Awards and Applause

Well, well VRS... did it again and snatched almost all of the big and most coveted titles at the prestigious 29th Annual RCI OSCAS.

The RCI OSCAS celebrate the leading resorts and frontrunners in the timeshare industry and once again VRS featured as one of the stars in the big categories – which is a massive achievement! The popular saying is that success is so often the sum of small efforts repeated day-in and day-out and each of the On-site, Off-site and VRS Management Team's dedication, perseverance and pursuit of excellence, every single day, has led to these amazing accolades.

Ngwenya Lodge Ekuthuleni

Winner of the Diamond Resort in the Gold Crown Large Resort Category

Winner of the Diamond Award for General Manager in Gold Crown Category - Diederik Herholdt

Gold Crown Status


Winner of Diamond Resort of the Year in the Silver Crown Category

Winner of Top Housekeeping

Winner of Top Resort Maintenance

Nominee of Superior Service in Hospitality

Nominee for Top Unit Maintenance

Nominee for Top Check-Ins and Check-Outs

Silver Crown Status


Note* The Diamond Awards are not regular, annual awards. Diamond status is only achieved when a resort receives Top Resort Award in their category for three years in a row. It has only very rarely ever been achieved before and this has now been achieved by no less than two of our VRS resorts!

Kagga Kamma

Winner of Top Hospitality Resort Award

Winner of Superior Service in Hospitality

Nominee for Top Check-Ins and Check-Outs

Nominee for General Manager of the Year - Tania Steenkamp

Hospitality Grading


First Runner Up for Top Gold Crown Resort in Large Resort Category

Gold Crown Status

Modumela Lodge

Nominee for Top Resort Maintenance Award

Hospitality Grading (Upgraded from Standard)


Nominee for Top Silver Crown Resort

Silver Crown Status

Little Eden
Caribbean Uvongo

First Runner Up for Top Silver Crown Resort

Silver Crown Status


Nominee for Top Silver Crown Resort

Silver Crown Status


RADA Award – Employee of the Year - Tracy Robins

Silver Crown Status

Gold Crown Silver Crown

The following Resorts were awarded Gold Crown status:

  • Caribbean Estates – Tortuga
  • Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge
  • Mabalingwe Nature Reserve
  • Manzi Monate
  • Monateng Safari Lodge
  • Ngwenya Lodge (Diamond Resort of the Year)


The following Resorts were awarded Silver Crown status:

  • Baywater Village
  • Caribbean – Montego Bay and Antigua
  • Clijohn Two
  • Ekuthuleni (Diamond Resort of the Year)
  • Garden Route Villas
  • GRC – The Island
  • Lagoon Beach Apartments
  • Little Eden
  • Modumela Lodge
  • Mount Amanzi
  • Sandy Place
  • Sudwala Lodge
  • Uvongo River Resort

Hospitality VRS

The following Resorts were awarded Hospitality Resort status:

  • Kagga Kamma
  • Morrumbene Beach Resort
  • Kridzil Holiday Apartments (Upgrade from Standard)



Employee Of The Year Award - Charlene van den Berg


As is the case with every year, it is important that whatever we do, we do it with passion and to the best of our abilities, or not at all.

Thanks must go to all the hard working leaders and individuals that serve and carry out their duties with passion and pursue excellence in all that they do. Special thanks must go to Marjorie Forssman (VRS Director), NORMS (Off-Site Managers), Resort Managers and Resort Teams; as well as every single VRS Head Office Staff Member! Your passion and pursuit of excellence have borne a wonderful array of fruit. It is through your teamwork, passion, doing every task with excellence and absolute commitment that you have had such tremendous success.

All thanks and glory to God.

Warm regards
VRS Team