed bar patio


Geysers upcycled into heaters


New gin tasting experience


Weather rock chart installed


Chalet swimming pool marbleised


Boma received new lanterns

Keep the Good Times Rolling...

Creating an environment for everlasting memories!


Father's Day

We celebrated Kagga Kamma’s dads with a fun cowboy theme; our staff dressed up, we staged a photo booth with a horse carriage and gave guests beautifully decorated cowboy cupcakes.

The evening was spent around Boma fires with live entertainment.

Mandela Day

A drumming session set the day’s festivities alight and everyone joined hands in the Drumba circle to make music in Mandela’s memory.

Thereafter guests were treated to a traditional South African menu, which included a few of Nelson Mandela’s favourite dishes, such as Fajida Omars Chicken Curry.

Riel Dancers

The Witzenberg Riel Dancers are sponsored by Kagga Kamma. Their leader, Hester Mankopaan, has a passion for young people and wants to keep Riel dance alive. The youngest member of the team is only 13 years old and the eldest person is 65 years old; they are all from the local community. The Riel Dance is born out of traditional Khoi and San ceremonial dances. Through their movements, dancers tell stories, while showing off striking footwork. The Witzenberg Riel dancers entertained our guests with a lovely performance on Youth Day.

Spring Day

Spring Day was a celebration of mother nature and the incredible biome at Kagga Kamma, which always provides a unique and marvellous show of spring flora.

Guests were treated to elaborately decorated cupcakes and everyone enjoyed the fresh morning with a mimosa breakfast buffet.

Heritage Day

Guests were welcomed at Reception, with our team dressed in traditional garb, lovely gifts of specially prepared and packaged Renosterbos, or ‘Bushman Blitz’, and sweet treats of koeksisters and mini milktarts.

Guests took photos at the photo booth, a replica of a bushman hut, and enjoyed a Bushman tour with a special lesson by our own ‘Rock Picasso’, Saul Zunguzane, who showed the guests how to create Khoi-San paintings.
Blog Highlights

Delve into the intriguing world which is Kagga Kamma, your Cederberg escape…

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A Little More Information...
International Beach Clean-up

Did you know that we support African Blessings? This Non-Profit and Public Benefit Company cares for its community, children, animals and the environment. Their latest project is to raise the much needed funds for a new tractor for their farm.

More info...

Expand your holiday portfolio and make even more wonderful memories with your loved ones! Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve has a limited number of weeks available for purchase. Please contact info@univateproperties.co.za for more information.

More info...

VRS Options allows you to exchange your fixed holiday for availability at various resorts, for alternative dates or unit sizes.
We’ve secured you a multitude of destinations through some of our partners to give you more holiday options.
(Please note that the exchange fee will increase in 2020)

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In Closing...
We are so delighted to have had you along for the wonderful journey we have been on in 2019. We look forward to 2020 and all the great things to come! But before the New Year begins

unfolding, we wish you all a wonderful Festive Season with your nearest and dearest, and ask that you remember to; “always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive”.

We wish you and your family a blessed Festive Season and a very Happy New Year.

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